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Most people would agree that dating can be fun but planning a date can be overwhelming. Planning a date can be a challenging task for the first or the 50th date. A person usually has no ideas at all or a couple of really great ideas. The issue arises because the planner overthinks things and worries if the other person will enjoy the date or not. That's a common concern and a primary reason you should learn your date's likes and dislikes before planning the date.

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It's nice to put a twist or spin on the date. A movie date is common and somewhat outdated because, face it, taking in a movie isn't the best way to spend an evening or night out with someone you're trying to get to know. However, the movies are ideal for couples that have been dating for a while. It's an easy date to plan, as long as you select a movie that both people will enjoy.

The first date couple

There is a category of best and worst first-date stories to be heard around the world. The stress of planning a first date is understandably greater than planning a date for someone you've dated for a while. The option to plan a simple but enjoyable date is a safe route that most prefer to take but often fear that their date won't be impressed. Some people prefer simplicity or uniqueness when going out on a date. It's the time being spent together getting to know each other on the most important first date. Therefore, planning a date that allows you and your date to engage in conversation is ideal for the first dates. Don't overthink it, as many would agree that the ideal first date depends greatly on the couple and the things they most enjoy.

The date night couple

Couples that have dated for a while typically try to incorporate a night to go out into their relationship to keep the spark alive. It allows the couple to allocate time with each other regularly. A night to go on a date can be once or twice per month and is extremely important for busy couples. Planning a night to go out can be difficult also. Couples who have done almost everything their city offers may run out of ideas and seek ways to make dates more exciting. If you and your partner decided to go on a movie date, there are movie date tips to keep the date alive and thriving.

Regardless if it's a first date or an anniversary milestone date, you want it to be fun and memorable. The following date ideas are impressive, savvy, and easy to plan. They are great first date or any date options that will put a smile on your date's face. One of these ideas could be the first of a lifetime of dates for you and your potential or current mate.

1. Take a stroll

It may sound simple, which is a good thing, but it's a great way to spend time with someone. Taking a stroll by the waterside or in a park following an early dinner is a great way to spend time with your date. Walking inspires conversation topics, as you can discuss things that you encounter while strolling or walking. Pair walking with grabbing a coffee, and you've planned a wonderful first date.

2. Visit the local farmers market

This tops the list for first dates for a few reasons. It's a public setting, and it's a great conversation starter. First dates can be nerve-racking for some people. In this case, planning a date at the local farmers' market helps take the edge off. You're surrounded by people from all walks of life, beautiful fruits, vegetables, and other unique items to the area. Most markets have at least one station that offers coffee or smoothies. Grab one with your date and escape to an area to sit and chat for a while. If everything is progressing smoothly, perhaps you can suggest picking out a few ingredients for you to cook for your date, or the two of you can prepare something together. On the other hand, if the date isn't working out, you can easily excuse yourself to get those fresh vegetables home.

3. Escape room

Escape rooms are incredibly popular and can be extremely fun. The strategy requires you to work alongside your date to escape the space, making it a wonderful date activity. This is an ideal atmosphere to get to know your date better. An escape room reveals how someone works under pressure and shows their ability and willingness to work with others. Another pro is that you and your date will be forced to communicate, which many couples struggle with throughout their relationship.

4. Go skating

Skating is a magnificent date suggestion for third or fourth dates, especially. It's a fun and out-of-the-box type date that brings you and your date closer together, even if it is as you're falling on the skating rink floor. The music creates an exciting atmosphere, and the lights increase the energy levels to create the perfect ambiance for going out at night.

5. Attend a comedy show

Laughter is good for the soul and lightens the mood. Comedy shows are fun and a precise approach that helps to bring laughter to the date. Regardless of if the show has you clenching your side in laughter or not, you and your date should have a few hot conversation topics afterward.

6. Plan to attend a game

Do you and your date both love sports? Plan a date for a sporting event in the area. It's a relaxed and exciting atmosphere that forces a few dating elements. You may be forced to squeeze in close together if the stands are packed. You may be forced to share popcorn just because it's cute. You'll also have the game to talk about to prevent those awkward moments of silence. This is only a great dating idea if your date likes sports.

7. Attend a paint class

Amateur paint classes are extremely popular these days, and they can be really fun. It's a date that extracts the creative side and can be a great chat tool during the date. Painting engages the emotions and could reveal your date's sensitive side as well. Some paint classes are staged as "Sip and Paint" sessions, which intertwine drinks and snacks with the paint session.

8. Get to cooking

This date idea is a little different than you're probably thinking. Find a local cooking class to attend together. It's hands-on, inspiring, and shows the cooking skills that each person has—or lack thereof—which is good to know for future dates. Cooking classes can be set-up for a second or third date. Suggest a date at a restaurant to try the type of food prepared in the class if you both enjoyed it for potential dinner date ideas.


9. Visit a local festival

Check your local activity schedule to discover which local festivals or concerts are planned. They make wonderful dates for the first date option and just as good for a seasoned couple. If you can locate a festival within a twenty-mile radius of where you live, make plans to attend. You may find a free event that offers music and foods to sample or a local fair. These are unique options that you and your date may both enjoy.

Here are a few other date ideas to add to the list if you're wondering where to take a girl on a date:

  • Wine tasting
  • Day at the beach
  • Zoo trip
  • Bike ride
  • Volunteer together
  • Trampoline park
  • Dance class

Remember this

There are a few important factors to consider when planning a date. You must plan an outing that both parties can enjoy, but certain circumstances may interfere with certain date ideas. Consider these things when planning your next dates:

  • Allergies that your date may have. It's important to ask or know about certain allergies that your date has, especially if preparing a meal for them. You also want to be certain that you don't subject them to environments they are allergic to.
  • Fears that your date may have. If your date has a fear of heights, don't plan a hike to a mountain top. This reminds you that you should consider those things that your date finds uncomfortable to avoid planning a date that involves those things.
  • The personality of your date. If your date is usually withdrawn or hard to impress, you may want to plan interactive activities to make a date more enjoyable such as golf, bowling, or paintball.
  • The weather. This likely goes without saying but should be considered, especially when planning a date. If you're planning a date at an upcoming outdoor event, a park, or a picnic, be certain that the weather conditions are favorable for that time and day.
Need guidance with the world of dating? Our therapists can help


There are a lot of options out there as you plan your date with someone, but remember to be yourself, be creative, and communicate honestly with your date. And, while planning your dates can be as fun and adventurous as the date itself, some people may struggle with the process and dating in general because they are dealing with other issues within. Seeing a therapist may help with internal issues and lead a healthier and more successful dating life.

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