The Benefits Of Marriage Counseling Online

Updated September 04, 2018

Researchers have known for years that couples who seek pre-marital counseling are 30% less likely to get divorced. But many couples do not have time to seek pre-marital counseling or they feel they do not need it. However, after getting married, couples may find that issues have arisen in their relationship like a lack of communication or feeling distant from their partner. Luckily, there are many options for couples that wish to improve their relationship. Marriage counseling online is becoming more popular among couples and has numerous benefits.

Marriage Counseling Online Is Flexible


When couples decide they want to seek counseling, it is often time consuming and stressful to coordinate the couple's schedule and find an appropriate counselor. Living in a rural or suburban area may mean they will need to travel to a counselor's office. Additionally, finding the right counselor that both partners like may take months of trial and error. Marriage counseling online solves all of these issues. Couples can seek counseling from their own home, and have more options of when to fit the counseling session into their schedules.

There are also an increasing number of certified marriage counselors who are choosing to practice full time or part time online. A couple might reside in rural Oregon but speak to a counselor residing in Denver, Colorado. Couples who do not like one counselor can easily browse to find another that they may fit better with. Additionally, couples that may travel a lot can still speak with a counselor as long as they have a computer, tablet, or smartphone and Internet connection.

Online Counseling Is Private


One concern couples may have is that their friends or family will know they are seeking marriage counseling. The idea of running into someone they know or another couple they spend time with may prevent one or both partners from wanting to seek counseling. Specifically, couples with one or both partners in the military may be particularly fearful that someone will "find out" they are seeking counseling. Couples can rest assured that counseling both online and off line is a private affair. A counselor will never share information with anyone else. In particular, marriage counseling online allows extra privacy as couples can have therapy in their own home, and they do not need to disclose their full names. They also do not have to worry about running into their counselor in public settings.

The Format Is Unique


With marriage counseling online, couples are able to type messages back and forth with their counselor. While live three-way sessions are not yet supported, couples can be in different places when sending their messages to their partner and counselor. Couples may find it difficult to remember everything that was said during in-person counseling sessions. The format of online counseling also allows couples to go back and read messages. If you and your partner are interested in starting online counseling today, there is no delay in signing up and getting started.

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