8 Ways Couple Workout Goals Help Relationships

By: Kristina Speciale

Updated August 03, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault

Working out with your significant other has a variety of benefits. Setting goals for those couple workouts have just as many, if not more, benefits! Imagine all of the goals that an individual might set for working out. When you apply those and additional goals to your couple workouts, you can improve communication as a couple, among eight other improved factors.

Research has proven that working out with your significant other helps you to stay in a happy and committed relationship with them. In fact, relationship counselors often encourage couples to work out together to become one another’s motivators, have bonding time, be held accountable, and more. While setting workout goals can accomplish these things, it is important to speak to a professional if you are experiencing troubles in your relationship.

  1. Motivation And Drive
Couple Workout Goals Can Help Relationships More Than You Think
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Have you ever set out to get fit and lose your drive a quarter of the way to your goal? Or maybe you had planned to start working out but never quite made it to the gym? These are things that a lot of individuals experience. However, having a workout buddy to keep you going is a great way to stay motivated. Sometimes, all it takes it, someone you trust telling you that you can do it to help you do it.

Not only is it good for your workout, but it can carry over into other aspects of your life. You might encourage your significant other to keep going on the treadmill, just as you would motivate them to keep working on a tough problem at work. Motivating one another in the gym and at home can add to relationship success and find fitness success.

  1. Experience

It is incredibly important to spend time with your partner regularly. Setting workout goals as a couple means spending time together when you’re working to reach those goals and discussing your goals and how to meet them. Although couples should have a date night at least one night a month, setting workout goals with your significant other likely means that you plan to work out together at least a couple of times a week.

Some couples plan to work out together twice a week and separately a couple of times each week. Doing so allows you to check in on your couple’s goals while maintaining your sense of self. If you prefer to work out together every time, that increases your bonding experience!

  1. Build Trust

A workout buddy must be someone that you find trustworthy and can become an individual that you truly count on. When you set workout goals with your significant other, you are likely entrusting them as your workout buddy. He or she must spot you with the heavyweights, show up on time and as planned, and put real effort into reaching the goals that have been set.

Building trust in a relationship is necessary and imperative for success. By spending more time together and leaning on one another when things get tough, the level of trust can reach new levels. Setting workout goals that develop team skills and improve is a great way to encourage trust-building.

  1. Improved Health

Having improved health has a hugely positive impact on relationships because of the decrease in stress. Poor health can be emotionally taxing, financially difficult, and time-consuming. When one partner falls ill, it likely becomes the responsibility of the other to pick up the slack. Even if the illness is naturally occurring, it can be hard to avoid feeling resentment towards the situation.

By setting workout goals as a couple, you are making an effort to improve your health. Understanding your health’s impact on your relationship is a good way to ensure that you both take the goals seriously. Meet your goals and have a better chance of living a long life together! Making an effort to reach that particular goal says a lot about the importance of the relationship to both parties.

  1. Increased Happiness
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Couples that share joint workout goals are those that find increased happiness in their relationship. Exercising, in general, makes individuals happier because of the endorphins released during the workout. As a couple, working out makes relationships happier because of the additional time each person contributes to the relationship.

Relationships are also happier because of the communication that occurs while discussing the goals. Setting workout goals as a couple means discussing all of the intricacies of each goal: why you want to reach the goal, how you’ll do it, and the date by which you want to achieve it. It is a good exercise in communication that can extend across all topics of conversation.

  1. Greater Relationship Satisfaction

Quantifying relationship satisfaction requires considering the level of positivity for several categories. Happiness is one of the generalizations for having a satisfying relationship, but it also requires effective communication, teamwork, and fun. A person that is highly satisfied in their relationship experiences all of these aspects.

When you and your partner set workout goals together, you communicate your desires for your future together. You are working together as a team to achieve those goals. Plus, although working out is not always fun, it is much more enjoyable with the right person. Each of these aspects adds to the overall relationship satisfaction.

  1. Help With Individual Goals

Setting goals as a couple can have a great influence on personal goals. Not only will setting and achieving goals as a couple inspires each person to work harder on their own goals, but it will allow sharing individual goals. Goals are more likely to be met if you tell another person that you are working towards them. That person can then hold you accountable.

While helping your partner with his or her individual goals is a benefit in itself, improving oneself is a great way to improve your relationship as well. It makes sense to believe that a relationship is only as good as the people in it. If a person lacks communication skills, working on getting better at it will only improve the relationship. Improving yourself is crucial to improving a relationship.

  1. Become More Attractive To One Another

It is common for those in an unhealthy relationship to accept their partner’s unhealthy habits because they feel as though others will not find them attractive. When one (or both) of the partners don’t have to worry about their significant other attracting other people, they feel stable in their relationship. While this is an unhealthy view on things, it is commonly joked about.

When both partners make an effort to improve their health, not only do they do better to avoid this insecurity, but they get more attracted to each other. However, they are not necessarily more attractive in the stereotypical sense but because exercise creates the same symptoms as arousal. Those symptoms can make the brain think that your partner is more attractive than before.

Potential Couple Workout Goals

Couple Workout Goals Can Help Relationships More Than You Think
Discover More With a Licensed Relationship Counselor Today
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If you are interested in setting some couple workout goals with your significant other but are unsure where to start, consider both halves of the relationship and their current fitness status. Also, consider that men and women have different bodies, body fat percentages, and muscle mass. Taking these facts into consideration leaves couples’ workout goals a little less specific than most other goals.

A great way to remove some specifics from the goals without losing too much is to combine both partners’ goals. For example, if one partner currently benches 40 pounds and the other benches 60, the couple benches a total of 100 pounds. Set a couple of workout goals of benching a total of 150 pounds within the next three months. This means that they will rely on one another to reach the goal within the set timeframe.

Another great example is to set a goal to work out together three times per week for at least 30 minutes per session for the next six months. This goal requires both halves of the couple to be present and put in the effort to succeed.

When setting goals as a couple, remember to take into account your current fitness levels. Goals should be challenging but not impossible. The best couple goals are those that require effort from both partners to succeed. They also need not be 50/50. One goal might require you to pick up your partner’s slack, while a different goal requires your partner to pick up yours.

Meeting Your Goals

Meeting your goals as a couple deserves a couple of rewards. Give yourself an extra date night or order an extravagant dessert next time you eat out together. Sharing in the reward is just as important as meeting the goal.

When you have met your goal, remember to set new ones! It is important to continue to improve so that you and your partner are continually working towards your joint future. Having constant goals reminds us that working for your relationship doesn’t end. You and your partner must always make an effort for your relationship to succeed.

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