What Does Love Feel Like And Why Is It Important?

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Love Can Feel Different For Everyone

Do you know what love is or what it feels like? Most of us probably couldn't tangibly describe the feeling of love. It's something that we know is there. It's a feeling that seems indescribable, right? But what does love feel like? What does it feel like to experience love for someone else or to be loved by someone else? Understanding that is a little bit simpler of a subject.

What Does Love Feel Like For Someone Else?

When you feel love for someone else, what is that like? Having someone to love feels good, right? You feel like you have someone that you can enjoy spending time with and enjoy talking about. You tend to think about them, worry about them, get excited for them, or sad for them, and you feel like you have someone important in your life. Just being able to love them seems like a great experience for you, and you tend to enjoy it just as it is, without needing any kind of physical gifts or extras.

Loving someone else tends to come naturally to us. We don't consciously think about loving our family or developing a love for a friend. It's something that tends to sneak up on you, and you find yourself feeling it without really knowing where it came from or when it happened. But even though it's a surprise, it's a good surprise, and you probably find yourself happy that you have those strong feelings for someone. But what about the love that other people feel for you? What does that feel like?

What Does Love Feel Like For You?

When someone else loves you, there's even less control on your part. You have no say in how they feel about you and whether or not they love you, but it's a very exciting feeling when you know that they do. Knowing that someone cares deeply about you and that they care about whether you're happy or not is a big step in your life. It makes us feel more important in general because if someone else cares about us, then we must be an important person, right? Otherwise, that person wouldn't care about us the way that they do.

Having a love of a family, you are the star, and it feels pretty great. However, when a friend loves you or a romantic partner, it feels even better because these are people that we don't think of as obligated to love us. It’s a deeper love, in a way. We think of them as people that can choose how they feel about us, and that means when they choose to love us, we feel even better than ever. We feel like there must be something special, which can lead us to feel better about ourselves and think better about ourselves.

It makes us feel happy to know that someone loves us and that happiness can carry over to a range of different things in our lives. Whether your happiness leads you to take more chances, explore new options, or anything else, it's likely going to impact your life in some different ways. Of course, we have no control over how other people feel about us, making it difficult to experience the benefits of feeling loved. Love isn’t about only you; you have to consider the other person’s feelings too. Even if other people do love you, it's possible that you wouldn't know about it because they may not tell you.

Understanding Love

Understanding love is a complicated process, so don’t feel like you have to get it on your first go. We don't necessarily have any way of knowing why someone might love us or what we could do to make them love us. Sure, we can do nice things for people, and that might lead them to love us, but it's just as possible that we could do nice things for them, and they never love us. It's possible that we could be a great person and someone never loves us or that we could be an awful person and they still love us, so knowing what you can or can't do is difficult.

The best thing is to try and be a good person. Being kind and polite to others or taking their thoughts and feelings into consideration is an important step, and it makes it more likely that others will love you and that you will find that special someone you're looking for. Of course, there's no guarantee that anything you do will make someone love you more or less, so staying true to yourself is always going to be the best step. Don’t love because everyone around you is doing it; love someone because you genuinely want to. It's the only way you can know that you will be happy and at least you will love yourself.

Love In Relationships

Love is a funny thing in relationships. Many people think that it feels like those butterflies you get in your stomach when you see the person looking at you, when you hear their name, or when your hands brush against each other for the first time. You may think that it's the feeling of electricity that you get when you experience all of your firsts with each other. Love evolves from something simple and heart-warming into a deeper love that we cannot control.

Then, this becomes the feeling that we long for in our relationship when we’re falling in love. We think that this is the feeling we need to have with and towards the other person if we are truly in love with them. And this belief is what leads many couples down the wrong road.

Falling Out Of Love

As a relationship progresses and you become more and more comfortable with that other person, those initial first feelings of "love" start to fade. You no longer get weak in the knees when you kiss them. They aren't the first thing you think about when you wake up, and sometimes you can be so frustrated by them that you're perfectly OK not being with them every waking moment, like when your relationship first started.

Some people start to think that they are with the wrong person at this point. They think that they must have fallen out of love with that person somewhere along the way. And they think that if they keep looking, they may be able to find a person that gives them that beginning stage of love symptoms throughout the entire relationship.

Love Is A choice

In reality, you don't fall out of love with someone. Love is a choice and not necessarily a feeling when it comes to your long-term relationships. You can choose to love someone even if you don't feel like it at the moment. This is what couples struggle with. They don't realize that they have to choose to love and experience love after being together for a while.

So, when those initial feelings, often described as young love or puppy love, wears off, they think that the love is gone. Instead, they have simply moved to a different stage of love.

Love Has Five Stages

When you are in a relationship with someone, you will move through five different stages of falling in love. However, many couples never make it to the fifth stage. They give up long before they have a chance to experience what true and deep love is. They either think they missed the mark altogether and split up, or they think that's all their relationship has to offer and settle somewhere along the way.

There will come the point in your relationship if you stick with it when you don't have those "young love" feelings, but you have something so much better. You have a persona that is choosing to be with you even with your imperfections. They are choosing to see the good and bad about you and love you through it.

Relationships work through these stages at different times. So, you mustn't compare your relationship to someone else's. If they are still in that first stage where everything is rainbows and sunshine, and you are in the middle of a trying time in your relationship, you may be led into thinking that your love is not real. When, in fact, you may just be further along in the process of reaching that deeper stage of love.

Love Can Feel Different For Everyone

You need to realize that when it comes to falling in love and what it feels like, the grass isn't greener on the other side. It might look like it from where you are standing, but if you were to get over there, you would see the truth. Either that relationship is full of hidden trouble, or they simply aren't far along in the process of growing and deepening their love.

If you struggle to feel love for others or you feel like you have trouble with the concept of love, then you must seek out professional help. A professional will be able to help you better understand what you're going through, as well as what love means for you and your life. They will be able to help you through the process of improving yourself and improving your relationships with others at the same time. Talking things over can help you move on with your life as well, but of course, you need the right place to go.

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