15 Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend To Show Her You Love Her

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“Coming up with new ideas to show love is really kind, but can also be challenging. Affirm yourself for thinking outside of the box and being a good partner. If certain ideas seem to not work, always try to be open about how you are feeling about that to get more feedback.” - Nicholas DeFazio, MRC, LPCC-S, LICDC

Relationships should be exciting and rewarding for both partners. Every relationship comes with their share of challenges, but the happy times should make each challenge worth it. Sometimes, as a kind gesture, one partner will do something sweet for their significant other, creating one of those happy times.

Do you have difficulty expressing yourself to your partner?

When dating, initiating random acts of kindness for your girlfriend is a good way to improve trust and keep the relationship exciting and intriguing. It's important to mix it up a little and find sweet things to do to put a smile on her face. Giving flowers and chocolates to show affection has long been a tradition. While this is a sweet gesture, you may want to try romantic ideas you've never done before.

If you're always doing the same thing  to show your affection, you've probably been wracking your brain trying to think of unique romantic things to do. Whatever the gift, as the saying goes, it's the thought that counts. However, to show your girlfriend just how much you enjoy spending time with her, loving her, or making her smile, you may want to consider surprising her with a unique treat or activity from time to time.


If you're stumped for romantic ideas, don't worry; here are a few sweet things you can consider doing for your girlfriend. It doesn't always have to be a romantic date—there are lots of sweet, romantic things you can do daily to make your girlfriend feel special. There's no need to make a huge list of things to do for her each day either—choosing a sweet thing to do now and then can make your girlfriend feel special.

Be her Uber for the day

This is a nice gesture which may get you big points on the scoreboard, especially if she's always complaining about traffic. Offer to drive her to work one day and pick her up afterward. Unless she loves driving, she'll truly appreciate you doing this for her.

Put on her favorite playlist and give her a massage

This is a nice welcome home treat or a great way to help her destress after a long day at work. If she's been working on a big project or simply for long hours, consider setting the tone for a romantic massage. Focus on helping her to relax and use sensual oils such as lavender to enhance the moment. Even a nice foot rub after work can be just what she needed. As a bonus, you can draw her a hot bath and light some candles to further promote relaxation.

Do you have difficulty expressing yourself to your partner?

Do some handiwork for her

From time to time, your girlfriend might notice something broken in her home. It may be a broken cabinet door, a loose shower head, or that squeaky front door. Whatever it is, surprising her by fixing it out of the blue can be a kind gesture likely to lift her spirits. This lets her know that you are there to help her when needed. She'll be glad you did, and it shows her that you pay attention to the things she’s telling you.

Give her a piggy back ride

This may sound a bit childish, but she may think it's cute. You often see guys give their girls a back ride in romance movies. Show her that you have a romantic side as well. During a walk in the park, motion for her to hop on your back and carry her for a bit. You don't have to overdo it. Just take a few steps if that's all you can do. It's the gesture that counts.

Buy her a "just because" gift

It doesn't have to be a special occasion or holiday to give her a gift. Sometimes, if you don't make a big deal about surprising her with a gift, she'll realize it's just because she's special. She'll appreciate the thought behind this gift more than anything. It can be simple and doesn't have to be expensive. Just give her something that you know she'll enjoy. If you've always found it difficult to buy gifts for girlfriends, make sure you listen when she talks about things around the house, or if you go shopping together, remember when she says she likes something. She'll appreciate the sweet, cute, cuddly teddy bear, but you'll get extra brownie points for bringing her something she's mentioned in passing. Girls love to know they're being listened to and that you've remembered what they've said—so show your girlfriend you're listening and make her feel happy with the perfect gift. It’s one of the most romantic things you can do, and it makes a big difference!

Cook her a meal

While it's fun to cook dinner together, you can let your girlfriend know that she’s loved by doing all the work. It's a sweet romantic gesture that she'll appreciate. You don't have to be a chef to prepare a nice meal. Simple can be romantic, but you may want to add a few cute little touches to make it extra special. Choose her favorite dish, add candles, her favorite bottle of wine, and dessert to finish it off. Surprise her with the meal on a day she'd least expect. If you prefer cooking breakfast, that's a kind gesture also. Breakfast in bed is a very romantic idea. Perhaps on the weekend, plan to get up before she does and surprise your girlfriend by preparing the foods she likes most. Bring her coffee and set up a little table at the side of the bed while you're cooking. She'll love that you went to that effort while she was still sleeping!

Put a handwritten note in her lunch

It will be a pleasant surprise for her to unpack her lunch and find a sweet note from you. This could perhaps make the rest of her day much better than the first half. A few sweet words may be all it takes to make her smile. Don't be shy—write what you feel. Tell her what goes through your head when you wake up and see her next to you or what you feel when she walks into the room. A note that explains what your girlfriend means to you can make her day. It can be short, but make sure it's heartfelt. A heartfelt little love letter is sweet, cute, and incredibly romantic—and it lets her know that she’s loved.

Find a show that the two of you can watch as a couple

Find a series that you both enjoy and commit to watching it as a couple and only together. Regardless of how much you want to catch the next episode, you can't watch it without each other. It's a standing date and a great way to connect over something you both enjoy. It means that you don't need to be thinking of new date ideas all the time—and it's great for colder days, too! She'll love a cozy date night at home!

Give her new pajamas or underwear

Many girls find it romantic when their partner gives them underwear or pajamas. It's a sweet and sexy gesture that will cause her to think of you every time she’s wearing them. You may want to gift her seven pairs so she can think of you each day of the week.

Surprise her with a weekend away

Make arrangements to take her out of town for the weekend. A surprise visit to a place neither of you have been before can make it a special trip for both of you. Instead of a hotel, find a bed and breakfast to make it more romantic. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the effort you put into making it a special time for her, and she’ll remember it for a long time after you come back home.

Give her a spontaneous kiss in public

Does your girlfriend complain that you're not affectionate enough towards her when others are around? It could be that she wants reassurance that you care for her. Grab her hand while walking through the grocery store or lean over and kiss her while sitting in the park. She will be surprised that you're so affectionate, especially in public. Hold her hand when you're walking the dogs or when you're out with friends and family, as well as when you're at home. You don't need to give her kisses constantly, but she'll love extra kisses and hand-holding, especially when she’s not expecting them.

Post a picture of you two on social media

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but you can score some serious bonus points with it. If you haven't already done so, post a picture of the two of you on your social media page. Caption it with heart eyes or a heart. You don't have to include long text. Just add a few cute emojis.

Send her a good morning/good night texts

If she's always the one to initiate the goodnight or good morning texts, you could change that. Text her goodnight or good morning before she has a chance to text you. It will put a smile on her face and bring her heart joy to know that you're taking the lead in the communication space of the relationship.

Pick her outfit out for your next date

Girls like to look good for their partner, but they may dread deciding what to wear on a fancy date. Pick out her outfit or surprise her with something new to wear. She will feel confident because she knows that you like what she's wearing. She'll also be happy to know that you want to see her look at her best, even if it's just for you.

Grab something for her while out shopping for yourself

Sometimes, it’s the small acts that make the biggest difference. If you're out picking up things for yourself, grab something for her. Buy her something she's been talking about for a while. It can be a new flavor of ice cream that you know she'll like, a meal from her favorite restaurant, a new book by her favorite author, or those new gym shoes she's been talking about. It doesn’t have to be something romantic; it could be something she needs like a heating pad or soup when she’s sick. Often, these are the best gifts.

Support for improving your relationship is available online

It is important to keep the energy up in your relationship. The above list of sweet things to do for your girlfriend contains just a few ideas you might consider to put a smile on her face. They may completely change the trajectory of the relationship. If you and your girlfriend face challenges that have been difficult to overcome as a couple, be sure to incorporate acts of kindness into the relationship.

Gestures can be simple and don't have to be over the top. If you have a hard time expressing yourself, you may want to speak with a professional counselor at Regain to help address any underlying issues that may exist.

Online therapy is a great way to work on issues which may be affecting your relationship. It can even be as effective as in-person therapy. Sometimes, talking things out with a therapist either alone or together can make all the difference and make your relationship stronger.

Regain offers both individual and couples therapy. Once you're matched with the best therapist for your needs, you can have sessions at a time and place convenient for you.


If your relationship is flagging, it doesn't have to stay that way. Simple gestures can lift you both up and make your days together brighter.

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