Is She Cheating? 10 Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone

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Relationships can be very challenging. There are so many variables, so many emotions, and often, so much history. One of the common issues in many relationships is trust. No one can realistically be with their partner 24 hours a day, every day. There are times when each person will be out, living their own lives, which can leave some room for the imagination to run wild. Have you started to worry that your partner may be cheating on you? 

Let’s take a look at some possible signs that may help you determine whether or not your girlfriend is sleeping with someone else. That said, these are not surefire signs, but they may still give you something to think about. 

Worried Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?

Possible Signs She May Be Cheating

Below are a few possible signs to keep an eye out for, but remember, none of these are guaranteed indicators of cheating. Also, keep in mind that a key piece of many of these signs is if they are happening without other reasonable explanations. For many of these, there could be plenty of other possible reasons for these behaviors that have nothing to do with cheating. 

  1. She’s On Her Phone More Than Usual

Try to be careful with this one, as there may be very clear reasons for your girlfriend to be on her phone. It is not a surefire indication of cheating. However, if you have started to notice a change of her regular phone usage patterns and see her using her phone much more often or more secretively without other reasonable explanations, it may be something to pay attention to. 

  1. She’s Suddenly Much Busier Than Usual

If you’ve noticed that she is frequently unable to make your plans together without having other clear reasons, it may be something to note. If she is frequently blowing you off or canceling last minute, these can be worth paying attention to. If you notice your girlfriend’s social habits changing or becoming a bit more secretive, there may be a reason why, aside from just being preoccupied with important tasks. 

  1. She’s Making More Of An Effort On Her Appearance At Odd Times

Have you noticed your girlfriend spending more time and care on her appearance than she had been previously, especially at odd times? While this may be innocent, if this is out of the ordinary in terms of her character, you may want to consider the reason behind it. Is she leaving home all dolled up when she’s just “going to the gym” or “heading to the grocery store”? If these are changes for her and there doesn’t seem to be another reason why, it may be worth noting. 

  1. Your Sex Life Has Changed

There can be many different possible reasons for a change in a couple’s sex life that have nothing to do with infidelity, but in some cases, it could have something to do with cheating. If you and your partner are sexually active, and you have noticed a sudden shift in your sex life, it may be worth having a conversation with your partner about it. Communication is the only way to know what’s truly going on.

  1. She Comes Home And Immediately Showers And Changes

If your girlfriend comes home and immediately wants to shower, change, and head to bed, there may be a reason for concern. Instead of wanting to hug you and spend time with you, she’s running to shower and clean up. Is this a new habit? Again, this may not be completely indicative that your girlfriend has just slept with someone, but it could be a reason to start looking deeper into things.

  1. She’s Concerned With Your Whereabouts

Has your girlfriend recently started caring much more than usual about where you are and when you’ll be back home? Has she been a little more overbearing, checking in on you more often than usual? While this may be a sign of other things for some couples, if this is not the norm for you and there doesn’t seem to be another good explanation, this may be indicative that she has something to hide. She may be concerned that you’ll find out if you come home early or worried that you’re engaging in deceptive acts like she is.

  1. She’s Unhappy When She Gets Home

Have you noticed a change in her behavior or attitude when she gets home that doesn’t seem to have another clear explanation? If you’re worried about when your girlfriend gets home, you might sense that she’s irritable, short-tempered, and disinterested. Instead of greeting you with a smile, she seems upset and annoyed before you’ve even said a word. If she’s constantly upset with you without clear reason, she may be displaying signs of resentment and disinterest in both you and your relationship. This may be a sign that she has just slept with someone who made her happy and is now coming home to a situation she no longer cares to be involved in.

  1. She’s Unreachable For Extended Periods

Have you noticed a clear shift in your communication patterns? If you start to notice that your girlfriend is falling off the grid for extended periods without another reason, for example, it may something to pay attention to. If you notice that she’s starting to go missing for hours at a time and then shows up home like nothing’s ever happened, it may make sense to look into things a bit deeper. She may have been spending this time with someone else.

  1. She Seems More Annoyed Or Critical Toward You

If your girlfriend seems to be more annoyed or critical toward you, or is blaming more and more things on you, take notice. She may be snapping at you over smaller and smaller things that are completely irrelevant, and this could be in an attempt to cover her tracks, trying to throw the blame on you so that you have no reason to throw any blame back towards her. If your girlfriend comes home ready to pick a fight over something insignificant, it may be because she’s just slept with someone and wants to take any attention away from herself.

Worried Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?
  1. She No Longer Plans For The Future

Most strong couples like to envision and talk about the future of their relationship. This might include marriage, children, travel, and all other aspects of a life. If these used to be topics you two discussed and there has been a shift, it might be worth noting. If she is starting to avoid these topics, these may be indications that she’s no longer interested in your relationship or pursuing something on a higher level. 

Help Is Available

Worrying that your girlfriend cheated or finding out that she has can be very painful. If this is something you’re experiencing, know that you don’t have to face it alone. A therapist can work with you to help you understand your situation and identify how to best handle it.

If you and your girlfriend are working through cheating or trust issues, you may prefer to have some time away from each other, while still wanting to work on improving your relationship. With online therapy through Regain, you and your partner can join the therapy session from different locations, so you don’t have to be in the same place if you don’t want to be. 

And research has found online therapy to be an effective option for couples experiencing relationship distress


Worrying that your girlfriend is cheating on you can be very painful and uncomfortable. If you have a feeling your girlfriend may be cheating, you can consider looking out for some of these possible signs, but keep in mind, none of these are surefire indicators of cheating, and many may have other reasonable explanations. For support with cheating and other relationship concerns, you can connect with an online therapist.  

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