Understanding The Things I Love About You And Those I Don’t

Updated September 04, 2018

When you love someone, there are bound to be plenty of things that make you feel that way. There are things that they do or say or ways that they act that make you smile or laugh. There are things that you just couldn't imagine your life without. These are the things I love about you. But if you're in love,then you also know that there are things your partner can do that make you crazy. There are things that you just can't stand when they do, right?

Things I Love About You

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The things you love will vary based on your personal preferences and your tastes. One person may love that their partner is always cracking jokes while another may want their partner to be more serious. Think about the things that you like most. Are you a serious person? Someone who is more serious may be right for you or maybe someone that can get you to laugh even when you're serious. If you're the type of person who loves to laugh, you may want someone more serious to help you stay focused and grounded or someone more like you that knows how to have fun.

The things you love are things that make you want to spend more time with that person. They're things that make you talk about that person to others as well. When you're talking with your friends about your partner what are the things you want to tell them all about? These are positives, and they're definitely things that you should be encouraging in your partner. Let them know that you love these things about them.

Things I Don't Love

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What are the things that you don't like? Well, these are going to be things that you try to discourage your partner from doing. When you feel like you're gritting your teeth to get through that joke for the 15th time or when you just can't stand how stiff your partner is when you're trying to have some fun, that's when you've found the things you don't like. These are things that you need to talk with your partner about, whether the dislike is only minor or extremely serious and important.

Your partner wants to be happy with you just the same way that you want to be happy with them. That means if there's something about them that you aren't happy about it's important that you step up and say something. That's the only way that they'll know to fix it. Otherwise, things are going to continue the same way they were before,and your partner is going to continue to do whatever it is that you don't like. That's not going to make you feel better about the relationship that the two of you are in.

Talking to your partner about things that you don't like and even encouraging them to share the things about you that they don't like is a healthy aspect of your relationship. You'll be able to discuss carefully (keeping in mind each other's feelings) what you feel about different things that each of you does and therefore help to resolve some of your differences. Maybe you can learn to accept some of the things that your partner does. Maybe they are things that they need to change,or you can't make the relationship work. That's something only the two of you will be able to decide.

As you discuss things in your relationship, you'll undoubtedly learn about things your partner doesn't care for about you. If you expect them to make changes for you, it's important that you are also willing to make changes for them. Be understanding about the things that they may not love about you and understand that they don't have to love everything. Maybe you love to play golf,and they hate it. That doesn't mean you have to give up golf; it just means that they don't want to go along when you play. There are plenty of ways to work through differences or work around them.

Talking To Your Partner

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The most important thing is just that you're open and honest but that you're still conscientious of the other person's feelings. Don't try to keep them from doing things that they love just because you don't. Maybe propose a compromise where you don't have to participate or where you only do those things occasionally rather than all the time. Making compromises is part of being in a relationship and when it comes to the things you love and don't about each other they're going to be an even bigger aspect.

Getting Help

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If you have trouble reaching compromises with your partner or if you're having difficulty expressing things that you love or don't about that person it's important to seek out professional help. A professional may be able to help you talk things over or even get a better idea of how you should be talking things over. That way you'll be able to work through those differences and start building a better life together. A few differences of opinion or things that you like doesn't have to be the end of your relationship if you're willing to work it out.

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