What Is Anger Therapy? When To See A Counselor To Get A Handle On Your Emotions

By Mary Elizabeth Dean

Updated November 19, 2019

Reviewer Aaron Horn

If you are constantly struggling with anger issues, it might be time to get some professional help. Getting a handle on your emotions can greatly improve your life and your happiness. You no longer have to worry about your friends and family members walking on eggshells.

Additionally, in anger therapy, you will learn techniques to get a handle on your emotions. These are skills that you will carry with you for your entire life. They can be used in relationships, at work, and play. You deserve to understand why you feel the way you do and how to control it. You will get a whole new lease on life with this knowledge.

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What Is Anger Therapy?

Anger therapy is a targeted approach to dealing with anger issues. It offers coping skills, grounding techniques, and general advice regarding the way you feel and what you can do about it.

Anger therapy is especially helpful to those who are open-minded to try something to get their emotions under control. The process is not perfect, but with some trial and error, it does have great success. You might be a good candidate for anger therapy if you experience any of the following issues:

  • Inability to control negative emotions
  • Frequent angry outbursts
  • Difficulty refraining from violence to solve problems
  • Unable to avoid arguing with a partner or spouse
  • Extreme feelings of anger surrounding small things
  • Having a "short fuse"

Any one of these issues warrants a visit to a counselor. If you are experiencing a number of them, your need for help is more pronounced.

Difficulty Controlling Negative Emotions

Most of us know how to control ourselves when it comes to our emotions. For some, though, when it comes to anger, it can get a little muddy.

If you are struggling with controlling your negative emotions, counseling might be right for you. A trained professional can help you identify the feelings you have and how to process them. There are many techniques surrounding anger that have shown great success.

The key to knowing which technique is right for you is getting the right diagnosis. Once you have a good idea of where all this anger is coming from, you can make a targeted plan to solve your issues. It is completely normal to feel angry at times. It creates an issue however when you begin to hurt yourself or other people on a regular basis. This is where a therapist can step in and give you the right steps to take toward recovery.

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Frequent Angry Outbursts

Some people that have anger issues report frequent and inappropriate outbursts. It doesn't normally take very much to trigger this, but the result is often detrimental.

Angry outbursts aren't fun for anyone. It makes your friends and family members uncomfortable and is likely an awkward situation for you as well. Reducing the frequency and the intensity of these outsburts has benefits to you personally, socially and relationally. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.

For many people that live with anger issues, it is the only way they have learned to deal with their anxiety and frustration. By the time the realization comes around that it's a problem, it might be too late. Once a habit is ingrained within the way you handle your problems, it can be hard to break. Therefore, the guidance of a professional is a great option.

A professional will have thousands of hours of training working with people with similar issues. They will have an advanced understanding of the issue and experience fixing it. Eliminating frequent angry outbursts is a job that many professionals are equipped to handle. Using a professional therapist ensures your battle against rage has a guide and confidant. You will feel supported and confident that you can handle your issues in a way that is healthy and comfortable.

Difficulty Refraining From Violence To Solve Problems

For many people who struggle with anger, violence comes hand in hand. Any time you meet a problem, your first instinct may be to resort to violence.

Violence isn't the best way to solve problems. Unfortunately, if you are struggling with anger issues, the logical part of your brain is overrun by the evolutionary need to protect. Anger drives us to act irrationally and to resort to problem-solving techniques that are not productive.

A therapist can identify your unhealthy habits and help you to overcome them. You can learn how to recognize your problems and incorporate new problem-solving techniques. Your therapist can work with you on keeping better communication skills to solve your issues. Additionally, he or she can show you ways to calm yourself internally when you are faced with an issue. This eliminates the need to resort to violence.

Unable To Avoid Arguing With A Partner Or Spouse

Relationship problems often start with disagreements. Disagreements frequently lead to arguing, which can ripple through the whole relationship, causing further problems.

Those who are struggling with anger problems have unique needs in a relationship. The issues dealing with this emotion can lead to frequent arguing, making both of you miserable. If your partner doesn't understand your anger struggles, this can cause even further problems. These problems include feeling isolated, uncared for, or misunderstood. To make matters worse, these feelings often work to further exacerbate anger issues, making problems worse.

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A therapist can work with both you and your spouse to solve these problems. You will learn new ways to communicate to reduce arguing. Additionally, you will learn ways to prevent an argument from escalating past the point that is necessary for change. You will learn how to speak with purpose, which will lead to fewer fights, and in turn, a more harmonious relationship.

The people you surround yourself with are the fabric of your life. Although your anger may strain these relationships, you don't have to continue to give it all the power. You can take back your life and your internal emotions with a little determination and help from the right sources.

Extreme Feelings Of Anger Surrounding Small Things

Anger issues often display themselves at the wrong times. What some people might view as a minor inconvenience might seem more detrimental to a person dealing with anger issues.

This is another instance in which you might feel misunderstood by your peers. Your lack of understanding of how to manage your emotions probably leads to reacting extremely to even minor situations. The good news is you can overcome this.

A therapist will help you to assess situations to react appropriately. Learning how to react to different situations is half the battle when it comes to anger problems. With professional assistance, you will be equipped to change the way you view the world.

You don't need to live in fear of the next thing that's going to upset you. You can gain control back of your life and the way you react to things if you want it. There are ways to get away from this, and you can do it. Trust yourself and make the right decision to see a professional today.

Having A "Short Fuse"

Many people with anger issues are classified as having a short fuse. This means it doesn't take long at all to upset you.

The issue routes from not knowing how to manage your emotions when you are faced with a problem. It can be extremely frustrating to feel as if you are a bomb waiting to go off. The good news is, this doesn't have to go on forever.

A counselor or therapist knows your issue and how to help you. Many people grow up in dysfunctional homes and experience all the ways to handle stress. For this reason, it can be one of the most difficult issues that you need to handle as an adult. As with anything that is rooted in childhood, obstacles will be faced. Having a trained professional in your corner will make all the difference in combating this.

Where To Get Help

The next step to freedom from your anger issues is finding the right help. Not all therapists are right for each person. You must make sure you enlist the right help to get you through this issue in your life.

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The counselors and therapists at ReGain are fully accredited and ready to help. They boast thousands of hours of experience helping people just like you. The best part is their online platform will be able to match you with a therapist that is perfect for you. You won't have to worry about getting matched with someone that doesn't understand your issue or how to help you.

ReGain therapists are ready to help and accessible right from your living room. This makes it easier than ever before to get the help you need. Don't go another day, letting your anger control your life. You can learn how to gain control of your emotions healthily.

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