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By Samantha Dewitt

Updated December 03, 2019

Reviewer Robin Brock

Many people think of counseling for marriage problems, but they may not think about it as much when the entire family is struggling. Maybe all of you are fighting about something, or maybe you just don't know what you want to do now. The truth is that your entire family can go to counseling and start working on the problems that you're facing. You'll have no problem finding someone that can work with the entire family to help you get through the difficulty you're experiencing.

Counseling To Solve Family Problems

So you're thinking about looking at counseling. Well, you can reap a lot of benefits for the family. The important thing about counseling is that everyone in the family feels comfortable expressing themselves and talking about what they see wrong with the relationship. If everyone is not at ease, it's only going to make some members of your family feel more frustrated and ignored. That can lead to even more problems in your relationship together.

Think about what happens when your children aren't happy with you. When they're young, you probably don't worry about it too much. They get frustrated or angry, and then they get over it just as quickly. As they get older, however, the arguments between you and them start to get more heated and more significant. That's when you need to talk to a professional. And if your child isn't comfortable with the professional that you choose, they won't open up, which means that they aren't going to talk about what's bothering them and no one will be able to fix it for them.


What Counseling Can Do

We often think about counseling for individuals or married couples, but when it comes to the entire family, we're not so sure. The truth is, there are several different reasons that you should be looking at family counseling. It's not just about fixing the individual problems that we have in our family but taking the initiative to understand what's going on in the family as well. Sometimes it's easy for us to talk to family members and to keep moving forward. Other times, it's not.

Maybe you and your family have always had a close relationship, but now you seem to be more distant from each other. Maybe a member of the family is having trouble with addiction or depression or even a major illness. Maybe big changes are coming for your family, and you want to make sure that everyone is healthily processing them. There are several different things to think about and several different ways that counseling can help you to understand.

The first and most important thing about counseling is that it's going to allow each member of your family to speak and be heard. Everyone gets the chance to talk, and everyone gets the opportunity to make sure that their family members are listening to them. A counselor will make sure each of you speaks. They'll also help to explain what the family member is saying in a way that every other member of the family can understand. These skills aren't just important at the time, but they will carry over long after your family is finished with counseling and starts moving on with your lives.

Another important factor is that everyone gets the same level of importance. Maybe in your family you usually let one person have their way. In counseling, that isn't going to work. In counseling, it's all about what's best for the family as a whole and what is going to make your entire family better. It's not about just making one person happy, but about understanding how you can improve your lives and create a true family that is there for one another. Your counselor is going to make sure that this happens as well.

You'll learn how to handle different problems that might be happening in your lives if someone is struggling with an illness, an addiction or any type of problem. You'll learn how to interact with them healthily and positively that not only helps them but helps the entire family. You'll learn how to help them get better or to improve every day, or you'll learn to help them come to terms with what's happening in their life. Not only that, but you'll learn the skills necessary to come to terms with what's happening for yourself and how to make the most out of every situation and everything that you're learning.

Finally, in counseling, you're going to learn how to be a better family. You're going to learn how to interact with one another in healthy and productive ways. You're going to learn how to handle disagreements, problems, and more. You'll learn how to celebrate the victories, whether they're big or small, and how to deal with the setbacks. You're going to learn a whole lot about your family and what it's all about, and you're going to learn how to make a big difference in your life. It's all about making sure that you and your family are living your best lives together and while that may not always be easy, it doesn't have to be difficult either.


Who To Choose

Talk to your children about what type of person they would feel most comfortable with and see if you can find someone who matches the criteria. Always be open to what they have to say. Your children may experience some uncertainty when you first start with a counselor, or any member of your family may decide that they don't feel comfortable with them at some point during the therapy. Remember, it's your therapist's job to push you a little out of your comfort zone and to help strengthen the relationship between all of you, which isn't always going to be easy or you'd be doing it already.

Sure, it's going to feel difficult, and you may have some trouble with the process simply because of that, but if your children or you or anyone in the family don't feel comfortable with the therapist you choose it's going to cause more problems. The only way that therapy is going to work is if everyone in the family is willing to be 100% open and honest. If you're not comfortable with the therapist that's not going to happen and it's not going to be possible for you to push onward and achieve the level of success from therapy that you were hoping for.

It may take some trial and error to find the right person. You may have to set up a few different sessions with different therapists so that you get the chance to talk with them and get an idea of what they're going to do for your family. Don't just cancel a session with someone because they've pushed you past where you feel comfortable but if you're not comfortable opening up in front of them it's a good reason to continue looking for someone else.

When you've found someone, you feel safe with and you feel you can completely trust them, you're going to be on the right track. You'll start opening up, and each member of the family will be able to talk about what they think and feel and what they want from each other, which is the only way that you can improve your relationship. Your therapist will help you work through those things. Just remember, therapy needs to be a safe space where you and your children can talk about anything at all without fear or repercussions. Otherwise, it's going to make you feel less comfortable about the experience.

Also, remember that you're going to have to keep pushing yourself every step of the way. Things aren't going to be easy. They're not going to be quick either. It's going to take time and effort and intention for you to be able to achieve the things that you want for your family. You deserve to have a happy and healthy life together, but it's not going to be as simple as you might want it to be. You all must be willing to delve deep into the hard things to achieve the things that you're striving for in your lives.


If you're searching for a therapist you can feel comfortable with; you'll want to check out You'll be able to find someone who your family will like, and you'll be able to do it all online. Even better, you're not just finding your therapist online; you're meeting with them online too. You'll be able to sit in your favorite room of the house and talk with your therapist right from there, where all of you are comfortable and relaxed. It makes it easier for you to set up the appointments and definitely for you to open up about your thoughts and feelings.

This type of therapy is going to give you a whole lot of variety as well because you get to choose the counselor that you feel most comfortable with out of a range of different people located around the country. You're not limited to just the people who are available in your area, because you have sessions online anyway. That means you can look for someone that you like and feel comfortable with and have nearly endless options because there are therapists and professionals from all over to help you and your family along your path. All you need to do is just keep looking until you find the right person for your needs.

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