How Is Infatuation Vs. Love Important For Your Future?

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Attraction is the key starting point of getting into a relationship. You notice someone you like or that you would like to start a sexual relationship with, you start seeing them, and then, if things work out, they start becoming a regular person in your life that you decide you would like to build a relationship with. However, not every relationship is a certain stage, and you may believe that you are in love with someone while in truth, you are still only infatuated with them and have not yet reached the stage of love or any of the stages necessary to test out your love for your partner.

Unsure If You're Infatuated or in Love?

Do you know what kind of relationship you are currently in? Understanding what it means to be in infatuation vs. what it means to be in love can mean a lot for where you are in your current relationship and what it will mean for your future. While either type of relationship can be positive for you depending on what you're looking for, knowing just where you are in the first key to feeling good about where you and your partner are heading. Let's look at the key differences between the two concepts and what they mean for you. “What is love vs infatuation and what it means in relationships?”

Infatuation Vs. Love

What's the big difference when it comes to infatuation and love? Well, there are a few differences, and those differences are going to tell you whether you're looking at what you want in your life or not. In general, love is going to be something that's long-term and puts you on the right track for a relationship that's destined to last. No one gets into a relationship to only last for a couple of years and then moving onto someone else with who they would like to have a relationship. Of course, that might not be what you're looking for, and in that case, a short-term and more mild attraction vs infatuation to someone, could be just the right thing for you and your partner as you continue to explore yourselves as well as what a relationship entails.

What is infatuation? How do we define infatuation? Infatuation is quite exhausting for most people because it's an all-consuming obsession in many respects. It's completely absorbed with the other person and wanting to be with them all the time or around them all the time. It's all about passion, burning desire, and simply wanting to be one with someone rather than the tamer passion that comes with love. This type of intensity and devotion doesn't last. Still, it tends to occur when you first meet someone or feel lonely and want to be close to someone, which is why many fresh relationships require two people to wait until that passion burns away for them to discover how they really feel about it. When you feel like the other person is perfect or you feel like the two of you are destined for a perfect life without really knowing one another, that's considered infatuation.

On the other hand, love is something that goes much deeper, past the realm of physical affection and obsession and into a state of connectivity. It takes much longer for love to develop. When it does develop, it's much stronger and an overall feeling that you will be able to distinguish from the previous feeling of raw passion and infatuation. You will recognize that your partner is not perfect in a loving relationship, and your relationship isn't perfect. Still, you're willing to work through those problems and make compromises as necessary. You're willing to put in a little bit of effort to make things work, and no matter what happens in your relationship, you're still happy to be with that other person and to spend time together. You feel excited at the idea of spending time with them, and you're hopeful for the future and get to know one another even more. You are willing to make sacrifices for them, and you would do anything for them to be happy. If you can relate to the above statement, you are definitely in love and have managed to come out of that infatuation.

Improving Your Relationship From Infatuation To Love

So what if you and your partner are currently in the midst of infatuation? How do you make things move forward faster and jump to the live stage? Well, it's going to take some effort for you to work your way through, and it is going to take time for things to happen naturally, but it's something that can happen if you and your partner are both interested in making it happen. Keep in mind, however, that not every relationship is capable of moving from infatuation to love. You may end up finding out that you are in a relationship you do not wish to move forward, and that is okay as well.

Getting to know your partner is the number one aspect of moving forward in your relationship. The more you get to know them in actuality instead of what you've built up in your head, the better the chance that your relationship will continue to grow. Of course, this depends on what you find about your partner and how you feel about the things you learn. If you and your partner have a lot of things in common, it's more likely that you will continue to develop even stronger feelings for them, but if their values don't match with yours, it can cause problems and may mean that your relationship isn't destined to last as long as you might have thought. You may also discover that there may not be an issue with who they are but not the person you wanted to be with.

Alongside getting to know them, it's important to help others get to know them. Look at how this person fits in with your family and your social circle. These are often the people who can help us see something really good or really bad that might be hiding in plain sight. If your partner can't stand your best friend, it could mean something, and you'll want to take a closer look at just why they can't get along. It could be that your friend sees something that you don't, or it could be that your significant other is not the person that you initially envisioned. Overall, these exercises should help to speed up the process a little to move you forward in your relationship.

While you evaluate love and infatuation in your relationships, you should also evaluate the level of obsession and whether you feel for your partner is healthy. For example, some individuals are obsessed or in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend and can go about their day without experiencing any problems. Then, other individuals cannot go about their day without seeing or hearing from their boyfriend or girlfriend multiple times per day, and if they don't, their mental health takes a severe turn for the worst. In cases such as these, it may be important to seek the help you or your partner need to fix those underlying issues so that you or your partner can have healthier relationships with other people in the future. Feeling passionate towards another person but feeling as though you can't live without someone could indicate that mental health problems need to be treated before you can be responsibly involved in a relationship.

Love and Your Relationship

The love aspect of your relationship will continue to develop on its own over time. While there are some exercises you can do to test out how far along you are, the truth is that falling in love with someone is a natural process that you and your partner may not have any say in. As you continue to spend more time together, you'll start to notice differences in the ways that you interact with one another and the way that you feel about them. Of course, those may be positive or negative differences. You'll want to monitor how things change in your relationship, and if things aren't going the way you want, it's important to seek professional help to push your relationship forward. While this could sound difficult, getting professional help is much easier than you might have thought.

In fact, ReGain makes getting professional help the easiest thing that you could do for yourself and your partner. All you have to do is go on the website and create your account. Then, you'll information about all the counselors and other professionals around the country that can help you with what you're experiencing and store it in the directory. Once you find the right counselor for you and your partner, you can easily launch an online session with them. The best part about this type of therapy is that you get to do it from home and never have to visit an office, which adds to the level of comfort and openness when you start engaging with your therapist. How often can you say that about getting therapy?

Unsure If You're Infatuated or in Love?

Whether you and your partner are struggling to get from the infatuation to the love stage or trying to resolve some difficulties you're having in your relationship, you can find help with ReGain. Make sure to take the first steps towards helping to improve your relationship as soon as possible. Whether or not those issues are personal or involved with your partner, relationship counseling can help.

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