What To Do On A Second Date: 10 Ideas To Consider

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If you’re preparing for a second date, it usually means that the first one went well. You may find yourself getting more excited about the person you’re seeing and might even be picturing a future relationship with them. Therefore, you’re probably hoping to make the second date special and may even be putting a lot of pressure on yourself to make it happen. Following up on a positive first date might feel intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of fun things that you can do with your date to get to know each other better. At least one of the 10 second date ideas in this article may be something you’d like to try out. If the second date goes well, it may just lead you toward a new committed relationship.

Navigating Second-Date Jitters - Or Something Else?

1. Karaoke

If you’re looking for a way to let your guard down around your date, karaoke could be a fun, carefree second date idea to try out. If your date happens to be very into singing or music in general, this can be a fun opportunity for them to show off their skills. You could have a great time laughing and smiling while you sing songs either in a private room or in front of an audience. Of course, it can be important not to make you or your date feel uncomfortable. If either of you tends to be shy, doesn’t like singing, or lacks self-confidence, a different date idea could be more ideal. Some towns might not even have a karaoke business, but if there does happen to be one where you live, you might consider giving it a shot. It could lead to some lasting memories that help define the early days of your relationship.

2. Hiking

Hiking is an activity that can be very fulfilling. It gets you outdoors to experience the wonders of nature, and it also helps you to get some exercise. If both you and your date consider yourselves to be outdoorsy, then a hiking date could be worth your consideration. You could find a beautiful trail to walk and even take your dog along if either of you has one. Picking something that isn't too rigorous may be ideal if you want to be able to chat. Some second dates may be more traditional than hiking, but the most memorable dates are often those that involve doing something that both individuals enjoy.  If you and your date like to get your bodies moving and aren’t afraid of working up a sweat while on a date, hiking could be a fun second date.

3. Romantic Picnic In The Park

Looking for romantic date ideas? The idea of a romantic picnic in the park is a classic. If you love spending time outdoors and the weather is nice enough, this could be a suggestion to consider. You can make sandwiches and other simple dishes to take with you on your picnic. Bring a blanket and perhaps some pillows so that you can get comfortable somewhere out in nature. You'll be able to lay down in the park together and enjoy a gorgeous day outside. A picnic in the park usually makes it easy to talk openly with one another as well. Instead of having to talk quietly, like you might have to do in a coffee shop, you and your date can chat whatever you want without worrying about others overhearing the conversation.

4. Cook A Meal Together

Cooking a meal together can be a fun way to bond while also learning about and trying something new. Pick a recipe that sounds enticing to both of you, keeping in mind each of your likes, dislikes, and allergies. Even if you aren't a skilled cook, it can still be interesting to try to work together to make a nice dish to eat. Your meal might not turn out like you hoped it would, but the experience of cooking together can make you feel more connected as a couple. Cooking together also requires cooperation and communication. These are two skills you’ll need should your relationship evolve into something more. This date may also cost less than other options, leaving more money for dates in the future.

5. Dancing

Dancing is an activity that many people enjoy. If you are an avid dancer yourself, then being able to take your new romantic interest out for a night on the town probably sounds exciting. You could go out to a dance club and spend some time on the dance floor with your date, either teaching them new skills or learning from them yourself. Even if neither of you is particularly skilled at dancing, it can still be an easy way to unwind together. Being physically close to your date as you dance can help build the connection and intimacy shared between the two of you. Sparks might fly, and it could even lead to a kiss by the end of the evening. Whatever your tastes might be, dancing can be a fun date suggestion if you're both up for it.

6. Stargazing

Does the idea of looking up at the stars with your potential new lover sound appealing to you? The atmosphere that is created when the stars light up the sky at night can be romantic, and you have probably seen movies where two people lovingly gaze at the stars while holding hands or cuddling. This can be an easy date to pull off, and you might even be able to go stargazing in your backyard if the skies are clear enough where you live. Otherwise, you might want to spend some time at a nearby campground or park to enjoy the moment. Whether you want to take a telescope with you or lay down and look up at the sky, it can make for a memorable second date.

7. Concerts

Do you love music? If you love music and your date also seems to like it, then going to a concert could be a blast. Music is a huge part of many people's lives, and you can have a positive time experiencing it together. If you're both into the same genre of music, there may be a concert that fits your style that you can each vibe to while enjoying each other. Couples don't have to enjoy the same music to fall in love, but it can be a fun and helpful interest to have in common. If you do enter a relationship with your date, it can be beneficial to have someone who likes the same music as you for everyday drives and road trips. Since concerts can be loud, it may be difficult to have a conversation with your date. So, finding a place to unwind after the concert is over can be helpful for deepening your relationship.

8. Sporting Events


Sporting events can be a fun second date idea because they provide you with a form of entertainment while also giving you the chance to talk and connect with your date. Instead of staring directly at one another, which may happen if you go to a romantic dinner together, you can ease some of the nerves of a second date by sitting next to one another. You can also feast on stadium food together and browse the stores for your team’s memorabilia. Plus, there are lots of different options for the type of event you attend. You could go watch baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer depending on your and your date’s interests. Some events may be held outdoors, which can make the date even more enjoyable when the weather is nice. 

9. Going To The Beach, Lake, Or Pool

If you live near a beach or lake and the weather is right, being able to relax together out in nature can be calming and allow you to talk for hours on end. It could also create the perfect atmosphere for a kiss if you and your date are comfortable with it. If you’re wanting to create an even more romantic atmosphere, you could even wait until nighttime when the stars come out. 

If you don’t have any beaches or lakes nearby, heading to the pool could be another option. You and your date can put on your best swimming outfits and take to the water together. Bring snacks and drinks along and take the day to have fun and get to know one another while relaxing in the sunshine. When it gets chilly outside, it could be an opportunity to get a little closer to cuddle. 

10. Amusement Parks Or Festivals

If you want to have a fun time together while getting in touch with your youthful spirit, then going to an amusement park or festival could be an option. Many couples go to amusement parks together because they can try new foods, try new rides, and play games to win prizes together. Many people spend several hours or an entire day at an amusement park, giving you plenty of time to get to know each other more deeply while having fun. Getting in touch with your inner child can bring your emotional barriers down, allowing you each to assess how strong your connection really is. 

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Navigating Second-Date Jitters - Or Something Else?

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The Takeaway

Dating provides an opportunity for you to get to know other people and figure out what you’d like in a romantic relationship. Although it can be difficult to put yourself out there, it can also be exciting and rewarding to experience a variety of memories and dates with another person. Even the healthiest relationships have challenges, and we all face rejection at some point or another. If you need help navigating your love life, consider finding support from a licensed relationship counselor online. While you speak with your love interest via phone or internet, you can also do the same by connecting with a Regain therapist from the comfort of your home. They can equip you with healthier dating habits and guide you toward a healthy, reciprocal relationship. 

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