Five Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction You Probably Didn’t Know

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It can be challenging to go through the motions of figuring out who’s attracted to you or what other individuals find attractive in a potential partner. They may have shown signs that you felt showed they are attracted to you, only for you to realize later that it was simply them being friendly.

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Not sure if he's attracted to you?

When it comes to male attraction, bigger pieces of the puzzle may show if they are attracted to you. Here, we give more context into what true signs of attraction may be.

Powerful signs of male attraction

Before we start, some of these signs of attraction can be harder to read than others. Someone you may know might always be nice to you, but they are just a kind person to everyone they meet. It may be difficult to tell what signs of attraction are on a superficial level. Below we will discuss what powerful signs of male attraction to look for.

Revealing more about themselves

When a male or an individual begins to reveal personal things about themselves, that may be a good sign that they have an attraction to you, either on a romantic level or a friendship level. This may reveal they feel comfortable around you. They may be trying to reveal more about their life because they trust you. This doesn’t have to be in the form of revealing their quirks. These stories may explain a bit of their childhood, which can be a great way to let someone know more about them, what makes them who they are, and the experiences they’ve had. These moments can be the avenue that brings you closer to each other and becomes a more significant part of their lives, thus making this one of the most powerful signs of male attraction.

Deeper conversations

Along the same vein, having more in-depth or deeper conversations may be a way we understand more about the way people think and what’s important to them. Often when someone is attracted to another individual, they want to know them on every level. They may become more curious about who they are, how they think, and what makes them tick.

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We seek deeper conversation with the people who have something of interest to us. When someone initiates deep conversations with you and makes an effort to get to know you, it’s usually a great indication that this individual is interested in who you are and wants to know more.


Nervousness may be a difficult sign to notice at times. Some people are naturally nervous around people, especially if they have social anxiety in social settings. However, some individuals may be selectively nervous around certain individuals, which are usually the ones they are attracted to. They may be worried that they will say or do the wrong thing in front of the person they are attracted to. They may care a lot about what you think of them, resulting in them trying hard to make a good impression. This may come off as being nervous. Nervousness can have several physical signs. Sweating, fidgeting, or stuttering may be signs that you will notice if they are nervous around you.

However, when you are familiar with the people around you, the nervousness will usually fade over time.

Mirroring behavior

Mirroring is the Behavior when an individual unconsciously imitates your body language, gestures, speech patterns, or attitude of another, and it’s a great indicator of attraction. With the muscles in our face, we may copy another person’s facial expressions to better understand the emotion behind them. In this way, we show empathy for the other individual. The same mirroring behavior can be seen with body language. When we brush our hair to the side or adjust our posture in front of another person, we could be getting ourselves more comfortable. If you notice that the other person is mirroring your Behavior, this may show that they are completely engaged in the interaction and may be attracted to you.

Like the other powerful signs of male attraction, this sign becomes clearer when you notice their Behavior around other people. If they aren’t mimicking others, and only you, then there may be a good chance they are attracted to you. Body language becomes the clearest sign of our intention when this happens, especially about attraction.

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Not sure if he's attracted to you?

Wanting to spend time together

A great indicator of attraction is when someone wants to spend quality time with you. We often make the time for things that matter to us, or we care about. At the same time, we make excuses for things that don’t matter to us as much. If someone is incredibly busy and they are attracted to someone, they will create space in their schedule. They may even enjoy doing simple or mundane tasks, like running errands or grocery shopping, with someone they are attracted to.

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There are many signs of male attraction, and these are just a few of the most powerful. Every individual is different and may express attraction in various ways. If you’re wondering if someone is attracted to you, it may be helpful to observe their Behavior and be aware of some of these signs.

Watch how they interact with others and how they act around you. If they act differently towards you than with others, this may be an indicator they feel attracted to you.

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