4 Ways A 'When Will I Get Married' Quiz Can Give You Insight Into Your Relationship Expectations

By Kristina Speciale

Updated March 16, 2020

Do you find yourself wondering if you will ever get to say, "I do?" Maybe you have been in a long-term relationship that logically would lead you to marriage, but you aren't moving anywhere. You could even be single and wondering if you'll ever meet the one. Those ponderings have led you to various online quizzes that pose the question, "When Will I Get Married?"

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While the results might not be completely correct, there is some insight to take away from a quiz like this. However, there are a number of these quizzes that base the results on which celebrity you would like to perform at your reception or what kind of cake you want to have. Quizzes with these questions are not likely to provide you any real insight into your relationship expectations. In truth, they are more for a laugh or to pass the time. The quizzes that include real, honest questions are the ones that are more likely to teach you a thing or two.

How Questions On A 'When Will I Get Married' Quiz Can Give Insight

If you find yourself longing for a marriage, but don't particularly care about the quality of person or marriage you get into, there may be a problem with your expectations. Your expectations may also be flawed if your idea of marriage comes from romantic comedies or romance novels. The idea of marriage has been so distorted by Hollywood and big-name writers that you might not understand what you are getting yourself into. If this might be you, it can be a good idea to do some premarital counseling once you have found the person you plan to marry. This kind of counseling can help you and your partner to become better equipped with handling marriage in real life.

1. Quality Of Relationship

Many online quizzes that claim to help you determine when you'll get married lead you to think that your relationship has to be perfect before the marriage. This means that you might try to develop a relationship that never fights or has any conflicts at all. Since a relationship like this is fairly impossible, you will likely find yourself bottling up your emotions to avoid an argument. Ultimately, doing this will only lead to trouble in the future.

Instead, shift your expectations to a relationship with someone willing to work on any issues. This requires an effort in communication, love, commitment, and trust. You should expect to have a relationship that is not perfect but attempts to discuss problems. It needs love in a romantic sense and requires friendship. You should also expect to be fully committed to your partner and receive the same commitment in return. It also requires trust.

By evaluating your current or future relationship with these guidelines, you can better determine if you are going to get married to your partner. It also makes your expectations clear. Don't expect a marriage to solve a lack of these factors or think that your relationship will become perfect after saying, "I do."

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2. What Makes Up The Perfect Spouse

If you've taken a 'When Will I Get Married' quiz, you've likely had to think about the qualities of your ideal spouse. It may have made you realize that your expectations are higher than they should be or that they are far too low. Or, you may have to think about how a person's qualities have to do with when you will get married and make adjustments to your expectations.

For example, you may have answered a question asking about your potential spouse's financial security. Since a good portion of today's 20-somethings is struggling with student loan debt, you may find yourself marrying someone your age later in life or marrying someone older. Questions like these can make you see an individual's traits in a new light.

While it is a good idea to think about the qualities that you desire in a spouse, it is also important that you remember that this person will not be perfect. He or she might not check off every single box on your list of requirements. The best of quizzes will inspire you to think about what is most important to you.

3. Real Life Expectations

A quiz that helps to determine when you will get married if likely one that addresses unrealistic expectations. Questions might include, "Where did you meet your current partner?" or "Are you still in love with someone from your past?" These questions might lead you to think that your high school sweetheart or first love could be holding you back from getting married or maybe that those relationships could become more.

Although some high school sweethearts see themselves attending different colleges and getting married after, realistically, young couples fail to understand how difficult it is to make a high school romance last through college. Among the 33% of high school couples that attend different colleges, very few of them survive the distance.

Having realistic expectations of your relationship is important if you plan for it to move forward. Getting married is a serious commitment that requires an honest evaluation. If you fail to see your relationship for what it is, you might find yourself in a troubled marriage.

4. Are You Spouse-Material

When dreaming about marriage, so many people place to focus on their potential spouse and the idea of being married that they fail to think about how they would behave themselves. A 'When Will I Get Married' quiz can help you to see what qualities you might need to work on before thinking about committing yourself to another person for the remainder of your life.

A question that asks, "Do you enjoy taking care of those you love?" hints at the fact that there are times that your spouse will depend on you. If you find yourself annoyed doing any tasks that are for the benefit of another individual rather than yourself, it may be time to examine your expectations of marriage and your relationship.

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Marriage requires compromise, communication, and love. If you are unwilling to budge on any potential differences of opinion, you may need to reevaluate your needs and the needs of a potential partner. It can be easy to see the things you desire in a spouse and expect your current partner to mold themselves into that ideal person, but it is harder to think that way about yourself.

Should You Alter Your Expectations?

When you have realized the expectations that you hold for your relationship, partner, and future marriage, you may be confused about the idea of making a change. Should you have to alter your expectations? Or, should you or your partner make the change to meet those expectations? This is a complicated set of questions.

Firstly, you must work on making a change yourself before asking your significant other to make a change. You might feel the need to place all the blame on your partner, but taking responsibility is crucial in developing a relationship that molds to meet the needs of a future marriage. While making a change in yourself and the relationship is a good way to meet expectations, some expectations might require change as well.

Remove the unrealistic expectations that you have regarding marriage. It can be hard to determine what a real marriage is like when you are not married, but remember that your future spouse is still going to be human. He or she will make mistakes - just as you will. Taking that piece of truth into your expectations will only shed some light on what to reexamine.

It is acceptable to take a step back and make adjustments to your expectations. It is also perfectly normal to evaluate yourself and your current relationship. Knowing where you want your relationship to go in the future is part of growing. If you find you and your partner on different pages, you can think about what is more important to you: your relationship or your future marriage. A counselor can help you to untangle the thoughts in your head and determine the best course of action for you.

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Using An Online Quiz To Inspire Change

Change is inevitable. Not many people would immediately jump to the idea of change when taking a 'When Will I Get Married' quiz. However, as you answer the variety of questions about love, communication, personality traits, and your relationship goals, you might find that change has been inspired. If you feel that marriage is something that you want sooner rather than later, you might make a change in your current relationship. You might even decide to finally sign up for a dating site and put yourself out there.

Using an online quiz to push change is not completely unheard of. In fact, if you do find yourself getting married when the quiz results told you that you would, you can attribute your successful change to the test. Making that change led you to a commitment and love that can last a lifetime if you and your partner continue to put forth the effort.

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