Can A 'Who Will You Marry' Quiz Help Me Determine What I'm Looking For In My Future Spouse?

By Kristina Speciale

Updated March 16, 2020

Have you ever had a dream of your wedding day? You see your future spouse at the opposite end of the aisle, but their face is not quite clear. Will taking an online 'Who Will You Marry' quiz help you add a face to that dream? Honestly, a quiz is not likely to show you your future husband or wife. It can, however, give you an idea of the kind of person you want to end up with.


There are qualities and personality traits that are considered important to have, and others that are not required. While it is impossible to find the perfect person, since no perfect person is out there, finding an individual that closely matches your desires in a life partner is entirely possible. Based on the questions a 'Who Will You Marry' quiz asks, you can get some insight into those qualities.

Questions That Reveal Qualities And Traits

There are several questions included in a 'Who Will You Marry' quiz that can shed some light on the qualities you are seeking in a future spouse. Paying attention to the questions and the possible answers may provide you with some knowledge that you had never considered before. Even if the following questions fail to make up the important qualities in a person that you want to marry, they might give you a starting point.

Since most 'Who Will You Marry' quizzes are in the form of multiple-choice, the potential answers may be vague or far from what you would truly answer. This is why the quiz result might vary from the truth. However, it can offer up some insight.

What Activities Would You To Do With Your Future Spouse?

You might answer 'sports.' If you are interested in playing or watching sports, you might desire a partner that could enjoy that with you. It is also possible that you have never gotten into sports but would be interested in learning something outside of your normal activities. The same is true for any of the other answers that might be available. Music festivals, going to museums, and tasting craft beer might be some other options.

Is it important to you that you and your spouse enjoy the same things? Can you have different interests and still bond over one common activity? Knowing what you want in this regard allows you to ask a potential partner his or her view on the subject. It can also help to determine if you are what they want in a partner. Having no common interests can be difficult in a relationship.

If you fail to have any common interests, what do you talk about? You must find the topic of your partner's conversation interesting and vice versa. Being opposite is possible in successful relationships, but common hobbies or activities can bridge the gap between two very different people.

Does Your Potential Spouse Enjoy Large Gatherings Or Prefer Quiet Nights At Home?

Many couples run into issues when one partner is extrovert, and the other is an introvert. This is not necessarily a problem if the situation is handled correctly. It is also important to understand how your life might be if you marry the opposite of your personality.

If you are an extrovert, you may be looking to marry someone that has a similar personality. This way, there is not always a disagreement when it comes to deciding how you'll spend your Friday nights. Two extroverts in a relationship likely feel as though a Friday night should be spent out with other people. If both individuals are introverts, quiet Friday nights on the couch are perfectly enjoyable. What happens when one person needs interactions with various people, and his or her partner seeks solace?


A relationship is possible with an extrovert and an introvert, but it requires good communication and respect for one another's boundaries. When you are searching for the kind of person that you want to marry, consider the fact that you will have to meld two very different lives together. An extrovert might ask their partner how much socializing is too much or what kind of social activity they would be comfortable partaking in. The introvert can then ask their partner to meet them on their end of the spectrum as well. A relationship with two opposite personalities requires compromise.

What Is The State Of Your Future Spouse's Home? Clean Or Messy?

Consider what it would be like living with someone that is the complete opposite of your level of cleanliness. If you find joy in cleaning, you might be okay with someone that leaves their dirty clothes on the floor or trash on the end table. Or, you might be a bit of a clean freak that would not fare well living with a messy person. Taking this quality into consideration is often a big deal for people looking for someone to marry.

It isn't usually a question that you would ask on a first date: are you clean or messy? This means that a lot of people don't discover their potential spouse's home until they have been on a few dates. Usually, by this point, you have already decided if you like the person you are seeing. Is a cluttered home a deal-breaker? For some people, it is. You have to determine this for yourself to get an idea of the individual you will marry.

Where Is Your Potential Spouse Employed?

For many people, a prestigious career is an attractive quality in a person. However, others are more attracted to a person's drive or passion that is put forth in their careers. Does it matter if your future spouse has a fancy job title with a college degree or two? Or is it more attractive that they truly love their low-paying job? What if they are unemployed or working on their first novel? Finding out what you consider important in a spouse's work is key.


Many people seek an individual that can help them to provide for a family a few years down the line. Although your potential partner might love his or her minimum wage job, is it something that can help to provide for children in a few years? Is that even a factor in your future? These aspects are just a few points of thought that help you to narrow down the pool of possibilities in a partner. Asking yourself these questions is important in discovering the qualities that you most value in a person.

How Does Your Future Partner Treat Others?

Seeing how a person interacts with others can show you what kind of person they are. While not all interactions are defining their character, it can say a lot about a person if they offer simple human kindness to others. Do they hold open the door for strangers or say thank you to their server? Do they donate to charity or turn their nose up to the person struggling on the street?

Although each person will have his or her reasons for the way they react to people and situations, exploring this question can help you to determine the kind of person that you see yourself with in the future. It is also important to consider the possibility that someone is too nice or that you expect someone to meet your expectations of being overly nice. If you want a person that avoids conflict, the expectation is unhealthy.

While keeping your desires for a person's kindness in check, it is a good idea to think broadly when it comes to this particular question. You mind leave it at: 'polite and nice to strangers' or 'treats the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.' Standards like these allow you to meet a variety of people without ignoring what is important to you.

Compile A List Of Traits

Once you have determined the answers to the questions, a quiz would likely attempt to predict the kind of person that you are attracted to. However, marriage should not only be based on attraction. What other qualities might you require in a spouse?


Knowing what you want in a partner is easier than finding that person for a lot of people. This means that you might have to rate your most and least necessary traits. What is it that would make it a deal breaker?

Perhaps you have already found the person that meets the majority of your requirements, but there is one factor that strays from your standards. Consulting a professional such as a counselor or therapist might be able to help you get past that issue. A couples' counselor can help both you and your partner to work toward a healthy, married future.

Nevertheless, finding out who you will marry is likely to happen in time. If you are searching for that special someone, know what you want, but attempt to avoid getting hung up on the small details. Cutting loose an individual that may make a great spouse based on the color of his or her hair would likely be a mistake. Be logical and realistic in your expectations and find who you will marry sooner rather than later!

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