What Are Some Of The Best Places To Meet Women?

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In a time where just about all communication and interaction takes place online, it leaves you to wonder, where are you able to organically meet women in everyday life? Online dating can be a convenient way to meet people, especially if you're living a rather busy lifestyle that doesn't allow for casual nights out or if you're not comfortable with being outgoing and making the first move in person. However, that being said, online dating isn't the only option, and it may not be the right choice for everyone. There are still places you can meet incredible women in the real world, and we’ll be discussing several of those places in this article.

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What Are You Looking For?

Before deciding where you need to go to meet women, begin by asking yourself what you're looking for. Where you go can influence the quality or type of women you're likely to meet. Are you hoping to meet a woman and possibly move toward a long-term relationship? Are you looking to make a connection but still keep things casual? Are you looking for something else altogether? Begin by evaluating what your goals are before deciding where you should start hanging out to meet women. If you're not sure what you're looking for, try to keep an open mind and explore a number of different options to get a feel for what the most comfortable setting may be for you.

Meeting women can be intimidating, especially when you meet girls in settings where they are hanging out with other people. There's no way to really shield yourself from being rejected, so the thought of being rejected in front of an audience can particularly bring on additional pressure and stress. However, some preparation can be helpful. When approaching a woman, having a common interest can immediately give you both something to talk about, which can help an initial meeting be less awkward and help the woman be more receptive to your advances. How will you know if you and a woman have a common interest if you've never met before? The place you meet might be a start. If you're not the particularly outgoing, nonchalant type, or simply looking for a starting point, consider looking for women who are hanging around places you enjoy or partaking in activities that you do as well. If you're someone that enjoys working out, try hanging out at the gym and meeting someone there. This is a natural setting where you'll be able to strike up a conversation without the high-pressure stakes.

Spend Time At A Local Cafe Or Restaurant

Whereas you may typically rush through your day and make short pitstops to your local coffee shop for something on the go or grab a quick bite during your lunch break, take a moment to stop and really explore your surroundings. It can be difficult to meet new people if you aren't open to it.

Instead of taking your coffee to go, spend an hour or so at your favorite coffee shop on your day off and stay to enjoy it. Some people are very uncomfortable being alone in settings they would typically spend time with others (such as sitting down at a restaurant for a meal). Start getting comfortable with spending time alone so you'll seem more approachable and can get more comfortable with approaching another person. While enjoying your meal, you might meet a woman you'd like to ask out. 

If you are not really sure where to go to explore other interests, there are a number of singles events you can easily find online. Here, you can meet other singles that are interested in making a human connection just like yourself. Simply find an event that incorporates some sort of activity you enjoy, for instance, a paint and sip.

Connect With Friends Of Friends

Sometimes, there may be a good woman for you just a friend or two away. Look around your inner circle of friends and let them know that you're open to dating. Single people tend to hang out with other singles, so start with your single friends who may know a woman who could be a match for you. Though couples spend more time with other couples on average, they too may have a few friends they think would be the right match and might be happy to make the connection.


Not all blind dates work out, but you'll never know until you try. Few people know you better than your friends and there may be someone they know that would be perfect for whatever it is you're looking for. If things don't work out, maybe you just made a new friend out of the experience. You can even have your mutual friend(s) come along on the first introductory date to help create a more relaxed environment where you can all get to know one another.

If You're Looking For Love

If you are leaning more toward creating a real connection with someone and hoping for a relationship that may be the coveted 'one,' try looking for women in your daily life. The love of your life could be hidden in plain sight, and you may have just been overlooking them.

It is a common notion that when you're looking to meet women, you go out to bars or clubs. While you may be able to meet someone there, these connections might be less likely to turn into something serious and lasting. Instead of trying to approach a stranger who happens to be hanging out in the same bar, look toward your daily haunts if you want to find someone that may also be interested in a serious relationship.

If you are a religious or spiritual person, open yourself up to speaking with women who also attend these activities or events. If you are still working on your academic career, look around campus for women who are doing the same. Their schedules and daily lives are likely to be very similar to yours, which can be helpful when trying to find ways to work in some quality relationship time. You and the woman would likely also be able to relate to one another on your struggles, successes, frustrations, and more related to your education.

Similarities help partners create a more stable and deeper connection. Not only will you have something to talk about with your partner, but being able to go through similar experiences can help you both understand each other and support each other on different levels that help build a lasting relationship.

If You're Looking For Something Casual Or Just Sexual

Some of the most common places that people look for women are bars, clubs, or lounges. Nightlife is where 'singles looking to mingle' tend to frequent. Many women hanging out at these places are looking for casual flings. They are there to be noticed, all dressed up and ready to flirt.

A club or bar/lounge with a dance floor can create an easy situation to spark physical contact with a woman. Meeting a woman can be as simple as approaching a woman who's dancing and starting to dance with them. You can also offer to buy a woman a drink or come up to them with some sort of pickup line. Of course, there's also the classic option of just going over and saying hello.

There is always a chance of meeting someone whom you may want to develop a deeper connection with, but this is less expected in situations that are in group settings and therefore less personal. 

If you are not very comfortable with meeting women in person, starting off at a bar may be a practical place to begin. Here, there may be a bit less pressure since women are more likely to expect that people will be trying to gain their attention. You're also less likely to encounter this woman again in the event of rejection, so there's less chance of having to feel awkward upon another meeting.

Need A Safe Space To Talk About Your Love Life?

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