Why Sending A Romantic Text Is A Good (Or Bad) Idea

By: Robert Porter

Updated June 10, 2021

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Texting your partner might be something that you do all the time. Many people send texts back and forth to stay in touch throughout the day. You might be wondering whether or not you should put a bit more effort into the text messages you're sending your lover. If you want to make them feel special, then sending a romantic text might be a good way to do that. Some types of romantic text messages might not be a good idea, but you should think about your options when you're trying to make your partner smile.

Telling Her, You Love Her

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Telling your girlfriend that you love her is certainly a good but simple way to send a romantic text. It shouldn't be your first text to a girl ever, but you should express your love as long as you're truthful. When you really love someone, you might feel like you want to shout it from the rooftops. Love is a powerful emotion, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to show your love for someone you care about deeply.

Some people are more comfortable with the words "I love you" than others, of course. Understand that your girlfriend might need to take some time to work up to saying those three words. It needs to be real, and it needs to feel natural. If you do both love each other already, then don't hesitate to text her a nice romantic I love you a message.

It will certainly be something that will make her feel good inside. You can get cute with it if you want, or you can stick with the tried-and-true, straight-to-the-point "I love you" message. Either way, expressing what is in your heart is good. You don't have to send these messages all the time, but a daily expression of love is something that many couples enjoy.

Getting Flirtatious

Another type of romantic text is going to have more to do with getting flirtatious. If you're a sexually active couple and you're starting to feel amorous, then sending a romantic text that is a bit flirty might be in order. You don't have to take things too far, but letting her know how sexy she is or how beautiful her eyes are will be a way to get romantic. Some couples even enjoy sending flirty pictures back and forth.

Your sex life is something that you should want to nourish. A little bit of flirting is something that can brighten your day for sure. It's just important to read the mood and make sure that your girlfriend is into it first. You don't need to get lewd to flirt with your girl, either. Let her know that you can't wait to be together again, and feel free to express your passion in a classy way.

If you aren't living together and don't see each other every day, these flirty texts will help keep you connected. It can help you build excitement for the next time you get to meet up. How you like to flirt as a couple is really up to you. There is no wrong way to flirt as long as each relationship member is comfortable with it. Just try to take some time to show her that she is on your mind and that you desire her.

Being Supportive is Romantic Too

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Being supportive is also very romantic in its own way. Romance isn't all about hearts and expressions of burning love. It can also be romantic to send her a text to support her on a tough day. Maybe she has an important work meeting that she is feeling nervous about. A text such as "I believe in you, babe" could wind up instilling her with confidence. This is a different type of romance, but it is very real.

Couples that support and love one another in this way are going to be successful. Please pay attention to what is going on in her life and try to be the supportive boyfriend she deserves. Wanting to see her succeed and being ready to help her out or cheer her on is romantic. She is going to do the same thing for you when you're in need.

There are plenty of ways to be a supportive boyfriend over text messages. Try to think about texts that you could send that would be supportive and help her out. Whether it is reminding her about something or simply letting her know that you're there for her, this is a good idea.

How Often Should I Text Her?

Knowing how often to text a girl isn't always easy. The truth is that some girls love to text all day long, and others will want to be left alone sometimes. Learning how often you should text your girlfriend is going to involve using your head. You should be able to tell whether or not she is enjoying talking through text messages. If she seems slow to reply or isn't engaged in keeping a conversation going, you might want to let her be for a while.

Everyone has a life outside of their romantic relationships. You shouldn't feel like you need to send text messages to your girlfriend every couple of minutes. Some couples do like to text a lot, but a hundred or more text messages per day might be a bit excessive. If you love your girlfriend that much that you can't resist texting her, that's great. Even so, it would help if you showed some restraint, and you should focus on other areas of your life.

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A little bit of distance is healthy in a relationship. You don't have to spend every waking moment talking to each other, and you'll certainly be able to connect again when your girlfriend is available. Sending a romantic text here and there is certainly a good idea, but you don't have to go overboard. Try to be natural about things and be sure to maintain relationships with your friends so that you won't accidentally start smothering your significant other.

Some Things You Should Avoid

There are some types of "romantic" text messages that you might want to avoid. For example, sending crass or lewd pictures to your partner might not work out great for you. Some couples send each other nude photos through text messages to turn each other on. This isn't always a good idea, though. You see, many people have regretted sending text messages like this later on in life.

There have even been situations where people have had their phones hacked, and their sensitive private photos were stolen. It's also not always appropriate to send photos like this. You might not always be sure when your partner will receive such a text, and you wouldn't want them to open a sensitive message like this in the middle of a crowded grocery store. For this reason, it's probably a good idea to keep the really sexy stuff in the bedroom to avoid possible complications.

Also, you might want to avoid getting too explicit with your words when you're trying to send a romantic text. Some people like to engage in "dirty talk" to set the mood, but there are a time and a place for such things. If you've just started dating a girl and you try to push things too far, you're going to run the risk of sounding like a real creep. Staying classy is highly recommended, and your girlfriend can let you know if she's into other types of talk as the relationship evolves.

Romantic Texts Before You're in a Relationship

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Keep in mind that your first text to a girl should probably not be overly romantic. If you aren't in a relationship with this girl yet, you don't want to push things too far. It's best to develop a relationship over time, and sending love messages to someone you're simply getting to know can feel off base. For this reason, you should try to get to know a girl first and then find natural ways to express your interest.

As you build a bond together, texting might be able to develop into flirting. Once you have confirmed that she is interested in you, it's going to be time to ask her out. When you're actually dating, that is when the romantic texts can start flowing a bit. As long as you don't go overboard, everything should work out very well.

Remember That Online Couples Counseling Can Help

Always remember that online couples counseling can help you out significantly. If you're trying to take your relationship to the next level and feel like certain issues are holding you back, spending time with couples' counselors is a great way to work through things. These experts will help you work through issues while also teaching you how to communicate more effectively as a couple.

Whether you have big relationship issues that need to be addressed or if you need some advice, online couples' counselors will be there for you. It's convenient to reach out to them, and you don't have to worry about normal office hours. You can get couples counseling at times convenient for you, and you'll be able to strengthen your bond with your partner. Give it a try if you feel like you could use some assistance.

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