How To Stop Thinking About Your Crush

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A crush can happen at any age, and sometimes, it can feel so all-consuming that it can be difficult to think about anything else. You can find yourself daydreaming about them, reliving moments together, and imagining a future together. These thoughts can be fun, but sometimes, they can feel like too much and like you need to find a way to stop them. Whether you want to stop thinking about them because you can’t be together or because you simply want to be able to focus on other things, there are strategies you can try to get your mind off your crush. We’ll explore a few in this article. 

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Having a crush on someone can be overwhelming sometimes

What exactly is a crush?

Amid a crush, it can be difficult to differentiate between feelings of love versus a crush. Love is an emotion that typically takes time to develop; it can develop when a person has a very strong personal affection or attachment toward another person. It is often long-lasting, sometimes even for a lifetime.

Meanwhile, a crush is a very strong attraction toward someone; however, it is typically an infatuation that lasts for a relatively short period. A crush is often based on things like a person’s appearance, the way the person talks or acts, or some particular behavior that another person likes. It tends to be short-lived.

Sometimes, having a crush can feel almost overwhelming, and it can be hard to think about or focus on anything else. Not being able to stop thinking about your crush is very common, so if this is something you’re experiencing, you’re not alone. Read on for a few tips. 

How to stop thinking about your crush

If you’re trying to figure out how to stop thinking about your crush, consider some of the following tips: 

Put away or remove things that remind you of your crush

If you’re trying to put someone out of your mind for good, it may help to remove any items that remind you of this person. Seeing these things around may stir up emotions and memories that you would rather not think about. Maybe you have a stuffed animal from them, an old shirt of theirs, or a bunch of photos of you two—whatever the case, you might find it helpful to either store these things away out of sight, or even get rid of them completely if you prefer. 

Feel your emotions

Sometimes we need to feel our raw emotions to allow ourselves to process what is happening. While it can be tempting to want to just shove the thoughts out of our minds, sometimes, we may need to feel all of the emotions surrounding the situation first before we can fully let it go. Try to be kind and patient with yourself, and allow yourself to feel the mix of emotions that may arise. If this person rejects you, or if things won’t work out for whatever reason, give yourself the space to feel the pain, sadness, disappointment, and whatever else comes up. 

Talk about it with someone you trust

Speaking with someone about the emotions you’re feeling can be another great step toward moving forward. Having a safe and objective sounding board may help you to process the situation, and it can give you a different perspective on what you’re feeling. Constructive advice from someone you trust can also give you ideas for how to continue moving forward in a positive direction. You can try expressing your feelings to a close friend or loved one, or if you prefer, you can speak with a therapist (more on that later in this article). 

Having a crush on someone can be overwhelming sometimes

Take other healthy steps

Incorporating other healthy habits can also be beneficial as you are navigating this potentially stressful and confusing time. Some examples of healthy steps you could try include getting plenty of sleep, eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, practicing gratitude, meditating, and spending time with loved ones. These healthy habits may help you to think about other things while also improving your overall well-being. 

Seek professional help

If you find yourself having trouble getting your mind off your crush and would like additional support, a mental health professional can help. In some cases, frequent thoughts about a crush may happen alongside low self-esteem, especially if the person we’re thinking about has rejected us or if we feel like we need this person’s attention in order to feel valued. And research has demonstrated the effectiveness of online therapy for low self-esteem.

Some individuals may find it helpful to reach out for help in those exact moments when intense thoughts about their crush pop up. With online therapy through Regain, you can use in-app messaging to do just that: you can reach out to your therapist as those thoughts arise, and they will respond as soon as they can. 


If you feel like you can’t stop thinking about your crush, you can try some of the tips detailed above to try to get your mind off them. For instance, it may help to feel your emotions, talk about it with someone you trust, and take other healthy steps. For further support, an online therapist can help. 

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