Use Couple Counseling Exercises To Strengthen Your Relationship

Updated September 04, 2018


You want your relationship to be strong because you want it to last, but it's not always easy to get a relationship that lasts forever. You need to be willing and able to work on it as a couple and that's where couple counseling exercises come in. These exercises are going to help strengthen your bond with each other and your relationship as a whole, making sure that you will be able to weather the storms that come your way and that you'll be able to continue working together, no matter what.

Couple Counseling Exercises


Appreciate Each Other

Take a little time and write your partner a letter telling them all the things that you appreciate about them. Don't mention the things that you do for them, but talk about the things that they do for you and how much you appreciate them. Maybe talk about that time you woke up late and they already had the kids' lunches packed, or the way that they always take care of the yard or make the coffee for you in the morning. Letting them know that you notice the things they do and appreciate it makes your partner feel loved and respected.

Hold the Fight


When you and your partner start to argue, take a moment to step back and think about it. Agree to put the fight off until Friday or Sunday. Pick a day a few days away and then wait until that day comes around. Do you even remember what you were fighting about? Chances are, most of the fights won't happen because you won't even remember having them. Perhaps you now had time to think a little more rationally instead of at the heat of the moment. Now it will be easier to discuss instead of argue.

Make Dinner Family Time


If you and your partner often eat rushed meals on the living room couch or even in the kitchen while you're getting ready for something else, you're not taking the time to enjoy being around one another. Take the time to move your meal to the dining room or at least to a table somewhere and sit down together. Talk a little, even if the meal can only be 10 minutes before you have to be rushing off somewhere else. That little bit of time to talk and interact with each other is definitely going to help you connect better as a couple.

Be Completely Honest

This can be a difficult one because you don't want to hurt your partner, but sometimes you need to be brutally honest. Come up with a single hour during the week or even just once a month where you and your partner can sit down and be 100% honest with each other. Once you leave that honesty hour, you can't hold any anger over what was said (though it's okay to take a little time to reflect). For that hour, there's no fighting and only absolute honesty. It helps to strengthen your relationship and your love for each other.

When you and your partner are struggling or even when you're not, it's important to work on exercises and improvement methods for your relationship. You want to be strong and healthy together so that you can continue to improve the relationship, and that's going to take some work. With the help of a therapist, like the ones you can find at, you'll be able to start on the path to an even better relationship in no time at all.

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