Are Relationships Worth It: Why Having A Romantic Partner Can Be Good For You

Updated June 25, 2021

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Long-term relationships rely on many aspects of both partners to be successful. The element of romance is significant. It is created by establishing a personal bond that grows over time. Sometimes relationships fail when feelings of love diminish. It is an element that keeps relationships alive and exciting. When two people have a special connection, the romance they share blossoms as they spend time together. Romantic relationships are worth the effort when you find someone that makes you feel good about yourself with mutual feelings for each other.


Romance Is Important In Relationships

A healthy and happy relationship will have romance. Some may not know how to define romance in words, but they know actions to show that let their partner know they particularly care about them. Some partners may not understand how to implement passion in a relationship. Therefore, they may not see why it makes a relationship more meaningful. Understanding romance is essential for partners looking to rekindle their love for each other.

Romance is a way of showing love and affection to your partner that is close to your heart. It is what keeps partners interested in each other. It includes doing things that get their attention and win their hearts. It involves doing thoughtful acts of kindness with a special touch. At the same time, the work you're putting in is part of an ongoing effort essential to the relationship's health.

People put in a considerable amount of effort to be romantic early in the relationship but don't realize how much until the relationship changes dynamics change. Some may break down emotionally, feel ignored, or feel the relationship is stagnant when romantic efforts decrease.

How To Define Romance

If you ask someone what romance is, you may get different responses. You can be romantic in different ways, and people will have personal thoughts on what they think it means. Relationship experts say romance includes any of the following:

  • Actions that show love, affection, thoughtfulness, or adoration
  • Actions or activities to enhance joy, happiness, and personal connection
  • Actions or activities that show class, high living, or elegance
  • Actions that bring a couple closer together with attentiveness and deep admiration

No matter how small the action, it makes a significant impact on a relationship. Romance is essential because it plays a role in daily living for couples. When two people share a unique connection, romance should be a regular part of their relationship. Romance helps each partner learn more about each other and how to keep each other happy. You learn what works and what doesn't. As you learn what does, you'll know how often to do such things to keep your relationship sweet.


Sustaining a relationship includes commitment and cooperation. It requires work and effort from both partners. A long-term relationship may lead to a lifelong commitment or marriage. When there is a unique interest to be with someone long-term, romance shows you cherish and love your partner. Romance in a relationship shows each partner is accustomed to what is necessary to keep each other happy. If an exclusive relationship leads to marriage, romance becomes a tool that shows your partner and marriage is worth the effort. Whether you're in a relationship or marriage, romantic acts encourage long, positive, and healthier relations between partners.

Ways To Add Or Rekindle Romance In Relationships

It is normal for people to wonder how to be romantic in a relationship. A person may struggle with being romantic if they don't know what their partner likes or are unsure how to express their adoration. When a partner is mindful of certain elements related to their relationship, being romantic is easy. Here are a few things to remember when creating romance in your relationship:

  • Create bonding experiences to get closer to your partner. The experiences can be anything, including gift-giving, intimacy, affection, and meaningful conversation. Sharing a good laugh or reminiscing is also a great way to bond as a couple.
  • Make romance fun by incorporating fun activities. Think about activities you both like to do together or consider something different. Activities like going to a party, movie, or game make time spent together joyful and memorable.
  • Have a good sense of humor. A sense of humor is always an interesting twist in a relationship. Many find it romantic when their partner makes them laugh. From corny jokes to greeting cards, there are creative and thoughtful ways to have a humorous moment.
  • Reflect on your past as a couple. Memories of being together not only bring you closer, but they remind each partner why they enjoy being together. Memories likely include a variety of emotions, from an embarrassing moment to recalling your first kiss. Go through old photos or revisit the place you first met. Talking about your memories keeps personal feelings for each other fresh, enhancing your bond.


  • Express your passionate feelings. As you engage in different activities as a couple, let your partner know how you feel. Passion can be love, desire, or compelling feelings of joy and enthusiasm. It is one thing for your partner to see your happiness when you smile visually, but it gives more meaning to the time spent together when sharing how the experience made you feel.
  • Integrate intimacy and sexual activities. Romance and sex go together when you have a close relationship. Be intimate more often or look for ways to enhance your sexual experience together. Such experiences encourage your romance even more.
  • Be spontaneous by adding adventure. As a couple, it can be fun to do something new or out of the ordinary. Explore a new hobby together, go hiking, rock climbing, or whatever you consider as wild. An adventure is a great way to get to know each other on another level and learn something surprising that adds to your romance.
  • Be respectful and appreciative of your partner. Be mindful of what your partner likes. Sometimes a romantic gesture is made as a way of saying thank you for being supportive or when you want to show how much they mean to you. Partners may take turns romancing each other when it is least expected to add surprise and excitement to the relationship.

A loving relationship needs romance. When you don't have this element, the relationship fades or gets boring. Love and admiration for each other help create acts of kindness and passion. Healthy love life is important, and practicing romance helps you understand how to meet your partner's emotional and physical needs. Romance plays a key role in influencing long-lasting relationships with valued connectedness and happiness well into the future.

How You Benefit From Having A Romantic Partner

A romantic partner that has your personal needs and interests at heart will be someone you can trust. You'll have someone to share your feelings and thoughts with. They will share your insight and understand your concerns. You'll have someone that will listen to you and want to spend time with you. When you spend time together, you may appreciate certain activities more because you can share the experience. You enjoy the simple things even more with meaning, such as a walk in the park or the beauty of nature.

A romantic partner makes you feel good about yourself because they like you for you. People experience more confidence and higher self-esteem when they are with someone that makes them feel amazing. A partner that respects and admires you will compliment you and make you feel worthy of love and compassion. When you feel down or in pain, they know what to say and how to say it to show they care. Small things and gestures do make you feel good. When they hug you or hold your hand, you feel safe and comfortable. A romantic partner makes life interesting when they want to explore things and want you along for the ride.

A romantic partner provides unconditional support. When feelings for each other are mutual, you know you're always on their mind. You feel good because someone loves you. You look forward to their touch, affection, and their presence each day. You get a warm feeling with they speak highly of you. They make you happy, even if they do something annoying or embarrassing. You don't feel lonely because someone is always there.


Exploring More About Romantic Partners

Do you desire to make things more romantic in your relationship? Perhaps you have other concerns about being in a relationship that affects the aspect of romance. Talking about your feelings is essential, and many options can help. Talk to your partner about love in your relationship. Get insight from people you know about how romance is important for a healthy relationship. Discuss concerns or get answers to questions you have by working with a relationship expert or couples counselor.

A romantic partner makes a relationship worth the effort. Romance is essential in a healthy relationship. You have something and someone to look forward to every day. When they make you feel good from the inside out, they add purpose and meaning to your life.

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