The Best Way To Say “I Love My Boyfriend” Or “I Love My Girlfriend”

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Saying “I Love You” Is A Big Step - Are You Ready?

Sometimes, it can be hard to show your girlfriend or boyfriend that you love them. It might be difficult for you to communicate it, but there are some ways to really show your partner that you love them, and it can help keep your relationship much happier and healthier. And to make your relationship more exciting and memorable, you can find cute ways to say I love you in a text

Why Some Struggle With Saying "I Love You"

Some people aren't ready to say I love you, or they feel like the words aren't enough. There are a few reasons why some people are afraid to say these words, and why others like to show their love rather than just saying it:

  • Fear Of Commitment: Words are powerful tools that can carry with them a lot of weight. “I love you” is no exception. Some individuals have a fear of commitment or struggle to make concrete choices, which is why they may be hesitant to tell someone they love them.
  • Worried They’ll Come Across As Needy: Professing your love for someone is a really vulnerable thing to do. Some people feel like they’ll give too much of their power away by coming across as needy or too sappy.
  • Fear Of Getting Rejected: This is probably one of the most common reasons people struggle to say “I love you” in a newer relationship. The fear of rejection can be overwhelming when you tell someone you love them first without knowing if they reciprocate.
  • Scared Of Being Hurt: When you reveal to someone that you love them, you’re leaving yourself exposed and vulnerable. It's like having a "soft spot," and often, if we open ourselves up, we could be more easily hurt. Plus, one of the hardest things to experience is when you get hurt by someone in your "soft spot," which can be quite painful.

Sometimes, some people accept that it's hard to say that they love the other person. Relationships are often built on "economics" that the two people use to trade with one another. As a person who may have trouble saying "I love you," it may feel easier to show it rather than say it. Sometimes, if your partner struggles to say the words, accepting that not everyone can say it may be easier.

Actions can be used as currency, and sometimes, using the correct actions to show that you love your partner can create a more powerful response than just words. So, if you’re struggling to say the words “I love you” or just prefer to demonstrate your love through action, here are some different ways to say "I love my boyfriend" or "I love my girlfriend.”

Encourage Them

One of the best ways to show that you love someone is to encourage them. If your partner needs that extra little nudge, actually give it to them.

If you notice that your boyfriend is scared of achieving his goals, or going in for that job interview, be there and support him. Tell him he can do it.

If you notice your girlfriend is nervous about a big exam, tell her that she's got this. Get her anything she needs. Make her feel confident in her abilities.

You can even do little things to help your partner feel confident in themselves, including:

  • Make lists of everything that they do; this gives them every reason to believe they'll succeed.
  • Wish them luck or even give them a sweet note
  • Push them out of their comfort zone; for example, tell them they can accomplish whatever they want if they put their mind to it.

Sometimes, that little push of encouragement is a great way to show that you love them. Remember, you're their fan, and you're their support, so show that.


This is one of the simplest yet hardest things for a couple to accomplish. Communication is essential to any relationship, and if you want to show that you love them, you've got to listen to them. Sit down, take time to communicate with your partner whenever you can, and you'll be able to make the relationship stronger.

Don't argue or yell at one another. Fights happen, but to communicate well with your partner, you should stay calm, state your side, and let the other talk. And remember to listen, too, since communication is a two-way street. It will allow you to understand a perspective different than your own.

You should always try to be honest and say how you feel. Don't act passive-aggressive—but say what's on your mind.

If you need to have a serious talk, you could pick a time to discuss this. Perhaps don't do it in public, but instead pick a moment where you can sit down and talk it out. Put any distractions away, and really learn to do this.

Being able to communicate can make your relationship stronger, and being able to tell your partner, "Hey, I'm listening to what you have to say," is a great way to demonstrate love.

Say You're Sorry

Saying “I Love You” Is A Big Step - Are You Ready?

Sometimes, you have to admit that you're wrong and are responsible for the mistake you've made. If you have, let your partner know how sorry you are. If you're stubborn on this end, your relationship may not last. Sometimes, being able to do this will propel your relationship forward.

Compromise On Activities You Do Together

While you may have a lot in common, there might be areas in which you’re different. Sometimes, you may compromise, but you don't have to compromise on everything. If your partner hates watching football, don't force them to do it. Likewise, if your significant other hates seeing a chick flick, don't drag them to one. It’s healthy to each have your own activities you do separately.

Also, don't guilt-trip your partner into doing things with you. Guilt-tripping is something that'll likely make them feel bad and can make them hesitant to participate in your interests in the future.

This also pertains to how fast you move the relationship. Some people aren't ready to move in quickly or go on long trips or even take pictures and upload them to social media. Take your time and don't force it, and you'll all be happy.

Give Undivided Attention

If you're always talking on your phone and your partner sees you, it may communicate to them that you’re not prioritizing them. You want to make sure that you have your attention solely on your partner when you’re spending time with them, which will communicate to them: "You're the priority in my life. I love you." Making eye contact will also limit the interruptions between both of you. If you're already engaged, giving your man your undivided attention is one way to show "I love my fiance."

Take Care Of Yourself

To love our partners in the way they deserve to be loved, we have to first begin with ourselves. Practicing self-care and developing deep love for our own selves can hugely benefit our partners, too. If we’re struggling with our own challenges, whether they’re related to work, mental health, or another aspect of life, it might be that much harder to show up for our partners.

We need to take care of our bodies and minds before we can take care of the ones we love properly. Whether that means cultivating a deep sense of purpose and self-esteem,or improving our eating or lifestyle habits, these worthwhile changes can transform our relationships. But we don’t have to do this alone—licensed therapists can offer you the tools to take better care of yourself.

Do Things To Show You Care

If you're struggling with telling your partner you love them, sometimes actions speak louder than words. Actions, which can tacitly be agreed upon, showcase genuine love in many different ways.

For example, going to the store with a partner is a good way to show love. Even doing errands can be a big part of showing love. Getting involved in their needs is another means to show love. Doing the laundry for your partner after a long week or even ordering their favorite food can make a huge difference. And it shows that you care. If your partner likes to tell the same story repeatedly, even if you are sick of it, sometimes biting your tongue and letting them talk about it is a way to show that you care.

Showing that you care for your partner doesn't always have to be words. Actions can also speak volumes.

Still Experiencing Relationship Challenges?

Showing that you love your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a struggle, and if you're having issues with this, sometimes seeking out a therapist, either individually or as a couple, can help. Online therapy platforms like ReGain make it easy to connect with a licensed professional. And because you can talk to your therapist remotely, online therapy makes arranging a therapy session for both you and your partner easy. With a qualified therapist, you can talk about past issues that may affect your ability to say the words “I love my boyfriend” or “I love my girlfriend” and why even actions might be a big problem in many cases.

If you notice that your inability to say that you love your boyfriend or girlfriend is getting in the way of your relationship and your overall happiness, consider talking to a couples therapist who can help you understand why and work with you on strengthening your bond. 

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