Top 10 Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People

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Attraction is a confusing emotion for some, primarily because you don't know how or act on the attraction you feel for someone. There are various types of attractions, and understanding them all isn't always necessary, but it is helpful to understand if the attraction is mutual. It's nice to feel attracted to someone, but it's nicer when they're equally attracted to you also.

There is often talk of the laws of attraction, but what are the rules? Are they meant to be broken, or must they be followed at all times? Usually, people are inclined to follow their minds and disregard the feelings of their hearts or body. How does this apply to being attracted to someone?

Don't Let Attraction Go Undetected

Attraction is comparable to emotion. It's a trigger of the body, mind, and sometimes heart that implies something is intriguing about someone. The attraction leads to a category of questions. You begin to wonder if it's a crush, infatuation, or something more. Could this be the person you spend the rest of your life with, or is it just a strong attraction that will eventually fade away?

Unspoken attraction and whether or not it's something more can lead to several questions. You can find the answer to most of them by listening to your body. The rapid heartbeat or butterflies you feel each time you see or think of them are key signs of attraction between two people.

Here are the top signs of physical attraction between two people.

  1. Their smell is mesmerizing.

It's common to be drawn to a person that smells nice, but when you're constantly noticing their scent, it may be a sign that the way they smell is an attraction trigger for you. The release of pheromones is magnets to potential romantic interests, which is important for mating. Therefore, whenever you're in the presence of someone you're attracted to, you will likely be drawn or mesmerized by the way they smell. Many women like to think of the scent of a man when he's not around, which is why many enjoy wearing his shirt around the house because they can smell his scent on it.

  1. You become extremely happy at the thought of seeing them.

You always find yourself in a happy mood when you know you're about to encounter the person you're attracted to. Feelings of excitement and sometimes jitters are clear signs of physical attraction. Many people find that they begin to plan for the encounter long before it's supposed to occur. They want to make sure that they look their best in hopes that the attraction is noticed and possibly returned. People seem to be unexplainably blissful when they think of their attraction. It may be thought of what's to come or the possibilities of something more developing from the attraction.

  1. You feel and comfort when around your attraction.

Whenever the person you're attracted to is around, you feel safe and have no worries about anything else in the world. It's a strange feeling of comfort that ensures you that everything is okay - like there is nothing or no one that can do you harm when you're with the person you're attracted to.

  1. You forget your stressors and feel more relaxed around them.

There are so many stressors in the world today. If you're able to relax and forget about the things that bring you the most stress, it's a sign that you're attracted to the person that helps you forget those stress factors. Their ability to bring you happiness and take you away from the concerns in your life is likely because they're presenting positive factors that make you feel good about yourself or life in general. Take note to see if they are the first call you make at the sign of frustration, sadness, or extreme joy. 

  1. You relate to their emotions.

You will notice that when you're attracted to a person, their emotions become yours. If they're hurting or sad, you sense that same emotion. It's almost like a link between the two of you. This is a positive side of the attraction because it indicates that you're empathetic about their feelings and what they go through. If you are attracted to a person, you care about what happens in their life and want the best for them.

  1. You think about them constantly, especially when you're not around them.

If the person you're attracted to is always on your mind, especially when they're away, it's one of the signs of physical attraction. It's the body's way of responding to the absence of the person you're attracted to and want to be around the most.

  1. The physical attraction is strong.

One of the biggest signs of attraction between two people is physical attraction. An intense physical connection between two people is one of the biggest signs of unspoken mutual attraction. It may be something about how the person talks, walks, or the overall appearance that draws you to them. Physical attraction is usually one of the first triggers of attraction. Sometimes physical attraction is the only thing that exists between two people, and there is never an emotional connection established.

  1. Constant flirtation takes place when you're around each other.

It's one thing to initiate an occasional glance at someone, but constant flirtation is a sign that you're attracted to someone. Flirtation can take place in many forms and on several different levels. It may be the way a person blushes when you walk in a room, the way they smile at you when you're around, or twirl strands of their hair in nervousness. They aren't always obvious flirtations and sometimes hard to depict by the person they're directed.

Don't Let Attraction Go Undetected

  1. You try to avoid the person you're attracted to.

This may seem odd, but it's common for a person to try to avoid someone they're attracted to because they're not certain the attraction is mutual. Sometimes the avoidance is because you're not sure why you're attracted to them or if it's anything more than a phase. There is a guard that goes up when attraction takes place. It serves as a type of your feelings in case the attraction isn't mutual.

  1. You learn their routine and arrange chance encounters

Once you develop an attraction for someone, it's common to follow their schedule whenever possible. For instance, you know when the person you're attracted to goes to the gym, so you make an effort to arrive during the same time, or you start going to their favorite coffee shop to bump into them.

Signs of Unspoken Mutual Attraction

Is there anything more agitating than knowing that you're attracted to someone, and they're attracted to you too, but neither will admit it? It happens all the time for different reasons. One person is usually afraid that the other doesn't have the same feelings, while others think the same. Most people don't immediately reveal their attraction at the end of the day because they fear rejection.

Rejection isn't a good feeling, but it's not as bad as keeping your attraction bottled up on the inside. That's a toiling feeling that can lead to disappointment and possibly missing out on a great relationship. Some people have issues expressing themselves or aren't comfortable talking about their feelings. It could be a sign of low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence. You can't allow either to prevent you from expressing yourself or telling others how you feel about them, even if it is just an attraction. If you're constantly coping with issues that involve self-expression or other personal issues, speaking with a professional therapist can help you overcome anxiety associated with the lack of self-confidence or self-esteem.

You can only avoid your feelings of attraction for so long. It can lead to regret or hurt feelings because you didn't see where things might go. You can't be afraid to take the plunge and say it out loud. It doesn't require you to make a big deal out of it at all. In fact, there is no need to send out a group text announcing your attraction to everyone. Instead, keep it subtle. Talk to the person and initiate a simple conversation. Please take note of their reaction to you and their interaction with you.

There are several signs of unspoken attraction to help you tell if a person is interested in you. If you work together, these can be signs coworkers are attracted to each other. Here are a few.

  1. Consistent and intense eye contact

If you find yourself consistently gazing into each other's eyes, there's likely an attraction. When you find yourself gazing at the person, you're attracted to and notice that they're locked into your eyes as well, that's a sign of mutual attraction. The goal is for you to notice that you're staring or gazing into each other's eyes because you're interested in getting to know each other better. In addition to the consistent gazing, a smile may be noticed. This is a clear indicator that the person is approachable. The longer the gaze, the more intense the interest. It's common to initiate intriguing small talk while gazing into each other's eyes.

  1. Natural occurrence of nervousness

Shyness is normal when you like someone and sometimes kind of cute. If a person is naturally nervous around you, it may be a sign that they're attracted to you. Nervousness can be displayed through a jittery voice, occasional stuttering, or loss of thought, making them forget what they will say during the conversation. The person may also talk extremely fast, almost making no sense because their attraction makes them nervous.

These nervous issues can occur in people who are usually very calm also. Sometimes they're trying so hard to impress that they lose control of their thoughts and ability to converse sensibly. One thing to notice is that a person will try to maintain confidence, even though they're nervous. They attempt to engage in conversation with their attraction and are overly excited at the idea of just talking to that person.

  1. Warm body language is noticeable.

When two people are intimately attracted to each other, it's normal to feel a sense of warmth towards them. There may be many contacts, such as rubbing the shoulders, touching the hands, and other similar interactions. You find a reason to be around or near a person and invite yourself into their personal space. These are all signs of mutual attraction between two people. There is a difference in body language when you like a person and when you're just enjoying the conversation.

  1. A person is a little extra with their emotions when they are attracted to you.

If a person emits extreme emotions, there's likely an attraction. Their laughter may be uncontrollable, explanations become overboard, or they go on and on about how much they enjoy certain things. These episodes of extremeness are associated with their nervousness and attraction. In some cases, there are displays of negative emotions that occur. It's odd, but people will sometimes pick little fights or make a big deal out of something small to extract sympathy from the person they're attracted to. Emotional extremes are more common with guys.

You may be thinking that identifying and understanding the leading signs of physical attraction between two people is great, but why can't you tell someone you like them and get it over with. If only it were that simple for everyone. Some people have no problem letting others know that they find them attractive, but it's not that easy for everyone. Realize that there is no rejection in attraction. It's perfectly fine to feel an attraction towards someone and for that person to not the same feelings. Attraction helps you identify the things you like and dislike in a potential mate and establish a sense of trust in your gut feelings.

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