12 Unique And Cute Things To Send To Your Boyfriend In A Long-Distance Relationship

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Long-distance relationships can be challenging. When you love someone, you might want to be able to see them all the time. But when you don't live in the same place, making time to see them can become difficult or even impossible. Technology has made it easier for long-distance couples to stay in touch. You can talk on the phone, text, and even video chat. There are also messages for a long distance relationship that you can send to your partner. 

Still, it's not always the same as being together in person. So, another way to keep in contact is to send your partner gifts. They don't have to be expensive gifts or even the things you buy. Sometimes a heartfelt note is exactly what your partner needs when they are missing you.

Is distance putting strain on your relationship?

Every relationship is different. Some couples might like all of the cheesy gifts you can get a long-distance partner; some might prefer something a little more subtle. In any case, as you get to know your partner throughout your relationship, you'll figure out what kinds of things you can send that say, "I'm thinking of you, and I miss you." Here are 12 suggestions to get you started.

Physical keepsakes

Memory books and scrapbooks with old ticket stubs, photos, and other keepsakes from things you've done together can be great to give a long-distance partner. You can even make a photobook online these days. Putting all your memories into one book that your partner can look back on can help them remember the good times you spent together. 

Digital frame

If your partner isn't into physical photos, a digital frame might interest them. You can upload your digital photos to the frame and set it up to cycle through each photo daily. Since you're in a long-distance relationship, you can add photos of the times you spent together, as well as photos of yourself that can be a nice reminder of the person you love. If you have a special event that they have to miss, have someone take photos of the event and upload them to the frame as well. That way, your partner can feel like they are a part of your life even from so far away.

Care packages

Care packages can be a wonderful way to show someone that you love and miss them. Care packages can contain food, letters, pictures, toys, trinkets, and anything else you can think of that might make your partner smile. You can theme the care packages for holidays and different times of the year. Fill a cardboard box with all of your partner's favorite things and then decorate the inside flaps of the box so that when they open it, they see a cute message to go along with their gifts. This is a fun crafting project to do that can also help you feel like you are connected with your partner.

Sentimental mug

Is your partner a tea or coffee drinker? Send them a mug that can make them think of you every morning. It could have a cute long-distance phrase on it, or a picture of the two of you, or some funny inside joke between the two of you. If your partner uses a mug often, they'll likely want to use this one more since it was a gift from you. You can get high-quality mugs at a lot of different places. Find one that is already decorated or buy a plain mug and decorate it yourself!

Long distance trinkets

There are so many cute and fun trinkets that you can buy for your partner who is far away. There are body pillows shaped like both men and women, rings that pulse like a heartbeat, star charts that let you name a star after your partner, long-distance bracelets, key chains, time zone watches, and more. A little gift like this can help your partner laugh and think of you every time they use it. These gifts can also be romantic, especially if you are going through a rough time apart.

Postcards and letters

You can never go wrong with a classic. Send your partner a letter or a postcard that has a picture of where you live. Even in the age of digital communication, snail mail, and handwritten letters can still be cherished and needed. A lot of love and thought can go into letters, and you can even add photos and other fun things to the envelope for them to find. 

A playlist

Create a digital playlist of all the songs that make you think of your partner. You can download them onto a CD or upload them onto a streaming service like Spotify or Soundcloud. One unique thing you can do with a playlist is add explanations for why you chose the songs you did. Create a tracklist and add notes next to some or all of the titles. The gift can be used by both of you to listen whenever you are feeling especially lonely.

Create a countdown clock

There are many apps you can download to show how long it will be until you see each other again. Or send them a calendar with instructions to mark off each day until you are together again. You can write little notes into the calendar squares and mark off the special day with lots of decoration and excitement. It helps to know that the separation will end, even if only temporarily. Having a countdown can give you both something to look forward to.


Another simple yet fun gift could be flowers. You can order flowers online for any place and have them shipped directly to your partner. Include a sweet note to tell them how much you miss them and that you are thinking of them fondly. You could also send a full-on plant, like a cactus, or seeds and a pot to let them grow the flowers themselves. That way, it becomes more of an activity for them to do and they can think of you while they are taking care of their new plant.

A plane ticket

Surprise your partner with a plane ticket to visit you. If surprising doesn't work, ask them when they can come to visit and buy the ticket for them. Traveling for a long-distance relationship can get expensive, and when one partner tries to lift the financial burden off the other, that can be a nice gesture though this doesn't mean that you should buy their ticket every time. This is more of a suggestion for special circumstances. 

Weekly Skype or phone dates

Is distance putting strain on your relationship?

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