Alternatives To Getting Married

Updated September 04, 2018


If you are considering getting married, or are officially engaged and planning your wedding dinner menu, it is still not too late to think about your reasons for getting married. Marriage for some is a union ordained by God, and for others a binding contract requiring a prenuptial to protect assets. Couples from either of those camps may plan to have children and feel that marriage "legitimizes" the children.

You Do Have A Choice

Even though we are in some pretty turbulent times regarding traditions, there are alternatives to traditional marriage that are legal, viable, and far less stressful than planning a wedding dinner, let alone a wedding, and a life together.

Marriage is a legally binding contract recognized as a lawful union. If the marriage ends, the courts, which seem very far removed from the actual ceremony, do not acknowledge this. Remember, you did have to apply for a license to wed. Divorcing is as difficult in many cases as dissolving a business partnership, perhaps even more so as there are emotions involved that include the bedroom, rather than the boardroom.

What If You Want Children?


Even if a couple chooses to have children, it is easier to decide the issues of shared custody if there is no divorce involved. It may actually be less stressful and easier to make an equitable decision regarding the children if the courts are not involved and there is no issue of assets. This is assuming that as two single persons, each has maintained their own accounts. Even if this is the case, the courts do not require their involvement - unless the issue of child safety is raised.

What If We Wish To Share A Home?

Choosing to share a home can involve renting and sharing expenses, or purchasing together. This is possible without signing a marital contract and pledging "until death us do part." In the event of purchasing a home together, a non-married couple may have doubts if the relationship is going to last a thirty year mortgage than a married couple is. Again, if this bridge must be crossed, it is probably far less stressful to cross it without the court's intervention. A couple can always enlist the aid of attorneys or a mediator to help them with the process.

We are no longer in the day and age where women needed men to take care of them, and that dependence should never be a reason for getting married or for living together. Before deciding to either one, it is important that each partner have the ability to live independently and sustain life and property alone. That way, the relationship is merely the cherry atop a life that is already happy and stable.

The Choice Is Yours


Not all couples may find they agree on whether to marry in the traditional sense, or to simply marry their lives together in the literal sense. The ability to bounce ideas and feelings off the proverbial sound board of a licensed professional therapist at could be a good first step in helping a couple determine exactly what their couple goals are and how they should best go about achieving them.

With you can be assured that your concerns will be heard. Your sessions are held online via the comfort and security of your own home, or homes. Allow one of our licensed professional therapists to help you in this life-changing decision, so that your choice is based upon what you really want versus what everyone else thinks you should do.

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