Are The Feelings Mutual? Signs Of Physical Chemistry And Mutual Attraction

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How do you know if someone is attracted to you? Aside from them telling you directly, there are often a lot of physical and verbal cues people can make when they are attracted to someone. They’re often subtle, and each person will do it slightly differently. If you know where to look, however, you might be able to get a sense of whether the person you like might like you back. In this article, we’ll explore several possible signs of physical chemistry and mutual attraction. 

Navigating dating and attraction can be challenging

Physical signs of attraction

While everyone is different and the only way to be certain of someone’s interest is for them to tell you, below are a few possible physical signs of attraction to keep in mind:

Sustained eye contact

One thing to look for is eye contact. Especially for confident people, sustained eye contact can be a good indicator that they like someone. They may hold your gaze for longer than you’d expect, and it can feel like they’re listening closely to you and not looking all over the place. Eye contact and attraction are often intertwined. If you are attracted to someone, take stock of how often you look into their eyes, and vice versa. If the two of you have spent quite a bit of time zoned in on conversation together with sustained eye contact, that can be a strong indicator of mutual attraction.  

Awkward glances

On the flip side, some people look away when they like someone; this behavior can be a sign of unspoken attraction, and it may be more common among people who are a little shy. This isn’t the same as a person who isn’t interested. Instead of looking all over the place, they may look down or at some other place pointedly. They may not be trying to show their disinterest, but rather, they may be feeling nervous meeting your gaze. If you’re both shy and both make awkward glances at each other, that might be a sign too.

Flirtatious touching

Probably one of the most well-known actions of a flirtatious person is touching. If a person likes you, they may try to find a way to touch you. This could be a friendly hand on your back, touching your arm in conversation, or moving to sit closer to you. Not everyone will be so forward with flirting, but for some people who feel comfortable, this can be a telling sign. 



If you both laugh a lot around each other, there may be a chance for mutual attraction. Laughter can be a major sign of attraction, especially if the jokes aren’t even that funny. Coy smiles, giggles, and encouragement for more jokes and joy may all help attraction flourish. Since laughter is also just a sign of happiness in general, this sign should be looked at with others on this list. Though no sign is 100% certain, knowing you can make the other person laugh can be a positive precursor for any relationship.


Do you notice the person you’re talking with fidgets a lot? Do they bounce their knee or play with their hair? This could be a sign that they are nervous around you and aren’t sure what to do with themselves. You may notice that they frequently touch their face, change positions while sitting, and anything else where they focus on how they occupy the space around you.

On the opposite end, a person could be very attentive and less fidgety around you. For instance, the person who sustains eye contact will probably not be fidgety but will show you they pay more attention. It’s often about the combination of signs rather than one particular sign.


Have you ever noticed when someone you like says something nice to you that you blush uncontrollably? That can often be a pretty clear indicator of your crush. Blood can rush to your face when you feel attraction, embarrassment, or other intense emotions, so again, this is a sign to consider in combination with others.  

Fast breathing

Fast breathing, quickening heart rate, and stuttering can all be signs of feeling flustered. When in the presence of a crush, feeling tongue-tied and short of breath can be good signs that you like them. And if you notice that someone you’re talking to is nervous, especially if their fast breathing is accompanied by fidgeting or looking away from you, it may be an indicator of their feelings. 


Mirroring is an interesting reaction to a crush. When a person unconsciously copies the actions of another person, such as reflecting body language, using the same mannerisms, even using the same voice, we call this mirroring. This isn’t usually something that people do purposefully when they like someone. It often happens without their notice, falling into step with the person they are attracted to. Do you talk with your hands a lot? Next time you’re around your crush, look to see if they use their hands when they talk with you. This could tell you something.

Navigating dating and attraction can be challenging

Constant communication

People typically want to talk to their crush as much as they can. This may involve frequent texting, talking on the phone late into the night, seeking each other out in a group, making plans to see each other often, and more. This is often a more obvious sign of attraction, as it isn’t as subtle as the other signs in this list.

Removing barriers

Another interesting sign is when they remove barriers between you. For instance, if someone is attracted to you, they may try to get rid of the little things between the two of you like coffee cups, cell phones, and other clutter. These are more symbolic barriers, as they don’t keep this person from talking with you. But it can show that this person does not want anything in between you two. 

Getting help through therapy

Signs of physical attraction between two people are often subtle and differ from person to person. There’s no one thing that every person does that shows they have a crush. Instead, it’s more nuanced, and signs like these can be open to interpretation, making it all very confusing. 

If you’d like help with these or other dating concerns, an online therapist can help. If you’re trying to make sense of different signs of attraction, it may be helpful to be able to reach out for help in the precise moments when you notice them. With online therapy through Regain, you can use in-app messaging to reach out to your therapist at any time, and they will respond as soon as they can. 

And research has demonstrated the effectiveness of online relationship interventions for a range of relationship concerns, including confidence and communication. 


Recognizing some of these possible signs of mutual attraction may help you navigate the dating world with a little more confidence. While everyone is different, some possible signs to watch include removing barriers, mirroring, flirtatious touching, and sustained eye contact. For help with these and other relationship concerns, you can meet with a licensed therapist online for support. 

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