15 Couple Games To Play At Home

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Having date nights can be important in a relationship regardless of how long you and your partner have been together. For many couples, this can mean dinner, movies, dancing, and other activities around other people. Date night does not mean that you are required to go out. In fact, many couples have found that a date night at home is just as fun and possibly even more romantic than a date out on the town. Staying home together often means more alone time and improved intimacy. Studies show that one-on-one time with your significant other develops a friendship that helps to carry the relationship through hard times. Enjoying time together can work wonders for a relationship. Whether you are stuck at home while the kids are in bed or feel like having a night in, below are suggestions for fun couple games to play at home.

Wondering How To Keep The Intimacy Alive In Your Relationship?
  1. Scrabble

There may be a high chance that you haven’t ever heard of a romantic game of Scrabble. However, by adding one small rule, regular Scrabble can become intimate and romantic! Use your letter tiles to spell out romantic words only. These words can vary from couple to couple but might include hugs, caress, or snuggle. If you enjoy the regular version of Scrabble, that’s fine, too! The important thing is that you are having fun together.

  1. Twister

Few adult couples play Twister after the kids have gone to bed, but it can be a fun game to start an evening of intimacy and laughter. An awkward game with strangers or acquaintances could be far more entertaining with just you and your significant other. Add some fun music and a bottle of wine to your night, and you could create the perfect date activity.

  1. Would You Rather

You may have heard of this popular game, which can be ideal for passing the time. Seeing which of two bad choices your significant other would choose can be surprising. Some questions include, “Would you rather ride a bike to work in 6 feet of snow or have no air conditioning in 120-degree weather?” or “Would you rather see the world’s worst movie or attend the world’s worst concert?” This game also gives insight into the person answering the question, as you can learn a lot by what they find unenjoyable.

  1. Minute To Win It

If you haven’t heard of this popular game show, it involves various activities that the participants must complete within a minute. There are so many options for activities with this game, many of which are sure to make you laugh. One of the most popular games is to place a cookie on one player’s forehead. Without the use of their hands, they must get the cookie into their mouths. The other person must time them and then switch. You can make it even more fun by giving the winner a prize, such as choosing what to do for the next date night.

  1. Cards

There are so many options for two-player card games. War, Rummy, Skip Bo, Uno, and Speed are just a few. If you and your significant other enjoy playing card games, try out a night of fun with these old-school games. They can be ideal for a relaxing date night at home, so grab your drink of choice, find a seat at the table, and play!

  1. One On One Newlywed Game

Like the classic game show, The Newlywed Game entails asking a question and then comparing each half of the couple’s answers. For example, the question might be, “What is your wife’s favorite color?” Both players would write down the answer on their paper, then show it to one another. This game shows how well the couple knows one another. With just the two of you present, the questions can get more personal and intimate without getting uncomfortable.

  1. Taste Test

The taste test is a fun dessert game that could provide a memorable night of laughter. Get an assortment of foods and items from your pantry and fridge without showing your significant other what you’ve retrieved. Blindfold them and have them guess the items that they are tasting. Some great options include chocolate chips, strawberries, and potato chips. You could even attempt to confuse your partner by crumbling the potato chips or slicing the strawberries.

  1. Art Competition

In a Pictionary-esque attempt, give each half of the couple art supplies. Then, have each person draw a subject from a hat. If neither individual is artistically talented, try to fill the hat with simple things, like fruit or planets. Couples that are more artistically inclined might have more complicated subjects. They are to keep the topic a secret and create their art facing one another – typically, an easel will keep the other from seeing what they are doing. Once complete, have the other attempt to guess what the art is supposed to be. 

  1. Mad Libs

Mad Libs were hugely popular in childhood, so why not bring it into your relationship as an adult? Mad Libs now has adult versions that give more age-appropriate stories. Pick up a Mad Libs book and spend an evening laughing with your significant other. Be creative with your word choices and enjoy. Laughter has been shown to contribute to higher-quality relationships and greater satisfaction and happiness for both individuals. If laughter is missing in your relationship, a night of mad libs could bring it back.

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  1. 21 Questions

Get to know your partner even more intimately with this popular question game in which you ask one another 21 questions. Although classic forms of the game require a person to pick a subject and the other person tries to figure it out within 21 questions, a couple’s version can be done by asking personal questions to your partner. Either version can make for a fun evening!

  1. Trivia

There are a variety of ways to play two-player trivia, from apps to actual board games. Get competitive and show off your smarts with an hour or two of trivia! You and your significant other are sure to have a great time going head-to-head. You can make it more competitive by adding prizes and incentives to the game.

  1. Jenga

When looking for couple games to play at home, there can be much fun had with Jenga. While you can play with more than two players, having a fun time with just your partner can also make for an enjoyable night. There are so many Jenga styles on the market today, and you and your partner can search for and find a version that you both love. There is bound to be a fun version for your relationship from Jenga Giant to Jenga Boom and even the game’s classic form.

  1. Mario Kart

Bring game night into the modern world with a Nintendo console and Mario Cart. This game often gets players worked up and laughing with ease. It can be hard to play Mario Kart and not have a good time! Even though video games can cause problems in a relationship, playing one together can be fun. Spend an evening at home with your partner playing this video game (or others) and make memories that last.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

It might seem silly to do a scavenger hunt in your own home, but it can also be very entertaining. There are a variety of household item scavenger hunts to be found on the internet. Print off a few and make it a competition to find the items before your significant other. You might avoid reading hunt clues or have someone else print them for you so that you and your significant other have the same advantages. This game can take “Honey, where’s the…” to a whole new level.

  1. Pandemic

You may have never heard of this board game, but it can quickly become a game night favorite after playing just once. The premise of the game is to work together to eradicate a widespread disease across the globe. Although this game can be fun for a couple, it can also be played with up to four players. This means it may fit right in with family game night or a couples date night as well. The cooperative style of the game removes a sense of competition but encourages teamwork and communication amongst players. This differs from a majority of games, which pit individuals against one another. If you’re looking for a game that brings you and your partner together, this could be the one. 

Have Fun At Home!

A fun couple of games can make for enjoyable date nights at home. Whether you’re thriving in your relationship or currently struggling, a game night can bring additional fun and laughter into your lives. Relationship counselors often recommend regular date nights and one on one time. Couple games at home are just one of many ways to have a date night on a budget or while your kids are sleeping in the evenings.

Maybe it has nothing to do with kids – you could be snowed in, or maybe you aren’t getting enough alone time. No matter what it is that has led you to a couple of game nights at home, find one that both you and your partner can enjoy. Having fun together can be an effective way to strengthen your friendship and romantic relationship. Professionals agree that enjoying time together is essential to a successful relationship. Without it, couples can find troubling times harder than they have to be.

Wondering How To Keep The Intimacy Alive In Your Relationship?

Online Counseling With Regain

Staying connected with your significant other can be challenging at times. While couple games can help each of you stay entertained, they are not a replacement for professional support. Some issues need further intervention to be worked through properly, which is where couples counseling can come in handy. Rather than needing to leave your home or coordinate your busy schedules, you can conveniently and easily meet with an online therapist from the comfort of your home through the Regain platform. Regain provides individual and couples counseling so that you can improve on your own and as a pair. No matter what you’re facing in life, a therapist could help you move forward from it. 

The Efficacy Of Online Counseling 

Looking to improve the satisfaction within your relationship? Online couples counseling could help. One study assessed the effectiveness of an internet-delivered counseling intervention for increasing relationship satisfaction and lessening the amount of relationship distress. Researchers found that the program helped couples understand one another better, which allowed them to problem-solve more efficiently when problems arose in their relationship. They were also able to take “concrete steps” to fix those issues that they were facing. 

Counselor Reviews

“My girlfriend and I have been working with Alison for about four months now and with her help and guidance we have strengthened our relationship ten fold. Her communication style is amazing and she really strives to make the best of our time with one another. If you’re looking for a counselor you can put your faith in with the whole experience, she’s the one to go to.”

“With Cassandra’s help, we’ve been able to bring our relationship to a new, healthier, and much happier level, working through painful situations, growing as individuals and as a couple, and with tools to stay on this path. She’s very responsive, and it has been great to have her facilitate our messaging through the app all week. I highly recommend Cassandra. She’s skilled, supportive, and down-to-earth. We feel totally comfortable with her.”

The Takeaway

Couple games can bring you and your partner closer together right from the comfort of your home. Other activities like regular date nights, new activities, and deeper conversations can help increase the connection you share. If you’re searching for ways to improve the intimacy between you and your partner, you could consider participating in online couples counseling. A Regain therapist can support each of you on your journey to a happier, healthier, and more satisfying relationship.

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