Hey You! Cute Ways To Say Hi In A Text Message

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Texting may not seem like it should require much thought or effort, but when you're interested in someone, you probably second-guess your messages. How can you be flirty and original without trying too hard?

One of the benefits of texting is carefully composing your message and giving it an extra read-through before you send it. You don't want to get too hung up on what to say, but it helps to put some thought behind your messages. While research has suggested that texting should not be the only way you communicate with your partner, it obviously plays an important role in overall communication.

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Are You Having A Difficult Time Fully Connecting To Your Partner?

When you want to go beyond a simple "hey," these cute ways to say hi in a text message can inspire you.

Why What You Text Is Important

Maybe you're wondering why sending a text seems to hold so much weight nowadays. Or perhaps you've had the experience of liking someone in person but losing that feeling once you started texting them and realizing that you didn't have much to say to one another. You must get to know more about the one you are texting or learn how to flirt over Snapchat

If you're in the second category, you may not be surprised to hear of the results of a 2017 study in which similar texting styles were linked to relationship satisfaction. In the study, the closer the rhythm of texting between two people, the more positively the participants rated their relationship.

Texting and messaging are often the main forms of communication that couples use nowadays, as they fit well into our busy lifestyles and general lack of free time. It's rare anymore that people sit for hours talking on the phone or even in person. That means that texting has become the top way we keep in touch with one another and develop our relationships.

Because of this, what you send in a text is important, especially early on. It would be best if you put thought into what you're saying without driving yourself nuts over every character. If you and the person you're interested in have a good connection, you'll fall into a natural back-and-forth rhythm that will become comfortable over time, and you'll no longer have to compose your words carefully.

Tips For Flirting Over Text

As dating moves from the real world to the digital one, it's becoming more common to stress, putting our best foot forward when it's a few words on a screen. Learning ways to flirt through texts and other forms of messages can be a valuable way to keep up as technology continues to transform the way we forge romantic connections.

What you send should reflect your personality as well as the current state of your relationship. If you've only just started dating, you want to be careful and feel things out before you hit send. If you've been dating for a while, you can loosen up more, and you'll probably have a better feel for what your girlfriend or boyfriend responds to.

  • Match the pacing of their texts—if they only send one message, don't inundate them with replies
  • Have fun with it, and don't take your texts or the other people too seriously
  • If you're sure it won't be misconstrued, some playful teasing can be a good way to build chemistry
  • Keep things positive and upbeat
  • Be careful with sarcastic comments—some people have trouble picking up on sarcasm and may misinterpret what you're saying
  • Follow their lead when it comes to how far you go—don't go from talking about movies to suddenly talking about sex; it's awkward and might get you blocked
  • However, if things turn in that direction, feel free to let them know how attractive you find them

Ways To Say Hi In A Text Message

Yes, sending the right opening message should take some thought, but it doesn't have to be hard. Remember, the point of what you're doing—you're not interviewing for a job. It should be casual and exciting. Here are some tips for asking, “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?”

Send A Funny Meme That Reminds You Of Them

Everybody loves a good meme (and if they don't, they're lying). You can search through your phone or computer if you have a habit of right-clicking and saving memes that make you laugh, or you can search online for something that reminds you of the person you're interested in. It's a good idea to keep a few saved so you can send them occasionally. This is one of the more fun ways to say hello. 

Let An Emoji Or Two Do The Talking

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Emojis are like the seasoning of text conversations—a few cute emojis here and there make your messages even better, as long as you don't dump them all over. Choose one or two cute, flirty emojis instead of words to reach out. You'll probably put a smile on the other person's face, and you might even brighten their day. Text messages don’t have to be only text, and emojis make for cute ways to get your point across.

Pay Them A Flirty Compliment

Sincere flattery is usually a good way to capture your crush's attention. Choose a feature that you like about the other person and turn it into a flirtatious text. You can compliment their physical attributes ("I forgot to tell you, you looked great in that dress last night") or give them some praise for a recent accomplishment in a way that makes them feel attractive and appreciated ("I knew you were going to get that promotion, you're the best man for the job"). The key to this approach is to find cute ways to deliver the compliment. If you want to start a conversation with a compliment, the best way to follow it up is with a question. For example, you might say, “I loved that song that you were singing in the car last night. Who was the artist?” Then, you’ve found one of the cute ways to start a conversation about something they’re interested in. And that is a conversation that is bound to keep going!

Send Them A Joke, Even If It's Cheesy

There are a million jokes on the internet, and it doesn't take much to find a decent joke that you can use as an opener. If your love interest is the type to appreciate puns and other goofy forms of humor, then feel free to text them something along those lines. A great example is a knock-knock joke: it’s probably not going to be the best joke they’ve heard all day, but it will definitely require them to text back and keep the conversation rolling. Even if the joke makes them groan, they'll still appreciate the effort toward making them laugh. 

Speak In A Different Language

Flex that memory and use the three words you learned in French back in junior year. Or search online for how to say simple opening phrases in a different language. This unexpected gesture will catch their attention, and you may even discover that they're bilingual themselves. (Don't pretend to be fluent in a language that you barely know for brownie points, which never works out well.) This is one of the cute ways to send text messages to your partner or crush, and it also shows them that you have broader interests than just your own language and culture.

Invite Them Out For Your Next Date

While this isn’t one of the more unique ways to ask someone out, it’s a tried-and-true method! If there's a restaurant you love, but you know the other person has never been to, or there's a new place you've been dying to check out, mention it to them in a text. You could say, "I ended up with two tickets to that concert Friday night, you want to go with me?" or you could mention the location more casually without an actual invitation and see where things go.

Even if you've only had one or two dates, you've probably identified a few subjects you have in common—whether it's favorite bands, movies, TV shows, or places to go. Tell them about a favorite band releasing a new single or about the reviews for a movie you were both excited about.

Reference The Last Conversation You Had

This opens the door for picking up the conversation where it left off. They'll also appreciate that you cared enough to pay attention and remember what you talked about. If it has been a long time since the conversation you plan to reference, don’t reach too far back. While it’s always a good day to pay attention and remember key aspects of conversations with the person you like, you don’t want to appear obsessed or weird. So, you should use this method only to reference more recent conversations.

Don't Be Too Wordy

Short attention spans are the norm nowadays. An opening text message isn't the place for you to write a novel. Sending a big wall of text the other person's way may give the impression that you're rambling on, as though you were nervous and not sure what to say. After all, there are only so many words and ways to say good morning! Short and to the point is better than long and rambling. That goes double for in-person conversations.

Use Your Imagination

There are only so many ways to say hi, but the more creative you are, the more likely your message is to make an impression. Use your personality to craft a hello in which you inject your unique personality.

On a good day, you’ll be able to find exactly the right words, emojis, or memes to express exactly what you want to tell them. But when all else fails, you can always fall back on a simple "Hey." No, it's not fancy, but if the other person is interested, they'll be eager to talk to you back, and it won't matter. It's better to go ahead and reach out to the other person instead of letting anxiety or worry about what to write hold you back.

How Regain Can Help

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Are You Having A Difficult Time Fully Connecting To Your Partner?

Romance and technology are becoming more and more intertwined, and with all the benefits this partnership adds, there are some drawbacks. If you struggle with anxiety that stands in the way of your ability to connect with others, technology can be either a plus or a minus. Sometimes you may need a little help improving your confidence or knowing what to say.

The therapists at Regain.us are experienced professionals who can help you overcome social anxiety and other issues that may be standing in your way. In addition to being convenient, online therapy is proven by research to be an equally effective form of treatment for several different mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, and more, when compared to face-to-face options.


The dating landscape has shifted towards digital communication. While it’s not the only way of striking up or continuing a conversation with someone you’re interested in, it’s helpful to recognize options you can use to make the best impression you can. 

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