Five Topics For Your Second Date Conversation

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Your first date went well and had a great time getting to know the other person. It was fun. Maybe there was even a kiss goodnight. You both had a great time and have decided you want to see each other again.

I Have No Idea What To Say On Our Second Date

It's time for the second date. Second dates can feel intimidating because you may feel like you pulled out your best conversation on the first date. You don't want the second date to fall flat, mainly because you had such a good time on the first date. However, what to talk about on a second date?

Here are some topics you can use for your second date to make sure you have just as much fun as you did the first time around.

Ask About Their Passions

While the first date probably covered the basics like family, job, and some flirting, the second date is a chance to see that makes this person tick a bit better. During the second date, ask them about what makes them excited in life.  Passions are more than just hobbies and interests; after all, you probably already scratched the surface of that one on the first date.

Passions are things that light us up, things we are excited to do. It may be a hobby, or it could be a side hustle they are working on all the time. Asking about their passions is a great way to get them excited, to let them know that you want to know them and that you care.

Then, don't be afraid to talk about your passions. Is it your dogs or archery or craft beer? When you show that you care about what your date is excited about, they may want to know what your interests are.

Talk About Hopes And Dreams

How do they want their future to look? Asking about their hopes and dreams is a great way to get to know what they are planning in life. This question can help you see if your ideas about the future align, which can be necessary for a long-term relationship.

More than just seeing if you could have a future together, asking about their dreams for themselves can help you get to know them better. It helps you see what drives them, what their goals are. Are they work-oriented, looking for that big promotion? Maybe they want to settle down and have a family. Perhaps travel is on the bucket list, with exotic locations to explore.

Whatever their dreams are, you can be sure they can be exciting.

Remember, this is more than asking, "where do you see yourself in five years?" The second date isn't a job interview. Asking about their hopes is asking about what they would do if money, time, and commitments weren't a problem. Asking about their dreams is wanting to know what they want out of life, not what they need to do.

You Can Check Back In With Them

Chances are if there was a life event going on you would have found out on the first date. Was it something with their family? Did something happen at work? Did they have a birthday coming up?

Try and remember these things for your second date. Bringing the topic back up and asking how it went is a fantastic way to show you are paying attention to them, are interested in them, and that you care about their life.

Don't be afraid to probe a bit about the situation. Questions that push a little bit deeper into the topics are good because this is the second date. This date is another chance to get to know your date. So, thinking about questions to ask a guy or a woman is essential! You don't want to come across as unprepared.

If you brought up something that was happening in your life on the first date, don't be afraid to bring it back up. While you never want to dominate the conversation, talking only about yourself and your life, it's ok to use what has transpired in your life as a conversation topic.

Ask About Their Favorite Things

Asking the other person about their favorite foods, movies, book, music, and more turns the conversation towards your date, letting them know you want to listen to them. Don't let them get away with just listing things off; ask them why they like what they do. Dig in a bit more on this second date.

Be prepared for some rabbit trails. Sometimes when people talk about their favorite things, they can get a bit carried away. Let your date talk as long as they want. You don't need to cut in and talk about yourself at this time. You can, and should, ask clarifying and probing questions, but this is their time to talk, without judgment or interruption.

How Did They Grow Up

Asking about family is a pretty standard topic for a first date. On the second date, you may want to ask about what schools they went to, friends they had, what good childhood memories they have. Show interest in their life; it goes a long way.

Again, this shows that you were listening to them the first time around. It shows that you care about their life. Asking about how they grew up can be an excellent way to get some funny stories and keep the conversation upbeat.

Facilitating The Conversation

It's good to be prepared with some topics to talk about for the second date. To have these conversations, we need to first talk about how to get a second date.

Going on a 2nd date begins with the first date. If the first date ends on a high note, you are more likely to get the second date. Have fun on your first date, keep things light, and don't get too serious. Meeting for drinks, coffee, or dinner provides a great backdrop to a relaxed conversation where you can get to know each other and see if you have a connection that is worth having a second date.

Many people often wonder what should happen on a second date. The answer is: it's up to you. There are no rules to dating. You may want to go to a concert or a movie, play pool or karaoke. The second date is a great time to have a more in-depth conversation than the first date, and many people wisely use the second date for this. You want to get to know your date, especially if you're interested in the long term or more serious relationship. That doesn't preclude you from doing things, plan accordingly.

What Can You Do On A Second Date?

The options for what to do on a second date are almost endless. A fun thing to do is to let the other person plan the date if you planed the first date and vice versa. 

Some tips for second dates:

  • First and foremost, have fun. The second date is supposed to be a good time. Don't be grouchy or too serious.
  • Get your date moving. An outdoor event like hiking or a picnic can be great options. Take your dog to the park. Go to the beach or a lake. It's a great way to have some physical fun together.
  • Make space for conversation. Your goal is to get to know this person better to see if there is a potential for future dates and maybe a relationship. Talk it up.
  • Make a date longer. You know that both of you like each other, so don't be afraid to spend some extra time together. Who knows, you could get the second date kiss that you've been waiting for! You can take it slower than a quick meeting for happy hour.

Should I Kiss Them On The Second Date

The second date may be a good time to think about kissing your date if you haven't already. The second date kiss is good because you've already invested time getting to know this person, and you know they like you because they've chosen to go out with you again.

A second date kiss may signify that the person wants a third date with you, and possibly a relationship. It is essential to communicate what you want out of the dates and to listen to the other person's wants and desires as well.

Beyond The Second Date

It can be scary to think about getting into a relationship with someone, especially if people have hurt you in the past. Still, you may find yourself in a position of wanting a relationship with this person. That's great.

I Have No Idea What To Say On Our Second Date

If you enter into a relationship with someone, there is going to be conflict at some point. It's ok to argue and disagree in healthy ways. Some of us may need help navigating the conflict.

In times like this, an online therapist can be beneficial. A trained, licensed therapist can help you and your partner navigate relationship bumps, conflict, and disagreements in healthy ways. With the help of a therapist, you can make your relationship the best it can be for everyone involved.

Talk It Out

Remember that the second date is a great time to ask more probing questions, get a bit deeper, and begin to know your date completely. Don't let the fear of what to talk about stop you from reaching out and setting up the date. You'll enjoy yourself, and the other person will, too, if you take time to listen, converse, and show your interest in them.

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