What Do Men Find Attractive In Women?

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Men, just like people of any gender, can have individual preferences for what they might like to see in a potential partner. It’s impossible to generalize a list of features that all men will find attractive in a woman. The best way to know what a specific man finds to be attractive may simply be to ask him, if possible. Otherwise, it might be best to try and be authentic to yourself. The right man or other potential partner for you likely won’t be someone you have to change in order to impress. Still, there may be some traits, both physical and not, that many men might tend to gravitate toward. These characteristics can be attractive to just about anyone, too.

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Attraction can be a unique experience for everyone

Sense of humor

Something many people may find attractive is a good sense of humor. Being willing and able to laugh and have fun can be an important part of any relationship. It may also offer a good way to bond and get to know each other more, which can promote feelings of closeness that might not be found in any other relationship.

Being adventurous

Some men may tend to like women who are willing to take risks and try new things. Potential partners who seem like they know how to have fun and experience all life has to offer can be attractive to just about anyone. Plus, a sense of adventure can be a great way to keep your relationship going strong. 


Your personality likely will be a huge factor to consider when it comes to any relationship. Men might be drawn to others who have personalities compatible with their own – maybe your tendency to make art and music aligns with his own passion for drawing, for instance, or your open-mindedness encourages him to challenge his preconceptions about life. 

Healthy appearance

A healthy appearance doesn't necessarily have to do with things like weight, unchangeable features, or even the clothes you wear. Rather, it may have to do with the steps you take to look and feel like your best self. Maybe you tend to wear your hair a certain way or accessorize with your favorite pieces. These things can show that you take care of yourself and take pride in the way you look, which can be attractive to some.


Being honest can be crucial in any relationship. If you're not honest, you likely won't make things work over the long term. People who are able to say how they feel and mean it, then, can be quite attractive, especially when it comes to finding a potential life partner.


Determination and confidence

Social messaging may tell us that men want to be the stronger ones in the relationship, but that isn't necessarily the case and can in fact be harmful to assume. Many men are attracted to others who they perceive as strong women, so feeling confident in yourself and what you want out of life can serve you well. These traits may make you an even more attractive person because they can show that you're not just looking to be who a man wants you to be. 

Open communication

Being open and talking to your partner can always be important. Whether you have positive or negative things to say, showing that you’re willing to talk honestly can be attractive. When it’s clear early on that a person may be a good communicator, some men may see a golden opportunity; it can be hard to develop these skills later on, so a potential partner who already possesses them may seem like a highly attractive option.


It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have interests that you engage in separately. Having your own hobbies and life may help communicate to a potential love interest that your life and happiness are not dependent on them. Independence can be seen as attractive partially because it allows both partners to thrive as a full version of themselves, but also because it may show that your passions and interests are important to you, so much so that nothing might make you give them up.


Charisma can refer to how you interact with others; you can think of it as being charming or inviting. While not all men may find traits like these to be attractive to the same extent, those who seem to light up a room with their presence may tend to draw eyes and make people want to learn more. 

Attraction can be a unique experience for everyone


Being smart doesn't mean you need a high IQ. It may just mean that you are knowledgeable in general about the things that are going on in the world. Being able to hold a good conversation, pay attention to the little things, and show an interest in learning more can be very attractive features to many men. 

Seeking professional guidance

Whether you’d like to learn more about what you can do to find an ideal partner or simply to boost your own self-esteem, it can be helpful to get some support from someone new. A licensed mental health professional like a therapist may be able to offer this support as well as advice for pursuing any potential partner that catches your eye.

Options like online therapy can make it simple to connect with someone you click with and who understands your needs. You can even join sessions from work, the car, or the comfort of your own home, all with just a few clicks.

Research suggests that online therapy can be a more cost-effective way to seek help than traditional therapy, too, which may mean that online therapy can help you save time, money, and hassle. 


The things a man finds attractive in a woman can be just as individual as he is, but there are some common traits that may tend to help more than others. Overall, though, every man might have preferences of his own, so if you’re hoping to adjust your own self to fit the wants of someone else, it might help to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all for being an attractive woman. Plus, the right partner will likely be able to love you just as you are, no matter what traits you might have.

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