What Makes A Guy Attractive? 18 Physical And Personality Traits

Updated December 21, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Cessel Boyd

It is no secret that the dating world is fraught with perils, and when you are not found physically attractive by women you are going to have a much harder time finding a partner for either short-term or long-term relationships. A lot of studies and research materials like the journal of personality and social psychology give detailed analysis about how attraction works. But the question that this article seeks to answer is- what do women find physically attractive? According to the journal of personality and social psychology, psychological science as well as biological sciences, physical attractiveness goes far beyond physical attraction or even facial attractiveness, although that is a large part of it in the beginning. However, there are many other behavioral and psychological traits that women also find attractive.

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Traits Of Attractiveness In Men

According to psychological science and biological sciences, there are several traits that women find physically attractive in men. Some physical traits have more to do with personal style and preference than they do physical features of male faces like cheekbones or eyes. Much more important than these physical traits are the physical traits that a man can control such as facial hair and clothing. Personality traits are often much more physically attractive to women than physical traits like facial attractiveness. A recent cross cultural study published and conducted at the University of California was published in the Journal of Psychology, and it gives some great insight into what people find physically attractive according to science. Researchers at the university studied hundreds of subjects over several years to find out more about the effects of physical attractiveness, positive personality, and societal markers and their role in both female and male physical attractiveness and sexual attraction.

The state of psychology today has benefited greatly from the results of that cross cultural study published recently by the University of California. You’re probably wondering what this cross cultural study can tell you about what makes a physically attractive male. Here are the most common physical and personality traits of men that are physically attractive to women.

#1 Facial Hair

Although many men prefer not to have facial hair because it is a pain to keep trimmed and can be itchy, cross cultural studies have found that women are much more attracted to men with facial hair. This is based on a couple different cross cultural studies on evolution and human behavior; the results showed that men with kempt facial hair were perceived by both male and female participants to be more mature and receive higher physical attractiveness ratings. You don't have to have a full-grown beard to be physically attractive, though. Even some kempt, or unkempt, stubble is considered physically attractive.

#2 Sincerity

Today's society and dating world have gone into a hookup culture in which people seem to be more interested in casual sex and dating than they are in finding people to make a connection with; this can be attributed to the rise of dating site and apps. When a man is sincerely wanting to get to know a woman and is making an effort to be sincere in their interactions, it is a real turn-on for women because they don't get sincerity very often. Given the state of psychology today, even if you’re only trying to be physically attractive for short term or purely sexual relationships, being open and honest about your intentions is one of the easiest ways to attract women. This sincerity is appreciated by the average woman, since it’s a rare find these days.

#3 Ability To Tell A Good Story

The ability to tell a good story is very physically attractive to women. Women love it when a guy can get involved in telling a story about something they did with the guys or an interesting event in their lives. So, based on the most recent studies published in an international journal, according to psychology today, being a good storyteller also means that you are a good communicator, and this is a huge trait for women that turns them on.

#4 Body Hair

While men prefer their women to be smooth and without body hair, women find the opposite physically attractive in men. In fact, women often prefer men who have a bit of body hair, although you don't want to let it get out of control. Based on the cross cultural study of human behavior carried out at the University of California,  A little bit of chest hair poking up out of a slight V-neck shirt can go a long way toward making you physically attractive to the right woman. This is because body hair is a sign of maturity and reproductive success. This contributes to the overall physical attractiveness or sexual attraction of a potential mate.

#5 Signs of Physical Activity

It's no secret that beyond considering the features of women’s faces, heterosexual men look at women's legs and use that as a trait to determine physical attractiveness or sexual attraction. But biological sciences show that legs are important to women too. Developed calf muscles and a good hip ratio are something that women notice. Developed calves and a good hip ratio are sexy because they not only look good; they mean that you are physically active. Toned chest, hip ratio, shoulders and arms are evidence that a man is physically active and cares about his physique. These toned areas of the body are easily noticed through clothing and are appealing to women. 

Researchers at the university suppose that women’s attraction to men with toned muscles and other signs of physical activity goes all the way back to ancestral humans. This is because the hardships faced by ancestral humans were almost all solved with physical strength, rather than a honed skill or social connection. Hip ratio also plays such an important role because it is an indicator of a person’s ability to reproduce. Hip ratio is a big part of physical attractiveness because it shows that this man can help work towards the survival of the species. So, based on psychology today, as well as submissions from the journal of personality and social psychology, women have been attracted to men with muscles and a good hip ratio for millennia, and that’s something that hasn’t changed much in terms of human behavior.

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#6 A Feminine Side

Apart from facial attractiveness, women find men physically attractive when they like things that are not traditionally masculine. Showing your feminine side, a bit can land you additional dates and help you seem more physically attractive to women. In fact, women find men who find traditionally feminine things interesting very physically attractive if it means that the man is confident enough in their sexuality to be willing to show their true interests.

This trait wasn’t previously considered a factor for male physical attractiveness or sexual attraction beforehand but women revealed to researchers at the university studying human behavior that these factors have become a pleasant and physically attractive trait for men to have nowadays. The researchers at the university found this to be true of grooming habits and roles in the household, specifically. The results showed that men who paid special attention to their grooming – such as wearing a nice cologne and choosing their clothes carefully – made for a physically attractive male candidate. This is despite the fact that, in contemporary Western culture, such grooming efforts are often considered a “feminine” trait. Furthermore, the results showed that men who participated in roles often relegated to the female in a domestic setting – such as cooking, cleaning, and child-rearing – were often deemed more physically attractive by women.

#7 Sense Of Humor

Women love a man who can laugh and make them laugh in return. Women find men who have a good sense of humor much more physically attractive than men who do not laugh much. In fact, guys who tell a lot of jokes and funny stories are going to be much more physically attractive than men who don't. Men without a good sense of humor often come off as simply boring and not worth the effort.

#8 Being Into Music

Women find men who are really into music very physically attractive. If you have some favorite tunes that are not in the top 40, you have a much higher chance of being physically attractive to a woman. Even if the woman doesn't share your musical interests and doesn't like the songs you play for them, the fact that you have a diverse taste in music is enough to make you physically attractive to them.

#9 Intelligence

Intelligence is sexy, no matter what your gender or preferences. The journal of personality and social psychology reveals the importance of cognitive evaluation as a determinant of interpersonal attraction. You don't necessarily have to be a massive brain or a huge nerd to turn a girl on, but you do need to be somewhat intelligent and able to carry on an interesting and equitable conversation. The more tidbits of random knowledge that you know, the more physically attractive you will be as well.

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#10 Men Who Smell Good

While body odor in the way we think of it is bad, a certain smell to a guy is physically attractive. Some men may have an amazing natural scent and psychological science as well as biological sciences reveal that this is a huge turn-on for women, more so than colognes. Although colognes and other scents can also heighten a woman's interest in some cases. Body odor gives men and women a lot of information: it goes beyond just whether or not a person has showered recently. From body odor, men and women are able to actually detect hormones and specific bacteria that might be present in another’s body odor. On a biological level, this can help men and women choose a mate that will have a higher reproductive success, and who will be able to help pass on better genes to the next generation of humans. So, body odor – even without fancy perfumes – can help you attract a biologically compatible mate.

#11 Good Hair

It's no secret that men like long hair on women, but did you realize that the same is true of women to men? Women love a guy with a full head of hair because it gives her something to grab onto. Although some women indeed prefer bald or shaved heads, it is a general rule that women like a man with good hair. If you have good hair, make sure it stays up to par with good hygiene habits and using hair products that are good for your hair rather than just cheap.

#12 Volunteering

If you volunteer for a local charity organization, little league team, church, or other organization or group, you are much more likely to be physically attractive to women. Women are more attracted to people who work towards the greater good, even if they aren’t getting paid or personally benefiting. Based on the psychology today, women like a man who is willing to give their time and energy for a good cause. It tells a lot about your personality trait: it shows that you are kind, gentle, and care about your fellow man.

#13 Showing Passion

When a man shows passion about something specific, it is a real turn-on. Passion is often rated the most important or attractive personality trait by both men and women. Women are attracted to men who have a passion for something that they are really into. According to researchers at the University of California, it might even be enough for a woman to overlook a negative personality, as long as she feels the negative traits stem from a man’s passion. For example, if you have a nerdy obsession with comic books or a particular comic book character, you might think that this is a turn-off. But really if you are passionate about it, and that passion can be seen when you broach the subject, what might seem like a nerdy obsession becomes a trait of physical attractiveness or sexual attraction. So, you shouldn’t be afraid or hesitant to include your passions on your online dating profile or in the conversation on a first date.

#14 Work Ethic

Women want to know that they are interested in a man that can provide for them. Although women can and should be able to take care of themselves, they want a man who can take care of them if they need it. Researchers asked why this might be the case, and the answer turned out to be more sociological than evolutionary. Women are attracted to men with a high status in the society. In the contemporary world, this high status is often tied to a person’s position at work or the amount of money that they have or earn. This is equally true of personal finance. While this may seem like a superficial indicator, it is taken as a sign of strong work ethic. This means that a good work ethic can go a long way toward making you physically attractive to the right woman.

#15 Having Confidence

Women find confident men very physically attractive. If you have confidence in yourself, you are much more likely to come off as physically attractive to the women that you interact with. Being shy and indecisive or appearing weak in some way will not make you physically attractive. You should be self-confident, regardless of your other personality or physical traits. In recent cross cultural studies, results showed that men who felt more physically attractive were actually perceived as more physically attractive by the other participants. This shows that having confidence in yourself can also inspire those around you to have confidence in you, too.

#16 Being A Gentleman

Being a gentleman is about more than just opening doors and pulling out chairs. Being a gentleman is also about basic manners, saying please and thank you, and being generally respectful. Flowers or chocolates for your date can go a long way toward making you physically attractive to them.

#17 Integrity

A man who has integrity and is willing to tell the truth, and be honest even in difficult situations is very physically attractive to a woman. Integrity is important, because if you have integrity and you are honest then it means that you are much less likely to cheat on them and you are more likely to be faithful and respectful.

#18 Dominance Or Prestige

In a recent cross cultural study published in the International Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, it was asked whether women are attracted to dominant men or prestigious men. And, based on the findings of psychology today and submissions in the journal of personality and social psychology, dominant men are those that are behaviorally attractive or those that have eye contact, dominant body language, and overly masculine. Prestigious men are more psychologically attractive and are unique in their appearance and style. Women looking for short-term relationships are more attracted to dominant men; white women looking for long-term relationships are more attracted to prestigious men.

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Getting Professional Help

If you feel that you are not physically attractive to women and you are looking for a way to be more physically attractive and have lasting relationships, you might need some additional help. One of the keys to being more physically attractive yourself is to know what you find physically attractive and what you should be looking for in your interactions and next relationship. To that end, seeking knowledge as to how attractions are built and sustained would be of great help to you. You can look through the journal of personality and social psychology. Also, a licensed therapist or relationship counselor can help you gain focus that will help you in your next relationship. Contact ReGain, an online counseling platform, for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a man physically attractive?

Different women find different things about a man physically attractive. Research results showed that women are more attracted to men and women for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Being clean shaven
  • Good health and healthy lifestyle
  • Taking good care of themselves
  • Mindful men who care about the welfare of others
  • Men who engaged in risk taking
  • Prominent men in the royal society
  • Men with desirable reproductive traits, such as hip ratio and physical attractiveness 
  • Men are generally more attracted to intelligence over beauty
  • Men who agreed with statements about political views similar to their own 
  • Those who are slightly more physically attractive than the average guy (of course this depends on the individual's perception of physical attractiveness)
  • Those who want a long term relationship
  • Men who make long term commitments to their future

The research results showed that women are attracted to mindful men and those men who engaged in safe activities. They do not appreciate when men were generally considered risk takers. Mindful men tended to be more aware of their actions and how they affect and impact others. Higher physical attractiveness to mindful men means that women feel thought about and cared for deeply. 

Men tended to receive higher admiration and were thought to be significantly more physically attractive when they could engage in meaningful conversation. This is true for most human behavior and interactions. Women preferred men who could carry their side of a conversation and debate, but not get angry. These attributes received higher physical attractiveness ratings from women. These women felt they could engage in a long term relationship and were more attracted to men they could easily talk to for long periods of time. 

What qualities make a man attractive?

Many qualities make a man physically attractive to men and women alike. A man’s body language can be physically attractive as well as the way they communicate. Research results showed that women rate the physical attractiveness or sexual attraction of a man when they can relate to them and feel like an equal. Long term relationships are easier to establish when communication is strong. Those who cannot communicate well are more apt to bounce from short term relationship to relationship.

How can a guy look more attractive?

A guy can look more physically attractive by cleaning himself up and dressing neatly. Body language is also an physically attractive quality, which is why a guy with a swagger is more appealing to look at than someone who slouches when they walk. This can also exaggerate or draw attention to a good hip ratio. Good hip ratio is important and attractive, because it shows that a guy is a good choice for reproducing. Both men and women agree on this fact.

There are basic things that draw women to male faces. For some women, the men’s health status can be a major criterion. Men are rated more physically attractive when they have a clean looking mouth, with no rotting teeth, and slightly more physically attractive when they have clean cut hair. to However, some women are attracted to long locks, as well. When asked, women looked for a man who had a good personality and the ways men could make them laugh. Whether you’re talking to women face to face or looking to spruce up your online dating profile, these are all important traits to highlight if you want to make yourself seem more physically attractive to women.

What do guys find most attractive?

A lot of studies have tried to explain interpersonal attraction. The journal of personality and social psychology carried out a careful examination of the factors that determine how humans select their mates. It is not unusual to find that most heterosexual men are usually attracted to women with symmetrical faces or large eyes. However, when asking guys, physically attractive women are typically those who take good care of their bodies. The female body is a powerful tick on for most men, and this is why physically attractive women tend to catch the eyes of men more frequently. 

Highly physically attractive women, however, can be intimidating to men, interestingly enough. If a woman is thought to be out of a man’s league, he may not even approach her for conversation. 

In terms of biology and evolutionary psychology today, men are also wired to find specific aspects of the human female attractive. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every male will be sexually attracted to a human female. However, many men find that the more feminine aspects of a human female are the most attractive. For example, women’s faces with specific features, like large eyes often receive higher facial attractiveness ratings. The more symmetrical women’s faces are, the higher their attractiveness ratings. Actually, this is true of attractiveness ratings for both men and women alike!

Another important factor is a woman’s perceived ability to reproduce. This is one way that evolutionary psychology today explains why even older men want to be with younger women: they have a higher probability of reproductive success. This is also expressed in men and women’s hip ratio. Hip ratio means the wideness of a person’s hips when compared to their waist. In women, a wider hip ratio can be another sign of reproductive success. This is why, when it comes to physical attractiveness, women with curves – i.e. a wider hip ratio – are often given higher attractiveness ratings by both men and women. 

What do men really want in a woman?

While men may notice physical or facial attractiveness and even sexual attraction beforehand, women are sought after by men for a variety of reasons that go beyond the women’s faces. Some are physical attractiveness of the composer, which means that women who take care of themselves, work out, wear nice clothes, and makeup are sought out as a mate. Other men want a woman who will take care of them. Men from Anchorage found that women who were good at fishing, hunting, and homemaking were more physically attractive than women who looked good in a bathing suit. The customs and culture in Alaska make survival skills more physically attractive than physical appearance- the women’s faces or body features. Now, if women were both handy with a gun and physically attractive, they would find many suitors knocking at their doors. 

What attracts a man to a woman?

Sometimes things are quite simple when it comes to what a man likes, according to researchers and various journals of personality. When a man owns a dog women who also like dogs are seen as physically attractive. These little details can ignite higher levels of attractiveness and can be all that it takes to bring two people together.  

Men are also attracted to women’s faces. Psychological science, biological sciences as well as the journal of personality and social psychology reveal that facial attractiveness is a major tick for most men. Women’s faces that are more symmetrical are universally seen as more beautiful in terms of physical attractiveness. Most men prefer women who smile more, or when women’s faces conform to the societal and cultural standards of expression and human behavior that they’re used to. So, women’s faces and even specific features like large eyes can also play a big role when it comes to physical attractiveness, in addition to the other physical features such as hip ratio and perceived reproductive success.

What do men want in a wife?

The decision about marital partner is a major crossroad that female and male faces. When men and women are considering marriage, some attend couples counseling. Separately men are seen separate from women before the session where they are seen together. Statements like ‘I perceive’ are noted by the counselor as an item where the couple sees things differently, rather than mutually. While most men want a wife who agrees with them, there will always be some items that a couple disagrees about. How they manage may be an indication of how successful the marriage will be in the end.   

What are good qualities?

Men and women are drawn to physically attractive people. When you rate the physical or facial attractiveness and kindness against those who are mean and abusive, results showed that nice men are substantially more sought after than their dangerous counterparts. However, when you look at the data results showed that women preferred men who reminded them of their father. On this note, women rated themselves more physically attractive to bold men. Women tend to be attracted to what they know best. 

While abusive qualities are not considered good, the research regarding why single women were generally more attracted to “bad boys.” However, not all women think this way, and many women rated that man as not on their radar at all. Physical attractiveness ratings from women suggest caring, loving men to be at the top of the list of good qualities that men should possess to be considered likable.  

What defines a great man?

There are many things that define a great man, however, a few top the list. A great man is considered physically attractive when they are compassionate, caring, and loving. If they would make a good father or lifelong companion, these define the qualities of a great man. Researchers in the field of biological sciences found that women found that men who are loving rated slightly more physically attractive than those who are just compassionate. In addition, when given questionnaires about how physically attractive different men were, based on different attributes including physical attractiveness, good health and human behavior, women looked for those that they could build a life with and grow old together. For some women, they are easily drawn to powerful men and those who are famous in the royal society.

What physical features are attractive on a man?

First of all, attraction is complicated, so the criteria that men and women use to mark others as “physically attractive” – such as sexual characteristics, physical features, main personality trait, human behavior and so forth – will differ from person to person.

What are the most attractive facial features in a man?

When it comes down to what makes a man attractive, especially in terms of his facial features, there are a couple of physical characteristics that can really stand out. The first of these physical characteristics is facial hair. Facial hair has rather consistently received high physical attractiveness ratings from both men and women in many different cross cultural experiments done by evolutionary psychologists. 

The second of these physical characteristics is a great smile. It is one of the things that draw women to male faces. Cross cultural studies have shown that men who smile usually receive a higher overall physical attractiveness rating, especially from beautiful people. 

Hip ratio can also play a surprising role, according to several cross cultural studies. Physical features that hint at reproductive success, such as hip ratio and other body shape physical features play a key role in physical attractiveness, according to evolutionary psychologists.

What physical features are most attractive?

Evolutionary psychologists as well as experts in biological sciences have done several cross cultural studies to try to answer this question, and their results show some underlying patterns to how men and women can maximize their physical attractiveness. Even though physical attractiveness isn’t exactly a black and white issue – different men and women will find different things to be physically attractive – there are some things that contribute to what people generally consider in terms of physical attractiveness.

One of the biggest physical features that people consider, whether consciously or unconsciously, is the reproductive success when it comes time to attract a mate. The state of their men’s health means a lot to women in relationships. Multiple studies by evolutionary psychologists have confirmed that, even if people aren’t aware of it, when they’re judging the physical attractiveness men and women, they are ultimately looking to increase offspring with a long term partner to ensure the survival of the human species. Everyone loves to enjoy good health and a perceived health issue may be a turn off for people when considering the someone for a relationship. Their internal measure of reproductive success is instinctual, and it is often conflated with physical attractiveness and sexual attraction.

What body shape do most guys find attractive?

In terms of physical attractiveness, it’s a very subjective game. This means that the definition of physical attractiveness will change from person to person, for men and women alike. Also, men and women often find that their perception of attractive people can change throughout their lifetime. Although, some consider facial attractiveness as one of the most important things they look out for, some people look more towards body frame. So, how younger women define attractive people will be totally different from how older men define attractive people. However, perceived reproductive success will always be an underlying factor in their decision making. 

According to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, body shape as well as hip ratio play a key role in what men prefer in terms of physical attractiveness. Most men are mesmerized by an incredible female body shape. Hip ratio describes the width of men and women’s hips when compared to the size of their waist. For the most part, men prefer women with a wider hip ratio. This informs how society defines beautiful people, and beautiful women are usually a bit curvy. This wider hip ratio is an evolutionary indicator that makes men prefer it. The hip ratio connection to physical attractiveness isn’t arbitrary: instead, men prefer women with a wider hip ratio because it shows that they are a good candidate for successful reproduction. 

In addition to hip ratio, there are other aspects of body shape that can make men and women more attractive. However, these body shape preferences are much more subjective. For example, some men and women prefer a wider hip ratio, while other men and women might find a larger bust to be more attractive. The body shape that a man prefers will change from guy to guy: there is no one body shape that is universally more popular than another.

Society and culture, however, will have a big impact on the kind of female body shape that a guy finds attractive. For example, the ideals for physical attractiveness change from country to country and from generation to generation. So, what makes a man attractive and what makes a woman attractive will be different in different places and at different times in history.

What are good qualities in a man?

There are several qualities that make a man attractive, and not all of them directly contribute to physical attractiveness, either. For example, a study led by Rutgers University found that men who were able to show dominance in their field of work or area of study were deemed more attractive by both men and women. Plus, a man who looks into men and women’s faces when he talks or interacts is also generally perceived to be more attractive. This was true for both younger and older men. So, this international journal study shows that confidence is widely considered a good quality in a man.

Then, there’s also the halo effect to consider. From an international journal of psychology to a gentlemen’s journal, the impact of the halo effect cannot be ignored. The halo effect states that if someone ascribes a positive characteristic to you early on when they first meet you, they’re more likely to see you in a positive light and to keep ascribing positive characteristics to you. So, for men and women both, first impressions are key! If men and women find certain features of a man attractive during their first meeting, they’ll be more likely to keep finding more and more indicators of physical attractiveness on that man.

How can I become good looking?

This question depicts one of the most prominent situations that both female and male faces. Taking better care of yourself is one way to become good looking, as many cross cultural research studies have shown over the years. This is true for both male and female inquirers. If you are healthy, fit, and seemingly intelligent, you will be considered physically attractive to those who find those qualities appealing. However, it's important to note that what is defined as "good looking" will differ from person to person. This was true for both men and women in several cross cultural studies that were done by evolutionary psychologists over the course of several years and in countries all over the world. It all comes down to what makes a man attractive – or what makes a woman attractive – in the eyes of the beholder. Evolutionary psychologists have done several cross cultural studies to try to answer this question, and their results show some underlying patterns to how men and women can maximize their physical attractiveness. Basically, by exaggerating the inherently male and female features of a person, they become more physically attractive. 

What physical features appear to be the most attractive to the majority of people?

For most men, facial attractiveness is very important. Men are easily captivated when they see stunning female faces. It is one of the key things that make men attracted to women. Men notice physical details about a woman first; therefore, a woman’s facial features like large eyes may be the first point of attraction to men. It may be slightly different for women because a woman tends to be more emotionally driven than a man. Science has repeatedly proven what both genders find attractive. However, the following physical features are considered the most attractive; 

A wider waist to hips ratio. According to researcha ratio of 7:10 is rated as more attractive. That is, men relate the ratio to childbirth - a slim waist, and a healthy body. A study from the journal Evolution and Human Behavior suggests that men interested in this ratio have reliable signs that the woman has physical beauty and is matured sexually. Following a larger trend, the theory of waist-to-hip ratio or hourglass figure holds for most men. Other findings pointed out that the ratio supports an ideal and healthy body.   

Healthy hair. This applies to both men and women. Shiny and vibrant hair is quite attractive and represents health and vitality. Some people could attribute it to fertility.

Breasts. You may have to sit down for this; men do like boobs. Several studies have been published correlating eye movement from facial features to the chest areas. It is no surprise that some of these studies tracked eye movement and reported that movement went from the breasts to the waist. 

Height. A 2010 survey carried out at the University of New South Wales showed that taller women were more attractive. However most physical features are based on individual choice.

Overall grooming. A study in the journal Current psychology reports that how people groom themselves generally is as important as fixed features, including height, etc. they record that there is evidence to show that self-care signals are a sign of strength and healthy living. 

Lips. Beautiful lips is one of the things that some men may look out for on female faces. Reports from a study at the University of Manchester found the lips to be one of the most attractive facial features in a woman. It is quite tough to argue against this because men are known to like certain lips, more than others. Red and pink lips are considered to be more attractive to men on female faces. 

Teeth. Pearly white teeth are an attractive male facial feature and are also attractive in women too. For most, dentation is one of the things that contributes to a person’s facial attractiveness for them. It’s safe to note that people will hardly find rotting or muck filled teeth as attractive. Overall, the teeth are considered a subconscious sign of health and fertility in both genders. 

Facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is a basis of increased ratings of attractiveness in human faces. Such attraction is perceived in both males and females. Although attractive facial symmetry is largely attributed to the female, studies show that nearly all symmetrical faces- whether male faces or female faces- are more attractive than asymmetrical ones. A study about dimorphism in human faces reports that adult male facial symmetry may differ significantly from adult female faces. 

According to researchers, symmetry is when the left side of the face looks exactly like the right side and vice versa. The physical appearance is mostly attributed to the genes but could be achieved through surgery.

What is considered dark personality traits on a guy?

Evolutionary psychology examines human behavior through the evolution of humans in successive patterns. Experts in the field explain people’s emotions, thoughts, responses (like human mating), etc. based on Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of humans. Their work is similar to how biologists explain heterozygosity and human facial (physical) features through such indices.

Through evolutionary psychology, Wikipedia explains that people with dark features could have traits such as narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy behaviors. Accordingly, experts noted that the three traits share a characteristic lack of empathy, interpersonal offensiveness, and interpersonal hostility. All three are genetically linked to the evolution of human beings and may be driven by individual differences in genes. As opposed to biological factors, environmental factors appear to be more subtle and less accounted for, but there is a significant variation.

Evolutionary psychology employs the evolution of human beings to explain certain biological characteristics. Patterns of evolution and human behavior are said to have evolved through natural selection. As a result, adaptive behaviors can be passed from one generation to the next. Sexual selection and human reproduction are explained in mating behavior.

Robert Trivers of Rutgers University proposed that mating strategies are dependent on contributions from both male and female species. Some hypotheses suggest that sexual dimorphism in humans is directly linked to hormone changes. Therefore, like the female, males use visual information to select a partner. Human preferences for facial assortment are seen in both genders. People may believe that human faces signal health and vitality, but several studies suggest a link between hormone levels and attraction. Selection and human attraction may therefore be linked to certain physical characteristics. 

Usually, physically attractive people are thought to have a shadow side. Deborah J. Cohan, Ph.D., explains that they are desirable qualities that seem to reveal negative personality traits that could be potentially toxic. Evolutionary psychology with regards to evolution and human behavior gives an extensive understanding of dark features. Although it has been argued that evolutionary psychology predicts the development of dark traits and flourishes the personalities, people with such traits could still be very successful in society. 

The main argument behind these dark features with the evolution of man emphasizes sexual selection and human mating. According to psychology, people with dark personality traits are dark because of their vicious qualities. Therefore, staying away from people with such attributes may be easier said than done. They can draw people to themselves because there could be an attraction to the shadow of oneself. Several pieces of research support the claim that people with low self-esteem fall victim. These are some of the darker personality traits that may be mistaken for attractive qualities; 

Charm and Charisma. An individual oozing charm and charisma may eventually be seen as manipulative, self-absorbed, or controlling. There could be a fine line between charm and manipulation, but emotionally vested people may not notice. Although it is in the habit of sociopaths to lack empathy, they could still be charming. Their charm, however, tends to be self-serving, and when you fall, they appear manipulative and controlling. Sometimes, when related to such people, biological reactions confuse their dark traits. However, with insight, you could decide when their charm is real or serves a personal gain. 

Confidence. Confidence influences human females because it can clearly show a person’s intentions. However, according to evolutionary psychology, there is a subtle difference between confidence and narcissism. A narcissist fellow based on evolutionary psychology may show their confidence at your expense, thus showing sneaky ways to make you feel less. In the same way, they’re still begging for your attention. So, confidence is only a first step in attraction; when you spend time with such persons, you can truly decide what values you set for them. 

Attentiveness. Of course, a person with dark personality traits may not be easy to spot right away because they could always make a good first impression. They will likely devote their attention to you. However, with hints of significant flattery, which could sometimes be over the top to lure you in. They could give you attention and then take it away abruptly – so that you are hooked. Sometimes, they appear “too good to be true” because they shower their partner with attention, adoration, and love. 

Organized and Productive. Being organized and productive could have effects on physical attractiveness. This dark trait makes the guy appear manipulative and could even gaslight you. Such manipulative traits are a form of emotional abuse and may be seen as controlling. 

Spontaneity. Their ulterior motive is hardly obvious with spontaneous adventure and gifts. They do stuff as they come and may often push for a relationship quickly while preventing the other person from seeing through their red flags. Their qualities become more apparent eventually, and it may exist in their relationships with other people. Also, they could have a record of unstable relationships and even risky behavior. In this case, the guy is emotionally unreliable and may be deceitful. They don’t respect boundaries and may keep pushing until they get what they want. 

Not every guy with charming or confident abilities is a sociopath or a narcissist. However, you may not be able to tell people’s right intentions outrightly. A closer look into behaviors through evolutionary psychology can prevent you from falling victim to dark, manipulative traits. 

Which part of the female body attracts the most?

Female physical appearance is quite subjective; some guys prefer slimmer girls, while some prefer fuller girls. In the same way, others don’t care about physical appearance, but they may pay closer attention to other things. Likewise, some women like attractive male facial features while others prefer a masculine body. There are several pieces of scientific evidence to support the claim that many subliminal things about women’s faces and general appearances catches a man’s attention unconsciously. Women could be attracted to the male body as much as the man seems readily drawn to theirs.

Previous studies and pieces of ongoing research like the journal of personality and social psychology gave an insight into the most important parts of a woman’s body that catches a man’s attention. 

Voice or manner of speaking. At first, scientists found that men like women with high “feminine” voices, a voice like Marilyn Monroe’s. This is because high feminine voices are often correlated with youthfulness, which may be linked to attractiveness

Another research showed that men prefer women who spoke similarly to themselves, especially in their pronunciation, space of speech, and other important details. Sexual attraction resulting in sexual relationships is largely related to hearing the human voice at a certain pitch, and is seen as a sign of hormone balance. 

Height. Research suggests that based on the general preferences of an average human male, they prefer women shorter than themselves. However, the height difference is mostly due to personal preferences in the human. Sometimes, tall men prefer short girls and shorter men may prefer women of a similar height. 

Eye color. Research from the University of Tromso claims that blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women. 

Makeup. A 2014 research claims that men prefer women who apply makeup moderately.

Limbal ring. The limbal ring on women’s faces is a high point of attraction, and the reasons are quite straightforward. Your limbal ring is a dark ring around your iris. Scientists found that women with wide limbal rings may attract men more. This feature is not restricted to younger women alone as older women with wide limbal rings could still be very attractive to men. 

Hair color. Scientists conducted research about which women were invited to nightclubs more. They used blonde-haired, brown-haired, and red-haired women. After the survey, they found that men preferred blondes more often. Brunettes took second-place while red-haired women were the least attractive. The survey itself reported that it is not hair color that is not a singular basis for attractiveness as they ultimately concluded that the prime determinant for hair attractiveness was how good the hair color looks with their skin. 

Length of legs. Leon Zeltzer, via online forums, sought to figure out why leg length could be more attractive to men. He found that men preferred women with longer legs.

Body language. If you’re sitting with someone you find attractive, your body language is everything. Sometimes, you tilt your head in a way, lean in and point your feet in a way that communicates a lot. These little actions send signs of attraction and preferences. 

Smile. Smiling is a strong form of physical attraction in men and women. It contributes to a person’s facial attractiveness to a very large extent. Men tend to be readily attracted to a smiling woman because it connotes warmth and positive reception. According to business insider, women who smile frequently are more attractive to men. 

Confidence. Physical appearance is all about physical traits, but physical attraction is not. There are several aspects of the character that makes a person attractive. Confidence takes a top place, and this could vastly sky-rocket your sex appeal. Confident people are quick to attract the opposite sex because it could send off signals of interest. However, it is important to have the mindset that sets confidence in play. That makes a good impression of you and is a self-esteem booster. 

Age. There are relationships where the men are older than women and vice versa. Scientists found that men in the ages before 20 and after 30 prefer women between ages 24 to 25 as partners. 

Self-awareness. This may sound unusual; however, it is a sign of emotional intelligence and a modern perspective of the evolution of humans. The evolution of human behavior continues to expose several aspects of human emotions. Thus, helping people understand themselves more. 

Emotional intelligence is a large aspect of being self-aware. It is also the pathway to self-discovery – covering a range of stuff like desires, habits, preferences, etc. having a hold of this makes you attractive on a different level from physical beauty. Being self-aware improves confidence while helping a person to define their strengths and weaknesses clearly. Thus, such individuals can clearly define the indices for attraction in addition to measuring the physical features.

Authenticity. Like self-awareness, authenticity is less of a physical attraction as it can only be measured in the attitude or disposition. An authentic person is not afraid to be who they are. Such traits are recognizable and find expression almost instantly. Such people are thoughtful, non-hostile, and remain open. 

Even though authenticity is closely linked to self-awareness, a combination of both helps people build deeper and meaningful connections. 

Openness. Openness is possibly a hallmark of attraction because it shows the true intention of a person. Although the importance of physical attractiveness cannot be underestimated, openness is an attractive personality trait. Open individuals are open to learning new stuff and getting new experiences. For instance, they are receptive to different people, cultures, activities, etc. around them.

Courage. Courage is a personality trait that coveys emotional resilience and strength. Luckily, it can be seen in both genders, and it doesn’t have to be in an excessive amount—for example, the drive to stand up for what you believe in. 

Empathy. A major benefit of openness is that it makes people more empathetic. Empathetic people tend to form more bonds with others; they also tend to be more accepting. Simple empathy appearance signals physical strength as well as emotional stability. When you can create simple connections with people, interests in their lives lead to reciprocated interests, and such interest grows with the potential to form other connections. 

Playfulness. You don’t need a human evolution lesson to realize that life could become so serious and stressful. That makes people wary and tense. However, when you can indulge in sweetness and reveal your playful side, people tend to be attracted because everyone loves a good laugh. 

What do guys like in a girl?

According to psychological science and biological sciences, one of the key things that can immediately make a guy like a girl is her physical features. Human faces have different appearances but being beautiful is undoubtedly something guys like in a girl. But, sometimes, a girl who is considered not so “good-looking” could still have many guys in her corner. The secret to attracting is, therefore, more than just being beautiful, preferences for a male could include the following; 

Your dress sense. The human male loves women who are groomed nicely. Girls may often get confused about what to wear because they want to be admired and appreciated. The truth is that choices in humans are solely based on preference. A girl with a great dress sense knows what to wear even if they’re doing it casually. Although people believe that a person that appreciates you will not judge but dressing up in an untidy manner is not attractive to anyone. 

High EQ. A girl is naturally expected to have deep emotions because she is believed to be wired this way. That doesn’t necessarily mean tears well up in your eyes every time you hear a sad story or when challenges come your way. According to the journal of personality and social psychology, strong cognitive ability and emotional intelligence is one of the main stimulants of attraction. A woman with a high emotional quotient knows how to balance her emotions while being subjective. She can encourage a man when he needs it. She doesn’t allow situations to define her reaction, but she keeps her head above it and avoids creating unnecessary drama. 

Femininity. Similarly to how some women are attracted to male facial features and big manly men, research suggests that some men are attracted to a soft and feminine female. Being soft is not a weakness in this regard. 

A sense of humour. Everyone loves a good laugh. Men like a woman that can laugh at their jokes and make them laugh too. When you have a sense of humor, he knows that time spent with you is more memorable and exciting. Also, it helps you see human faces in a different light, thus impacting your level of satisfaction and fostering a relationship. 

However, it is important to establish the kind of humor that men find more attractive in women. Aggressive humor, such as making fun of a man, over time could harm his esteem and make him feel resentment. You want laughter, not an eye roll. 

Confidence. Confidence looks sexy on a woman, and sometimes it could be read on male facial expressions. A confident woman is usually considered attractive and men often find confidence irresistible because it shows that a woman has a firm sense of self. They also tend to live life to the fullest and continue to pursue their dreams. 

In addition to this, confidence makes women’s faces light up. Again, such women are comfortable in their skin and are assertive. This is attractive to a man because the woman is not afraid to share her opinions, challenge him, engage in meaningful conversations, and take on leadership roles. 

A sense of adventure. Part of the fun in attraction is the potential to try exciting new stuff together. Now, it’s not about climbing a mountain every weekend or going on a dangerous mission. It’s about being open to new things, adding thrill to regular tasks, etc. 

A great smile.  Have you ever felt attracted to someone with a grumpy face? The answer is likely no. Men won’t too. A true and genuine smile makes women’s faces more beautiful. A simple smile on your facial appearance signals physical contentment, friendliness, and confidence. 

A caring side. Psychological science and a number of biological sciences show that no matter how macho a man is, he desires a kind girl with a caring side. Many men note this as a vital characteristic in a future partner. It is simply the small acts of kindness, the expression of women’s faces, and the subtle signs. It is not showing the caring side to them that is important; it is how you relate with family, friends, and even strangers. No man will pass on a woman with emotionally mature features. Although human physical attraction is important for men, they still want polite women. 

Playfulness. Now playfulness may be mistaken for a sense of humour, but both are completely different. Men find women who are playful attractive because they don’t take issues too seriously. A playful woman may be more laid back but not lacking confidence. She is youthful and has an innate ability to be themselves. Men enjoy the company of playful women effortlessly, and this makes the woman even more attractive to them. 

What are attractive male and female facial features?

Men and women’s facial features are different. Even identical twins are known to have some degree of variance in their facial features if one pays close attention. Men and women’s faces are known to reveal a degree of distinct features depending on who is making the comparisons or similarities. In most cases, the physical features that make a person attractive may include broad shoulders, high cheekbones, full lips, large eyes, etc. Facial attractiveness in identical twins could also vary. Male body parts such as biceps and triceps may make some men more attractive. Female who rate the attractiveness would most likely have based their judgement based on a personal preference. While the male body and female body have distinctive features, personality and social psychology still plays a huge role in terms of choice. Personality and social psychology can be said to determine the choice or preference based on other factors outside women’s faces, male faces, female body type, large eyes, full lips, or general body parts. While a male may find women’s faces and body parts attractive, the personality and social psychology also places emphasis on character, values, actions etc. Some women consider tall men when making their choices in who to date because they are considered more attractive. Other times, when it comes to mate choices, taller men may not meet some people’s choice for romantic attraction, and therefore a taller man won’t be considered more attractive than a man with an average height. Romantic attraction on the part of men for mate choice can stem from the person’s physical features. 

Facial attractiveness is often seen as the primary selling point, which explains why some individuals may opt for cosmetic surgery just so they can be considered more attractive. A person’s physical features can be important to them and they may get cosmetic surgery as a result to increase their perceived view on good facial attractiveness. Women may opt for cosmetic surgery to achieve narrower eye brows, darker lashes or less face fat. While the males may opt for cosmetic surgery to achieve a slimmer face structure, change in eye shape, or other various things. 

According to psychological science and biological sciences, some heterosexual men are known to prefer women with fuller body while others prefer them slim. While a person’s physical attributes as in the case of heterosexual men may not matter to some women, there are those who prefer taller men, especially if they themselves are not tall. While facial attractiveness is key, research suggests that personality and social psychology also comes in to play especially for heterosexual women who want to get into a serious relationship.

As important as facial attractiveness in male faces are, other male body parts like broad shoulders and abs are considered important for some ladies, especially in terms of romantic attraction and sexual intercourse desire. Romantic attraction can be linked with preferences of body parts e.g. taller men and broad shoulders.

What physical features are most attractive for men and women?

In psychological sciences and biological sciences, it is understood that there may be a correlation between facial attractiveness and what is considered attractive either in heterosexual men or women especially as it also relates with evolution and human behavior. Evolution and human behavior can be considered a critical factor when it comes to facial attractiveness. While some may play down the role in terms of its importance, evolution and human behavior plays a huge role especially as civilization has continued to affect everything about humans irrespective of how you age or status. 

A study on facial attractiveness was conducted at the University of Michigan, on the criteria for attractiveness using five different populations. The facial attractiveness study was done to develop the standards of physical or facial attractiveness in humans. This facial attractiveness study further shows that age, average features and feminine features play important roles in terms of facial attractiveness. Also, a study conducted by the Department of Psychology, at the University of British Columbia reveals how male faces structure or appearance determine their level of attractiveness. In this study by UBC’s department of psychology, women rated happy and smiling men less attractive compared to brooding or proud men. This study explains why dark characters like the brooding Twilight vampire Edward Cullen or tortured Jim Stark in James Dean’s Rebel Without a Cause were sexually alluring. The journal of personality and social psychology also explains that physical appearance significantly determines a person’s level of attractiveness.

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