Female Body Language - Attraction And How To Tell If A Woman Likes You

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Body language is a form of nonverbal communication that consists of posture, facial expressions, body movements and spacing. It can be considered all the ways we use our bodies to communicate with each other without words. According to psychological experts, nonverbal cues are an extremely important part of how we communicate with others throughout our day. Ranging from facial expressions to simple gestures, we are “saying” a great deal without speaking verbally.

Instead, our bodies are speaking. Body language accounts for 55% of human ., with the remaining 45% relegated to vocal intonations and words themselves (39%, 6% respectively). It’s important to understand that body language plays an extremely important role in communicating with one another. Even when we are not speaking we are communicating, for example, a women's body language when attracted to a man. Our body language helps us show if we are receptive or closed off, if we are comfortable or uncomfortable, and so much more. This article will discuss the different body language cues that may reveal if a woman is attracted to you.

How To Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You From Her Body Language

Trying To Figure Out If Someone Likes You Can Be Stressful

You may be unclear as to if a woman is interested in you or is attracted to you. Dating is hard enough, and decoding body language can be either an extra challenge or a potential asset. Sometimes, people give off mixed signals, and it’s difficult, regardless of what gender you are, to figure out what’s going on. So, based on body language, how can you tell if a woman is interested in you?

Many people do not come out and say that they are attracted to you, whether it be because they are introverted or do not want to come across as excessively forward. Each person is different with their own unique ways of communicating and revealing their innermost desires. Keep in mind that while some women may be reserved, others may be very extroverted, outgoing, and open about their sexuality. If a woman is open about her sexuality, her body language might be more obvious in reflecting how she feels about you. If she’s rubbing or touching your arm, that’s a sign that she might be interested in you. Here are some genuine signals that show that a woman might like you:

Eye Contact

A major potential attraction indicator is when a woman makes eye contact with you for a prolonged period. Looking someone in the eyes can be a very intimate act. If a woman is continually making eye contact with you and is not looking down or away, it is a sign that she’s very interested in the conversation and might be into you, too. If she is looking to the side or off into the distance, it might be that she is not interested in what you are saying. However, it’s important to note that some people find eye contact uncomfortable. Just because she does not look into your eyes deeply does not mean that she is interested in you. She may simply find it overwhelming. Be sure to pay attention to these social cues. While everyone is different, and this may vary from person to person, eye contact can be a good indicator that someone likes you.

A Woman Is Physically Close To You

You know a woman is interested in you if she wants to be next to you physically. She may show that by bridging the gap between her physical body and hers. She wants to be near you and may lean in when you are talking or might move her face closer to you. Let’s say that you’re in a noisy space such as a bar or a crowded restaurant; she may lean in and move her ear so that it faces you so that she can hear what you’re saying, or she might scoot closer to you. Sometimes, these actions might just be attributed to the busy location that you’re in, but other times, it might be an indicator that she likes you.

She Touches You

A woman physically touching you is strong sign that she’s into you. For example, she may touch your arm, run her hand down your shoulder or up your arm, or put her hand on yours. Some people are naturally more affectionate than others. You can see this if you notice her doing the same to her friends or other people near her. Nonetheless, physical touch is an indicator that someone likes you, especially if combined with any other signs mentioned in this article. It’s a delicate balance. Whereas some men tend to touch people more aggressively than others, which can be uncomfortable, but if a woman makes an effort to touch you, it might very well mean that she likes you.

You See Her Smiling


If a woman smiles a lot when you are around, it can be a strong sign that she is into you. If you see her light up with a huge smile, it means that you are invoking in her happiness and joy. She wants to be around you and your energy. People are sensitive to the emotional energies of those near them. If you are seeing that someone is smiling around you a lot, it likely means that they enjoy being around you and your energy.

She Draws Attention To Her Lips

She may lick her lips, touch her lips with her hand, or even re-apply lip gloss or lipstick. The mouth can be a very enticing and sexual place.  If she is drawing attention to her lips, it could just be a habit, or it could indicate that she is attracted to you.

What Her Arms Are Telling You

When a woman is feeling open and wants to be near you, she will show you that she is receptive to you with her arms. She may stand with her arms uncrossed because she feels relaxed and safe. If she is facing you and it seems like her body is in your direction, her body shows you that she likes you too.

She Plays With Her Hair

Sometimes, people play with their hair because they are nervous. They might feel uneasy or show that they like you; it could be an anxious habit. If she likes you, she might play with her hair because she is attracted to you and doesn’t know what to do with her nervous energy.

What To Do Once You Figure Out That A Woman Is Interested In You

Dating has never been easy. Once you figure out that a woman is interested in you, you might feel anxious about what to do next – are you talking too much? Should you wait for her to make the first move? What’s the best thing to do? The nervousness surrounding what to do once you realize that the body language is positive can be tough to handle, but there are things that you can do to ease your anxiety. There is no need to rush asking her out or talking to her immediately. Take a moment and remember that being yourself is the best thing that you can do in the situation.

It is completely natural to feel anxious when you are talking to somebody that you are attracted to you. In fact, research has shown that having a crush on someone will elicit the fight or flight response in our bodies. That is why you may notice your heart racing or butterflies in your stomach. You may both be nervous because you like each other. Just focus on being natural and expressing who you are without pretense. 

If you are growing increasingly anxious or just want someone to talk to about relationships, consider talking to a professional. Going to therapy is a great way to process these feelings. In counseling, you can begin to understand what’s going on with you and how you are coming across to those around you. You can also  get tips on how to read body language and social cues more effectively.

How Online Therapy Or Couples Counseling Can Help

Trying To Figure Out If Someone Likes You Can Be Stressful

Not everyone is good at understanding and reading body language. If you are having difficulty figuring out what a woman is trying to tell you, it is a great idea to get help. One of the goals of romantic relationships is to communicate verbally, and another is to understand each other nonverbally. People in long-lasting romantic relationships, such as marriages or committed relationships, often misinterpret each other. For example, you may be misinterpreting you partner’s body language even though you have been together for a long time. Communication challenges often reveal that there may be underlying issues in the relationship. You simply may be misreading signs from your partner or misunderstanding what they are saying to you. You find that you communicate differently, and that is frustrating. It’s not hopeless, and there is a solution.

You can go to couples counseling to work through this out and a variety of other potential issues. The couples’ counselors at Regain have professional experience working with couples and can guide you and your partner to improve your communication both verbally and non-verbally. Alternatively, you may fresh on the dating scene and want to understand how to successfully date by understanding body language and other cues people give when they are interested in you. This is one of the many things that you can talk about with an individual counselor at Regain. Online counseling is a great place to speak about issues surrounding intimacy and body language so that you can get what you need in a relationship. Online therapy is backed by research to be equally effective as in-person therapy while being more accessible. Furthermore, you are able to get the guidance you need in the comfort of your own home. When you are ready, therapists are available to help. 


When you are interested in someone else, you may be nervous and excited about talking to them and hoping they are attracted to you as well. In this article, you learned several cues that may point to a woman liking you. Sometimes, even when you think she is attracted, you may still have doubts or self-confidence issues that stops you from taking the next step. Do not worry! Help is available with therapy where you can work out any internal obstacles and learn strategies to build your confidence and self-understanding.

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