What Causes Relationship Trouble, And How Do You Prevent It?

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Having Trouble In Your Relationship? We're Here For You

Many couples experience relationship trouble at some point and recognizing relationship trouble and developing behaviors and tools to prevent it will not only aid you in mediating conflict and problems. It will also offer you new ways to deal with it with your partner in the future.

Relationship trouble can come in many forms. By recognizing past issues while also keeping in mind the tools you develop to prevent future relationship trouble, you and your partner are on a healthy path to a loving and lasting relationship.

Communication Is Essential

Communication is key in any relationship: friends, coworkers, family, or your lover. It is one of the love ingredients. Without effective communication, none of the relationships in your life will run smoothly. Recognizing bad communication patterns with your partner will easily help you not only discuss future issues, but also help you communicate in a respectful and loving manner.

Sexual Relations

Another common cause of relationship trouble is sex. Physical intimacy is an important piece of the puzzle, and without it, couples tend to lash out, argue, and display their anger in an inappropriate manner.

Money Troubles

Finances are either a tie or a close second to sex. Money can stress out any relationship, even the one with yourself. If you and your spouse are constantly bickering over bills or expenses without any resolution or mediation, you will suffer from relationship trouble.

Trust and respect are two aspects of any relationship that must be nurtured and taken seriously. If you do not trust or respect your partner, relationship trouble is literally around the corner. Without the ability to confide in your partner or speak to them in a respectful manner, your relationship is headed for disaster.

Relationship Trouble: Prevention

Combating common relationship troubles is much easier than you think. Firstly, become an honest and effective communicator devoid of resentment and attitude. By clearly conversing with your partner, you are able to discuss any topic that has caused both you and your partner strain. Belittling, arguing, and yelling are not effective ways to communicate. Be sure to ask for advice if you are having difficulty communicating with your spouse or partner.


Sex is essential for not just an intimate relationship but also a close one. Humans need physical intimacy from their loved ones and working to make sure your partner is pleasured and loved will prevent a lot of relationship trouble for you both. By communicating effectively what you want and need from your partner physically, you can prevent blowouts and unnecessary arguments almost instantly.


Another way to combat financial or money stress on your relationship is to discuss and also change any unwanted behaviors you might have in regard to money. If you are a lavish spender that does not like the idea of a budget, try to align yourself financially with your partner who does not feel the same way. A relationship is a compromise, so although you both might not see eye-to-eye, compromising will make both of you happy while also enabling you to grow closer to one another.

You should always tell the truth about how much money you make and how much you spend before you get into a serious relationship. If you find yourself getting serious about someone, talk about money and see how that goes. You may find out that you are completely incompatible as far as money goes and that is a surefire sign of trouble to come. If you are a saver and they are a spender, or vice versa, things are not going to be smooth sailing for you. And do not try to change them or yourself to fix things. It is better to find someone who is compatible financially.

Are They On The Rebound?

Is your new love interest constantly talking about or comparing you to their ex? Do they seem to talk to them often? It is okay to have a decent relationship with your ex, but it is not normal to be hanging out with them on a daily basis or talking on the phone to them all the time. If they are doing that, they may not be over that person yet and you need to give them time to get over that relationship. Do not try to help them get over it faster because you want to be with them. That is a recipe for disaster and pain for you if they get back together.

Does it seem like you two bicker more than you talk? Are you unable to have a simple conversation without getting into an argument? This could be a sign of future (or present) trouble that you need to work out. As stated before, communication is the key ingredient to a healthy and loving relationship so if you cannot talk to each other without a fight, you need to fix things.

Respect For Each Other

If your new crush is constantly belittling you or yelling at you when you do something they do not like, this is a red flag for future trouble. You have to respect each other, and this means not criticizing each other or making fun of each other in a hurtful way. Love should not hurt. Are they scrutinizing your wardrobe, the way you talk, or the way you behave? Do they seem like they want to change everything about you? This is not a good sign and you should get out now. Or, if you have been together a while and want to work it out, talk to a professional.

Are You Unhappy?

Having Trouble In Your Relationship? We're Here For You

Do they make you feel happy? If you are not happy with this person, you may want to break it off before you get too far into it. But if you have been in a relationship with this person for a while and you are suddenly feeling unhappy, try to figure out why. Are you feeling unappreciated? Do you fight all the time? Are you just bored? Figuring out what the problem is 75% of the battle. Once you know what the problem is, you can fix it.

Everyone has disagreements once in a while. Nobody can get along all the time. You are individuals with your own thoughts and feelings so you cannot expect your partner to always agree with you and vice versa. Learn how to talk to each other and to listen to each other.

If you expect them to listen to you, then you will have to be able to listen to them. And this does not mean just sitting there waiting for them to stop talking so you can have your say. You have to really hear what they are saying to you so you can understand their point of view and their feelings. Otherwise, what is the point?


Without trust, your relationship will be over. All common relationship troubles take root in a lack of trust and respect and ignoring this fact will easily lead you and your partner to a breakup. Make sure you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Ensure your partner can see and feel your emotions towards them. By letting your guard down, you allow your partner to see a different side of you, which will lead to a solid foundation of understanding and ultimately respect.

Trust is a two-way street, though. You cannot expect your partner to trust you if you are constantly questioning them about their intentions. Or if you have not earned their trust. If you have just met and expect them to trust you at your word, you are in for a let-down. You have to show them that you can be trusted, and you have to trust them as well. If you have broken that bond of trust by doing something such as lying or cheating on your partner, you may need help to get that trust back. You may need counseling to get things back on track.

Relationship Troubles And Online Counseling

If you are having relationship troubles, keep in mind that there is no clean-cut way to address them. The best approach is to define what relationship trouble you and your partner are experiencing and address it immediately. Ignoring issues will only make them worse and researching causes and preventions to relationship trouble will help both of you sustain a loving and lasting relationship. If you have tried and tried but cannot figure out what to do, it may be better if you two get some help. A counselor or therapist can provide ways how to solve relationship problems.

There are many ways to get help for common relationship problems but the one that makes the most sense is online relationship therapy. Even if you are not sure what the problem is, or you know what it is but cannot seem to fix it on your own. You do not have to do it alone. There are professionals who have had years of education and experience in helping people fix their relationship troubles that can help you with what you are going through.

ReGain is an online mental health resource that has mental health professionals who have had years of training in all types of relationship problems. With some issues, you may just need one or two weeks of counseling to get your relationship back on track. And since it is an online resource, you do not have to make an appointment or even leave your home. You can contact them anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from wherever you happen to be.

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