The Best "Good Morning" Text Messages To Send Your Boyfriend

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Many may enjoy waking up to find a good morning text from their significant other. If you want to give your boyfriend a great head start to his day and make sure he's thinking of you, your relationship and how great you are together, sending him a quick, simple "good morning" text can be a strong way to start. 

Below, we’ve included some inspiration to come up with the perfect good morning message to say in your texts to your boyfriend.

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Good morning texts

Did you know that the way you start your day has been tied to how your day goes? For example, hitting the snooze button can lead to feeling groggier throughout the day. On the other hand, offering an encouraging, loving or even general acknowledgment text to your boyfriend as the sun rises can be a way to show him you care, and that he’s one of the first things you think about when you get up and start a new day. 

A simple "good morning" can go a long way, or you might choose to spice it up with a funny good morning text, a sweet good morning message, or a coffee date invite. There’s no wrong way to send a morning message text.

Bringing in some spice

If you want to start the morning with a bit more flair, you can offer a simple-but a bit more charged-"Good morning, lover" or “Hey, love of my life. Good morning,” or “Good day, good morning, hello. Rise and shine, love of my life. I hope you have a wonderful day.” This is still a fairly tame way to greet your boyfriend while potentially leaving room for them to take it to a more passionate next level.

If the above is a bit too tame for you, and you want to send a different, more urgent message, you could offer a photo along with a direct (though still elegant) "I need you" or "I want you" Type of message. Something like, “Good morning, my love. I woke up this morning thinking about you,” can also elicit a flirty response.

Both of these are great ways to greet your guy, as they can let him know where your mind may roam in the morning — which might be right to him and what the two of you could be doing. 

Waxing nostalgic

A little bit of nostalgia can go a long way. You can send a sweet good morning text referencing back to  the best vacation the two of you went on, or acknowledge a mutual shared, special memory. For example: Starting a text with, "Good morning, baby. Remember that hike we took over New Year's Eve?" What a day. Good times." might allow your boyfriend to wake up to a pleasant, loving memory of the two of you, which can set a positive and happy tone for the rest of his day. Another example of a nostalgic and cute good morning text could be something like, “Good morning, gorgeous. The morning sunshine has me thinking about that great day we had at the beach last year.”


Starting with a compliment 

What could be better than waking up to a cute good morning text detailing how special you are? If you want to start your boyfriend’s morning off right, or if you know he has a trying day ahead of him, you might choose to offer the most sincere, effusive compliments you can muster. You can complement his looks, his prowess, his career or even his hobbies.

Here’s an example: "Good morning my love! I can't stop thinking about how happy I am to have met you. You are the most generous, considerate diligent man I know, and I feel so fortunate that I get to be your partner." Authenticity and honesty can be helpful elements to consider as you begin to write the perfect complimentary text message. 

Creating plans

Good morning texts can also be tools to help you plan out your next date. A quick, "Morning, love, What are we doing later?" can help get your boyfriend thinking about your future plans, potentially building his excitement.

This method of communication generally depends on your comfort level with your boyfriend. If you don't feel comfortable enough to be so direct, you can amend the above text to a more tentative: "Good morning, gorgeous. Are you busy tonight?"

If you are more confident assuming that your boyfriend will be spending the evening with you, there are cute things to send to your boyfriend to let him know what you have planned. For example, sending cute good morning texts like, " Hey, love of my life. Good morning. Tonight, the plans are "Netflix, cereal and face masks. We're going to party" lets him know that you have something planned but also might inject some humor into the interaction. When you’re comfortable with your partner, sending a funny good morning text can be an excellent option.

When to avoid a "good morning" text

While good morning texts can be beneficial to your relationshipThere are some times you should refrain from sending off a morning greeting. Varying communication patterns and styles can be normal in many relationships — so it can be helpful to use your discretion and experience to inform your approach.

For example: You might want to avoid these types of texts when your relationship has just started. A morning greeting like, “Good morning, love,” might feel too intimate for a brand-new relationship. Instead, it might feel more natural and comfortable only to contact your guy when you have something concrete to say, rather than speaking for the sake of speaking. You can have an honest discussion with your partner to determine what they prefer, and plan your texting schedule accordingly. 

You might also avoid "Good morning" texts when your boyfriend has asked for some space. Taking space can be healthy at times, and respecting boundaries in this time can show your partner that you care for their preferences and well-being. Seeking support from a therapist can be a helpful step to determine what works best for your specific needs in this time. 

How can online therapy help those wanting to improve their communication skills?  

Looking for ways to improve your communication skills? You might consider online therapy. It can feel overwhelming to consider booking in for traditional in-person therapy, which can be a barrier to treatment for some. Online therapy may offer a more accessible and affordable option for those who are looking to improve how they communicate and relate to others. 

Is online therapy effective for those looking to improve communication patterns? 

Each individual generally has their own method and preferences of communication. Online therapy can be an effective resource to change patterns and behaviors, as well as to increase self-awareness in this specific area. Many different cited studies in a recently published Inc. Article have found that online therapy is “effective, acceptable and practical health care,” per a cited quote from the Journal of Psychological Disorders. It’s also been noted to be effective in treating depression and anxiety disorders, both of which can underscore communication difficulties.

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A good morning text can help your partner to start their day off positively. It may even be the best part of his day. Beginning your text with a cute note, a simple greeting or a nostalgic moment can make it even more enjoyable and impactful. Online therapy can be an effective tool to enhance your communication skills. Regain can connect you with a therapist in your specific area of need.

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