Six Ways Intimate Conversation Strengthens Your Marriage

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An intimate conversation can be considered a cornerstone of the healthy marriage. Often, the only thing that sets a marriage apart from a close friendship is intimacy. Although many may think of physical or sexual intimacy when they hear the word intimacy, there are several other factors that contribute to the depth of your intimate relationship. These include emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual connections. 

Your partner is likely the person that knows you best in the world. When you are talking to your partner, speak freely and from the heart, for you do not need to worry about being judged or looked down upon. Your spouse is that one person you can trust above all else. Knowing you can openly communicate about any and all intimate details of your life builds a healthy, happy, successful, and good marriage. Read on to learn about the different ways that intimate conversations help you both build a strong and precious bond that withstands the test of time.

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Do You Want To Strengthen Your Bond With Your Partner?

1. You Can Trust Each Other

When you know your partner in the most intimate ways, you have a special trust and bond. 

Trust is one of the most important cornerstones of a happy and healthy marriage. Building trust through intimate conversation is the best way to reinforce this trait in your partnership. When you have trust, you will both be more relaxed and at ease in the relationship. There will be no need to have doubts or suspicions about your partner or what they are doing. 

You have made a vow to each other to spend the rest of your lives together. The best thing you can do is spend these years in trust and love. You will know the deepest happiness possible if you do.

2. You Know One Another’s Innermost Emotions

When you have profound discussions about each other’s feelings and why you are having them, you build a strong basis of understanding and support in your marriage. The intimate conversation surrounding how we are feeling is not always easy to facilitate. Often, we hide our feelings in a marriage for fear that feelings will get hurt or that the relationship will be jeopardized in some way. We might also hide our emotions to spare our spouse the burden that we carry. Having an intimate conversation with your spouse will not only help you release your pent-up emotions, but you will have a person you trust help you work through these difficult moments.

Taking the time to know and understand how each person in a relationship is feeling is key to success. How can you be supportive of your spouse if you do not know when they have an issue? If you have intimate conversations about this often, you are likely to get to a point where you know how the other feels without ever saying it out loud. This can help in avoiding arguments and in helping direct a spouse to act when a problem arises.

3. You Feel Special

The idea of marriage is that you have chosen to spend your life with this one person and that no other human on this earth will have the chance to be intimate with you. That is a sentiment that makes you special and sets you apart from all other people in your life. Intimate conversation dials that up.

Your priority should be to make your partner feel special in your relationship. This is important because intimacy is not just a physical thing. The mental aspect of it is what keeps us coming back for more. When you are intimate in every way possible with your spouse, your marriage will be the strongest as a result. That is the key to a strong marriage.

4. You Have A Unique Bond


No one else in the world but your spouse knows about the different thoughts you have or situations you have experienced in your life. This intimate knowledge about each other is what sets you apart and creates a unique bond. 

To strengthen your marriage, spend time getting to know things about your spouse you have not learned yet. The most successful of marriage are great partnerships. If you allow your spouse to get inside your head, you will create a bond like no other. You can then enjoy the fruits of your labor in the strong and happy marriage that you have created. This is the ultimate goal of any happy couple.

5. You Receive Affirmations

Intimate conversations about the state of a relationship often affirm both parties. Many people struggle with thoughts of doubt surrounding their partner’s feelings or the relationship. When you talk about how you feel about your partner and the relationship, you are likely to put some doubts to rest in the process.

Taking time out of your busy schedules to talk about how you are feeling and any uncertainties you have (within yourself or your partner) lay any worries to rest. When you have a frequent intimate conversation, you will already know your partner’s feelings, so there will be confusion or lack of 

It is natural to have questions about your relationship, especially in the long term. Working through these doubts in open and intimate conversations offers a wonderful opportunity to make changes where changes are due, especially in relationships that are going through a rough patch.

6. Draws You Closer Together

Furthermore, you communicate openly because of a mutual trust without concern of judgement. When you talk, pay close attention to new details you have never heard before and ask questions to draw more information to learn more about them. Talk deeply and freely about all the things that are in your mind. The result you will see is a strong and healthy relationship that will stand the test of time. 

When To Ask for Help

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Do You Want To Strengthen Your Bond With Your Partner?

Sometimes, an intimate conversation is hard to come by in a relationship. You may be dealing with history that interferes with your ability to open up even to the closest person in your life, your spouse. You both may simply be overwhelmed with family and work obligations with your job and children that you have lost the ability to stop and talk intimately. No matter the reason, a relationship counselor can help you build or rebuild intimacy. In couples counseling sessions, your therapist will guide you in healthy communication practices that encourage intimacy. 

If you and your spouse are unable to coordinate your schedules and make in-person appointments, consider virtual options. Online therapy frees you from this complication and enables clients to meet with their counselors from anywhere, anytime, without having to interrupt their day. Furthermore, research shows that when both partners are invested, online therapy can help address any relationship concerns and create long-lasting relationship satisfaction. 

Whether in person or online, when you let a professional into your marriage, you begin to learn more about yourself and your spouse and ways to manage the difficult times in ways you may have never considered. Marriage help is available to you 24/7 through online therapy with Regain.


An intimate conversation draws couples together in a beautiful way. When you set time aside to have a deep talk with someone, you learn things about one another that you might not have known before. The conversations you have are largely a part of the viability and happiness of your marriage. When you take time to talk to one another, you will be building a bond that can stand the test of time. Making time for your partner is the best way to strengthen any marriage.

Counselor Reviews

“Cris Roman saved my marriage. His approach to therapy taught my husband and I the skills we needed to change the way we communicated and the way we understood each other. He is very non-judgmental and helps each person make sense of the others' feelings and actions without taking sides or placing blame. His ability to make you feel heard while helping you to see and understand why your significant other is acting a certain way is phenomenal.”

“My wife and I decided to give online couples counseling a go after finding traditional methods weren’t all that suited to our busy working and parenting lifestyle. Our counselor Donna Kemp has been amazing! We both feel she’s listened to us and given us the confidence to step out of our comfort zone to deal with problems that are easy to avoid. She is encouraging without being pushy. We’ve both responded very well to her and her methods and look forward to continuing with Donna. Highly recommend!”

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