12 Dirty Questions To Ask Boyfriend To Turn Him On

By: Robert Porter

Updated November 16, 2021

You love your boyfriend, and you want to ensure that your relationship keeps moving in the right direction. It's important to put effort into a relationship, and you want to keep each other happy in all ways. You might be thinking about ways that you could keep the passion going in the bedroom. It's possible to keep your boyfriend nice and turned on by asking him dirty questions. There are many different things that you can say and questions that you can ask that will start revving his sexual engine.

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Take a look at the following twelve dirty questions to ask your boyfriend to turn him on. This type of erotic talk is going to keep him thinking about you all day long. Some of these questions will be more practical to make use of than others, depending on your situation. Read through all of them and then use the ones that you think will be good for your relationship. It should lead to many satisfying sexual encounters, and you'll be able to let the sparks fly the next time you get to have sex. Don't be afraid to ask these dirty questions if you're interested in setting the right mood for sex.

  1. Would You Like To Know What I'm Wearing?

This is one of the tamest questions on this list, but it's still something that could cause your boyfriend to get turned on. Depending on what you tell him, he's going to be able to get a nice visual image of you. It could help your special guy to get through his day. He'll have an idea of what he is waiting to come home to, and it'll have him primed and ready to enjoy your company later on. Of course, it wouldn't be very fun to tell him you're wearing sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt. You could always fib to him to turn him on.

  1. Would You Like To Pick Out What I'm Going To Wear Today?

Men like being able to feel like they are in control, and letting him make some sexy decisions could be a good way to turn him on. You could let him pick out which bra and underwear you're going to wear for the day. This could even be accompanied by a picture of you wearing them if you are so bold. This is an easy dirty question to ask him when he is with you, and you can do it over the phone. It's easy to send him a picture of which options he has to choose, and you know he's going to pick out something risqué.

  1. Do You Want Me To Send You ASpecial Pic?

As if your boyfriend would ever say no to receiving a special picture. You could send your significant other a pic to get him nice and turned on for you. How sexy the picture is going to be is up to you to decide. Some women are comfortable sharing full-on nude pictures with a committed partner, and others will find that to be a terrible idea. Even a slightly flirty picture could get him going. Consider sending him some visual aids now and then to keep him thinking about you.

  1. Where Is Your Favorite Place To Be Kissed?

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If you want to turn the topic toward more sexual questions, then you should ask him where his favorite place to be kissed is. Many men will be boring and say the obvious answer that you're likely expecting. Others might surprise you by picking an erogenous zone that you weren't thinking of. Either way, this is going to get him thinking about you pleasuring him in one way or another. It's going to keep his mind thinking sexy thoughts, and he will certainly be aroused.

  1. Where Would You Like To Kiss Me The Next Time We See Each Other?

Another interesting dirty question to ask him is about where he would like to kiss you. He could be a gentleman and tell you that he'd love to kiss your lips or your hand. Hopefully, he's going to be much bolder, and he'll tell you exactly where he'd enjoy putting his mouth. This is just another topic of conversation that makes him think about sex and having a lot of fun with you. It's a good way to rile him up a bit and to get him in the mood for a bit of love. You could also show or tell him where you'd like to feel his lips if you feel so inclined.

  1. What's Your Favorite Position With Me?

Personalizing this question so that he imagines you together makes this dirty question even sexier. Ask him what his favorite sex position is that you two usually do. It's going to be a turn-on to think about all the great sexual moments that you have already shared. If you've yet to have full-on sex with him, then you'll be able to at least learn about what his preferences are. It's going to be a winning question for you no matter what.

  1. Are There Any Positions You'd Like For Us To Try?

Continuing the questioning about sexual positions is a good idea. You can change the topic by asking him about sex positions that he would love to try. Chances are, your guy has probably seen more than a few porn films in his life. These have probably given him some ideas of some unusual positions that he might find sexy. Ask him to show you what he would like and then tell him that you'll try to make it happen. Some positions might not be easy to pull off if you aren't incredibly flexible, but you might be surprised what a little bit of yoga can do for you.

  1. Have You Ever Had Sex In Public?

Public sex is something that turns on many people. It isn't uncommon for men and women alike to fantasize about having sex under the stars. Some might even think about how hot it would be to have sex in a public place such as a movie theater, a park, or a parked car. Remember that there are laws against doing such things. This doesn't mean that the idea can't be sexy. Some people are even fearless enough to go for it. It might be a question that will turn your boyfriend on quite a bit.

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  1. What's Your Biggest Sexual Fantasy?

Taking the time to have an erotic talk about his biggest sexual fantasies is great. You want to get to know him on a deeper level, and you want to be able to please him. There might be certain fantasies that he has not ever really discussed with anyone before. If you're an open-minded girlfriend, then you might be willing to help him fulfill his biggest sexual desire. Simply talking about it is going to get him in the mood for sex, and it might very well get you feeling hot as well.

  1. Does It Turn You On To Know That I Think About You?

Do you ever masturbate while thinking about your boyfriend? If so, then you should let him know how much he turns you on. This is going to help his self-confidence to soar, and it could cause a noticeable reaction in his pants. You don't have to show him if you don't want to, but talking about it will give him a lot to think about. It'll be nice for him to know that his presence is missed when he is away from you.

  1. How Often Do You Think About Me?

Conversely, you can ask him about his masturbation habits. You might be curious about how often he gets off thinking about you. Tell him to give you an example of what he thinks about when he is taking matters into his own hands. The conversation will likely get steamy, and he might be tempted to try to meet up to have sex as soon as possible. This type of erotic talk can get a man going, and you could always help him get a release over the phone if you have the time.

  1. Would You Like To Tie Me Up?

Have you been interested in the idea of a little light bondage? Tell your boyfriend about how hot you think the idea of being tied up is. He can think a bit about taking control of you and will imagine you in that position. It's going to cause him to think about what he would want to do to you. Ask him more follow-up questions about how he'd take you and what positions he'd like you to be tied up in. This is a question that will satisfy you if you're a little curious about bondage fetishes, and it could lead to a new sexual focus for your relationship.

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