10 Signs That You’re Experiencing Physical Attraction

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Physical attraction is typically one of the first things that brings two people together, often helping form the basis of a deeper relationship. Knowing whether you’re specifically drawn to someone’s physical characteristics can be hard, though, especially because there are other forms of attraction that may resemble physical attraction. Luckily, there are several common indicators—many of which are scientifically proven—that can help you determine whether your attraction is physical in nature. Below, we’re going to outline what physical attraction is and provide you with 10 signs that it's present between you and a potential romantic interest. 

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What Is Physical Attraction?

Physical attraction—interest in the physical characteristics of another person—can be a strong phenomenon. It can make you want to be close to a particular person frequently and cause you to behave differently when they’re around. Physical attraction may be the first thing a person notices when they find themselves enamored with another person. Because we tend to evaluate one another’s physical attributes quickly, physical attraction often precedes all other forms of attraction. Physical attraction can be a signal that you’re intrigued by someone and would like to get to know them better. It can be a sign of sexual compatibility, and it can indicate that you enjoy similar activities. 

Physical attraction can be based on numerous factors. You may be drawn to someone based on their eye color, smile, muscle size, or hair. There is an evolutionary basis for many of the qualities we’re attracted to in a partner, which may help explain why we don’t always know why (or if) we’re experiencing physical attraction. It is thought that we adapted to prefer certain traits that might help us survive as a species. So, you may not realize it, but your attraction to a certain individual’s large muscles may be related their potential one-time usefulness as a hunter. 

10 Signs Of Physical Attraction

While some indicators of physical attraction are obvious, many others can easily go undetected. In fact, something as seemingly insignificant as the direction your legs are crossed can hint at your interest in someone. The following are ten common signs that you’re experiencing physical attraction. 

  1. You Maintain Eye Contact

The phrase the eyes are windows into the soul can be instructive when it comes to deciphering your feelings toward a potential romantic interest. The eye tends to follow what it’s attracted to, which means that consistently gazing into someone’s eyes may be an indicator of romantic interest. In fact, research shows that sustained eye contact can produce strong feelings of attraction. It is also thought that eye contact suggests to others that you’re open to communication; so you may be meeting that special someone’s eyes in an unconscious attempt to signal that you’d like to talk to them more. 

  1. You’re Always Excited To See Them

Do you frequently find yourself in a happy mood (or even a nervous one) when you know you're about to encounter a certain person? Jitters and feelings of excitement are typically signs of physical attraction. Many people find that they begin to plan for the encounter long before it's supposed to occur. You may realize your heart rate increases when you hear their voice, or you smile when they walk into a room. 

  1. Your Body Language Gives It Away

Even if you don’t realize it, your body often signals your feelings for another person. There are several body language cues that can hint at your physical attraction, such as pointing your body toward them while talking, blushing, fixing your hair, and smiling. Another common signal is mirroring, during which you’ll mimic the movements and speech patterns of the other person. If you’re unsure whether you’re experiencing physical attraction, take note of your body language. Are you crossing your legs toward them? Do you lean in as you’re speaking to them? You might be advertising your attraction without knowing it. 

4.     You Get Nervous

Shyness is normal when you like someone, even if you’re not typically a bashful person. If you’re unnaturally nervous around someone, it may be a sign that you don’t want to say the wrong thing or otherwise make a mistake in front of them. Nervousness can be displayed through a jittery voice, tripping over the occasional word, or losing your train of thought. You may start to talk fast, sweat more than normal, or become flushed. 

  1. You Relate To Their Emotions

Caring for another person often means wanting them to feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. You may notice that when you're attracted to a person, you tend to empathize with them. If they're hurting or sad, you may experience that same emotion. If they get a promotion, you might also feel joy. 

  1. You Think About Them Frequently

Have you ever met someone and then had a hard time getting them off your mind? If you notice someone in your life cropping up in your daydreams, or frequently showing up in your future plans, you may be experiencing physical attraction. These thoughts can be the mind's way of responding to the absence of the person you're attracted to. If you find that even seemingly mundane events remind you of this person, physical attraction is likely present. Your family and friends might have even noticed that you’re talking about them more than other people. 

  1. You Interact With Them Online

These days, online communities are where many people develop a strong attraction toward one another. If you find that you’re frequently interacting with this person through social media—whether you’re messaging them, commenting on their posts, or just keeping up with their life—this can be a sign that you’re into them. If you frequently want to reach out to this person, it may be because you find them attractive.  

  1. You Flirt With Them Often

It's one thing to smile at someone every once in a while, or to joke around occasionally, but consistent flirtation is a sign that you're into this person. Flirtation can take place in many forms and on several different levels. Some people flirt through flattery, while others like to joke around. You might flirt in ways that are barely perceptible. When you talk to this person, if you frequently touch their shoulder or play with your own hair, you may be indicating your interest without even knowing it. 

  1. You Avoid Them

This may seem odd and counterintuitive, but it's common for a person to try to avoid someone they're attracted to. This could be because they’re not comfortable in social situations or they’re not certain the attraction is mutual. Many people live with social phobia, which is a form of anxiety that can make interactions with romantic interests difficult. If this happens in your life, you may try to keep your distance from a person you’re attracted to. You may also be scared that you’re getting too close to this person or that your feelings are too strong. If you’ve been hurt in a relationship or experienced unrequited love, your attraction may result in avoidance. 

10.   You Laugh Together

A shared sense of humor is a strong indicator that you’re well suited to another person. If you frequently make each other laugh, share inside jokes, or enjoy the same kind of humor, your feelings could be physical in nature. Research suggests that a sense of humor—both the ability to be funny and enjoy the humor of others—is an important aspect of attraction. 

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Knowing whether someone is into you can be hard at times. You might be attracted to them and wondering whether the feelings are reciprocated. By keeping the above indicators in mind, you can get a better feel for their interest level. And, if you’re already in a relationship but wondering how to increase the attraction between you and your partner, consider reaching out to a therapist online. With the right guidance, you and your partner might start to exhibit all of the above signs of attraction and more. 

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