Is The Cost Of Therapy Worth It? A Look At Couples Counseling

By: Mary Elizabeth Dean

Updated March 17, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Wendy Galyen, LCSW, BC-TMH

Many couples who are considering handling their issues through couples counseling worry about the cost. When many insurance plans do not cover the cost for mental services, this is understandable. The cost of counseling varies based on location, availability, and stature of the therapist you consult.


There are many affordable options for those who have a small budget. There are also many more expensive options for those who are looking for the best money can buy. No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, you can rest easy knowing your dollars are being spent in the right place.

The cost of therapy is often worth it. There are many benefits that you receive. Ultimately, you are paying for peace of mind and a more harmonious life. These are things that you cannot put a dollar sign on. They are certainly worth their weight in gold.

Unparalleled Support

Many people think the support they receive from their loved ones is enough to get them through. The truth is, though, if you are having relationship issues, your loved one probably does not know how to help you or may be biased.

The advice and support from a trained therapist are unmatched. This is someone that has dedicated their lives to helping people just like you and your partner. Countless hours of education and practice have gone into becoming a support person like they are. There are many techniques that a couples' counselor can utilize that the average person is not aware of.

Another thing you risk by relying on someone who is not trained is getting the wrong advice. Although your friend or loved one may have your best interest at heart, they could still steer you wrong. Some of the advice that you receive could likely be causing more harm than good. If you continue to rely on the words of an average person, you could be putting your relationship at risk.

Let's say you ignore this advice. You go to a trusted friend or family member with a problem, and they give you bad advice. When you apply this to your relationship, the issue that you had before has now become amplified by the negative action. At this point, you may end up needing therapy either way. You could also lose the entire relationship.

Getting help from someone that knows the right things to do is imperative. The best thing you could do for your relationship would be to get the right help from the start. This way, you can avoid making things worse than they were in the first place. You will be able to apply positive changes and get back to a good relationship much quicker and easier, as well.

Productive Conversation

Many people who seek out couples' therapy do so because of constant arguing. If you are having issues communicating, you will need expert help to get back on the same page again. The cost of therapy is worth it when you take this into account.

A couples' therapist is the best person to help you with this problem. It is not likely that you have anyone that can come in and help mediate a conversation in your relationship. Even if you do, the disagreements we have with our partners are often concealed from the world. You probably do not want to reveal the innermost workings of your relationship to others.

In couples' therapy, you will both be given a chance to express your feelings and work through your problems. A couples' therapist will carefully listen to both accounts of the issue without taking sides. He or she will guide you in your conversations to be more productive overall.

Communication is the best tool you can learn to help your relationship. You must be sure the person that you bring in to facilitate that is an expert. The problems that you and your partner have will need to be handled with great care to preserve the relationship.

Although the cost of therapy might seem daunting, it is necessary. It will help you avoid putting your relationship into the wrong hands.

Bedroom Talk

Lack of intimacy is a top complaint of those having relationship issues. If you are struggling with being intimate, a couples' counselor can help.


Sex and intimacy are fragile things in a relationship. When it comes to sex, the lack of regular sexual activity in a relation can be a warning sign that something is wrong. It doesnot necessarily mean that your partner is not attracted to you. It could be that they are dealing with an issue that you do not know or understand.

Therefore, it is so important to get the help of a professional. A trained couples' counselor will be able to dig down to the root of the issue and apply the right resolutions. They will know how to conduct the conversation regarding sex in a way that is comfortable for everyone.

This is a great tool to have because, in our society, it is so difficult to talk about sex. You will be able to relax with the help of a counselor because these conversations are nothing new to them. They will direct the conversation and help both of you get back to a good place in intimacy.

This will have a ripple effect throughout your whole relationship. Displays of passion and love release serotonin, which creates a happy feeling in the brain and body. This will remind the two of you why you chose each other in the first place. Sometimes, this can be enough to give you the morale to keep pushing, even when it gets tough.

When you take this into account, the cost of therapy is worth it. You will gain tools and understanding that will be invaluable to your relationship and happiness. You might even gain a stronger relationship along the way.

Treatment For Underlying Issues

There are times when issues in a relationship are not with the relationship at all. If you or your partner has an underlying issue that is causing your problems, a therapist can see that.

A couple of examples of underlying issues that could be causing relationship issues are anxiety or depression. If this is the case, no matter how hard you try to fix your issues, you will be unsuccessful.

Underlying issues such as these will need to be identified and treated by a professional. It is likely that once these are taken care of, your relationship will become better. Taking care of ourselves is of the utmost importance, whether in a relationship or not. The cost of therapy is necessary for this sense.

A therapist can guide you down the path of treating underlying issues while also dealing with personal problems. There are some things that you can do concurrently and some that will need to be done independently. Only with the help of a licensed professional will you know which one applies to you.

Higher Success

Going in to see a counselor or therapist will almost always yield better results than going it alone. The fact is, you are not nearly as prepared or equipped to handle issues as a professional is.

A therapist that specializes in couples knows more than you. They have worked with countless other families and helped them to reach a better outcome. They can assist you in ways that you would not be able to imagine. The benefit is tremendous.

If you want to give your relationship the best chance for survival, choose therapy. Do not try to go it alone. You will be causing yourself more trouble in the process and possibly ending up in therapy anyways.



Couples therapy does not stop when your time in the office is up. A good counselor will give you homework to continue the work you are doing throughout the week.

These homework assignments will be custom-tailored to the issues you and your partner have. A therapist has valuable experience with common couples' issues. This ensures that he or she knows what works to fix your problems and what does not.

Applying the right changes while you are at home will be crucial to the happiness of your relationship. If you try to go it alone, you could get stuck in a string of trial and error. Maybe your relationship is strong enough to withstand it. If it is not, though, denying the help of a professional could be detrimental to your relationship.

Finding A Therapist

If you have decided by now to see a therapist, your next step will be finding one.

The counselors and therapists at ReGain are fully accredited and equipped to help you. They have thousands of hours of experience handling relationship problems and will be a good person to have on your team.


The best thing about ReGain is its platform. Being entirely online, they are extremely convenient and easy to access. The cost of this option is a fraction of what you would see in an office. This makes it great for those that are working with a more modest budget.

You have all the tools and know-how now to make a good decision. Make sure the one you make is ultimately the right one for you and your relationship.

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