11 Traits Of A High-Value Woman

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These days, more and more people are choosing to be single, rather than pursue a serious relationship. In fact, we have more single people in the world right now than at any other point in history; a 2017 statistic from the U.S. Census Bureau has revealed that 50.2% of Americans are single. 

This could be for several reasons, but many women choose to put their well-being, career, and themselves above finding a partner. They are also happier for it; a study in Australia found that 76% of women reported being satisfied with single life as contrasted with 67% of men. For support in living alone or with a partner, try relationship advice or online therapy.

Many women today have freedom, independence, and opportunities that were undreamt of only a decade ago. And with that comes power. This is where the high-value woman comes in.

She knows herself, she knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to pursue it. She also knows that she doesn’t need a relationship with a man (even a high value man) to make her whole or complete. But what exactly is a high-value woman, and what are her defining traits?

What Is A High-Value Woman?

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Simply put, a high-value woman understands her worth and exudes an energy that goes beyond the physical. That energy attracts other people like moths to a flame, but she is careful about who she allows into her life. 

A high-value woman is not just highly sought after by men but is someone who knows her inherent value and can hold her own, regardless of what people say or do to her. That said, she doesn’t just let any man into her world, and doesn’t define herself by her relationships with men (or women).

She may not be the most physically attractive, but she has something more valuable and enduring than that. She embraces her femininity and sexuality and possesses a self-confidence that exudes unwavering self-love and self-esteem. This makes many men want to be in her life and have a relationship with her.

Some commonly asked questions about this subject include:

What is a high value woman?

A high-value woman knows her real value. She is aware she is highly desirable, and so has high standards others need to meet to have an intimate relationship with her. 

One of the most important traits of a high valued, highly desirable woman is her self-confidence and deep sense of self-worth and self-esteem. She puts up healthy boundaries in her dating life, making sure she is never disrespected in any of her relationships. This self-confidence and self-respect makes her attractive other people - high value men, but other women as well, who aspire to be like her.

How can you tell a high value woman?

What is a high value person?

A high-value person is aware of his or her true value. High value men and high value women have high standards for others to live up to in order to have an intimate relationship with them because they are aware of how appealing they are.

Other aspects of a high value person include self-confidence and self-esteem. This person establishes healthy boundaries in their dating life to ensure that they are never treated disrespectfully. This person values having a healthy relationship in their life.

What is a low value female?

What do guys value in a woman?

There are four high value traits high quality men value in other women:

High value men want a person who passionate about something other than him. This passion attests to her healthy independence of spirit. 

A high value man wants a woman who will let him live his life, because she is a person with a life of her own. 

High value men like women with a healthy amount of self-confidence. Nobody, neither other men nor other women, respects a person without self-confidence (one of the key markers of a low value woman).

What makes a man choose a woman?

What a high value man wants in a woman?

A high value man wants a woman with self-confidence and who lives her own life. Many women find that when they approach relationships with the mindset that they wil only let someone into their world who has their high value traits, they attract high value men.

How do you show a guy you're high valued?

One of the main ways to do this is to have a world and a life of your own. Don’t let a relationship with a man define you.

How do you make a woman value you?

What are the signs of a good woman?

The 11 Traits Of A High-Value Woman

  1. She Knows Her Worth. A high-value woman doesn’t equate her worth with her body (the trait of a low value woman), the amount of attention she gets, or sex, nor does she operate from a place of fear or neediness. She doesn’t need a relationship with a man, or anyone else, to get her validation. She also doesn’t let the opinions or remarks of others get in the way of how she lives her life, because she has self-respect. She doesn’t base her self-esteem on what people think of her. She is aware of and grounded in her inherent worth and value and knows this to be true regardless of what happens to her. 

However, she knows this doesn’t give her permission to act too good for others or create a sense of false entitlement. Her strong sense of self-worth is evident in how she walks, talks, dresses, her good posture, and, most importantly, treats herself.

  1. She Loves And Respects Herself. A high-value woman feels good in her skin, can spend time in her own company, and is not intimidated by the high standards she has set for herself and others who want a relationship with her. Because of the respect she has for her own value, she is not afraid to walk away from an intimate relationship with someone does not love her in the same way she loves herself.

She knows that the level of respect she will get from others is contingent on the respect she gives to herself. For this reason, this person loves and respects herself deeply and will not settle for any less than what she knows she deserves (other high value people).

  1. She Is Kind And Compassionate. One of the traits of a high-value woman is understanding the power of compassion in the world. She displays kindness to everyone she encounters, whether toward a bus driver or her close friends. This is evident in her warmth - she knows that true, lasting beauty comes from how you treat others, and so her beauty radiates from within. 

Because she knows the value and connectedness of all living things, she is present with all and treats those around her with a gentle loving-kindness. She isn’t cold-hearted, stoic, or plays too hard to get another person. She cares about people, and she is not afraid to show it. All her relationships in her life are based in healthy respect for other people, even those of low value.

  1. She Is Committed To Learning And Growth. One of the traits of a high-value woman pursues personal growth relentlessly and strives to be the best version of herself every day. She believes in being well-rounded and pursues wholehearted living with a passion, always moving forward. 

She aims to be intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually stable and is not afraid to seek professional help to achieve optimum well-being. She knows that she has a lot to learn and is dedicated to learning through reading books, being updated on current affairs, watching films, listening to music, traveling, and immersing herself in art. She tries to expand her knowledge and learn something every day, knowing that everything and everyone has something to teach her if she remains open and humble.

  1. She Is Self-Aware And Empathic. A high-value woman is aware of the effects her thoughts, words, and behaviors have on other people. She understands that it’s not just what you say but how you say it and communicates with others in a tactful and empathetic way. She possesses emotional intelligence and respects her feelings and thoughts without judgment. This enables her to do the same for others. She genuinely desires to communicate effectively with and understand other people, build and encourage others when she senses they need it, accept people as they are without needing or demanding that change.
  2. She Is Grounded In Maturity. One of the most important high value woman traits is she doesn’t play games or manipulate others to get what she wants. Waiting for a few days until texting back, pretending to be too busy, or stringing men along for fun are things she considers beneath her own value. These are in fact the traits of a low value woman.

She will not engage in behaviors that don’t align with her values or desires. She knows that she doesn’t have to follow “dating rules” to make herself more attractive or appear more unattainable - she already knows that she is a high quality woman and doesn’t feel the need to prove it. Moreover, a high-value woman will not resort to demands to get someone to stay - she will allow the other person to leave the relationship if they wish to with grace.

  1. She Is Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind. A high-value woman knows that she serves no one by not speaking her mind. She is values expressing her thoughts, feelings, and opinions with others, even if she knows that not everyone will like it. She isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants, knowing that her needs are just as important as everybody else’s. Similarly, she isn’t afraid to say no or make clear what her boundaries are. A high-value woman also expresses herself creatively and shares her unique outlook on the world through mediums like dance, poetry, or painting. When she does, it comes from a place of genuineness, authenticity, and vulnerability.
  2. She Is Passionate. Another one of the major high value woman traits is living a life that is in alignment with one’s purpose, goals, and values. She doesn’t accept any less and will pursue what she loves with fervor and passion. She lives a life of abundance and does not give up doing what she loves to be with a man. She is not knocked down for long when setbacks and challenges come her way; she uses them as motivation to do and be better. She is a woman who is unapologetically in love with what she does and who she is. She is a woman who takes full responsibility for her happiness and well-being.
  3. She Has Class. Classy and sexy are not oxymorons. She knows how to embrace her charm, femininity, and powerful beauty in an authentic way. She doesn’t feel the need to seek attention from others constantly but is comfortable in her beauty and holds herself with grace. She doesn’t feel the need to compete with other women but understands that all women are beautiful in their way and that their beauty does not take away from hers whatsoever. She is committed to empowering others and knows there is no need to compete for love or attention - there is room for everyone at the table.
  4. She Takes Care Of Herself. A high-value woman will not only take care of herself emotionally and spiritually but physically, too. She is committed to good health; she nourishes her body with water and food that makes her feel her best, exercises and moves her body daily, and presents herself to the world in a way that makes her feel confident and beautiful. She values her downtime and places high importance on her self-care routine. She understands the importance of living a balanced life, has a healthy respect for her limits, and treats her body lovingly.
  5. She Embraces Her Vulnerability. A high-value woman knows that being vulnerable isn’t being weak, needy, or too much. In fact, vulnerability is one of the most high value traits there is. Vulnerability is being emotionally brave, even when it feels risky or scary. She allows herself to be transparent and authentic with the people she loves, giving them the space to do the same. She doesn’t allow fear to drive her decisions in relationships, but instead risks hurt and disappointment to achieve connection, intimacy, and trust.


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The Takeaway

A high-value woman is many things, but above and beyond, she is a woman who knows her value and only wants people in her life who values her, too. She owns, loves, and respects herself and knows her life is no less abundant without a relationship with a man - and that is what makes her a high-value woman.

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