Comparing Couples Counseling Cost And Benefits

Updated September 04, 2018


How do you calculate couples counseling cost, or for that matter the advantages it can yield?

Obviously there are financial as well as emotional effects involved, and the latter may be the more significant by far. Being on your own, and especially breaking up after a long time together with another person, can be hard and depressing. Then there's the sunk cost: all the time and effort you've already put into building that relationship can be forever lost virtually overnight. However you choose to do the math, employing couples counseling to deal with existing relationship problems, or preventing them from arising in the first place, is one of the best investments you can possibly make in your happiness.

How Much Does Couples Counseling Cost?


If you choose to book two hours a week for three months, it is going to set you back quite a bit. Fortunately, this is rarely necessary, with most couples experiencing at least some benefit within half a dozen sessions. It's worthwhile opting for a counselor licensed by the state, but this requires a minimum of an advanced degree, and those student loans don't pay themselves. In general, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 for each session, which lasts between 40 and 50 minutes.

It may be possible to reduce this up-front expense by seeing a couple's therapist who is still undergoing the practical portion of their training, contacting church or social groups or dipping into your health insurance. This limits the amount of choice you have, though, and may mean having to see a less qualified counselor or one who doesn't specialize in your particular kind of problem.

There is also an alternative way available in the form of fully qualified relationship therapists who offer their services online. This means that they can interact with a number of couples in the same hour, as these kinds of sessions don't need to fit into the mold dictated by traditional office appointments. Conducting therapy via a computer or mobile device also allows couples with difficult schedules or unique challenges to get in touch with whatever kind of specialist can help them best at whatever time is most convenient. Travel time, cancellation fees and convenience all represent further savings.

The Financial And Emotional Cost Of Divorce And Separation


The money and time a couple can spend on couples counseling is obviously only one half of the equation. Even if breaking up isn't on the horizon, many couples spend far more on gifts and holidays in an attempt to save their relationship, which really means papering over the cracks rather than repairing the actual structure.

Alimony settlements and having to move into separate residences may be scary concepts, but the real damage a less than optimal relationship does lies in draining both partners' emotional resilience and psychic energy. If your feelings towards your spouse are causing you to lose sleep, warping your perspective or hurting your chances at happiness, a few sessions of couples therapy is not just a bargain but is also a necessity.

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