Funny Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Laugh After a Hard Day

By Sarah Fader |Updated June 16, 2022
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You have likely heard the expression, "laughter is the best form of medicine," and what that means is that laughing makes people feel good. Not only does it feel good to laugh, but studies have shown that laughter can improve your physical and mental health. So, how can you use text messages to make a guy laugh after a hard day? You have the power to make him laugh through words. Laughter makes people feel less stressed out, so if you're talking to your guy via text message and he mentions that he's having a rough day, you can text him something funny that'll help him out. In this article, we're going to cover some ideas for funny texts that you can send to the man in your life, but first, let's talk about how laughter helps us.

Laughter Is Good for Your Health

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When you're laughing, you feel good. Your body is in a state of contentment. You may be wondering, what does laughter do for your body? Well, when we laugh, we release physical tension, and our stress levels go down. A good chuckle can make your muscles relax for up to 45 minutes, which is excellent. Being stressed out consistently can have undesirable effects such as body aches, pain, and a tendency to grind your teeth. Laughing has been shown to improve the human immune system. It fights infections and helps you to become more resistant to getting sick.

Laughter and Endorphins

Another thing that laughter does is release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that make you feel good. Did you know that laughter protects your heart? It increases the blood flow to your heart and can make you feel warm inside. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then. Remember that each person has a different sense of humor, but regardless of what makes you laugh, laughter feels fantastic.

Laughter and Anger

Anger can be an unpleasant emotion. When you're angry, you can feel it in your mind and body. But, one thing that can help you when you're mad is breaking up that rage with a laugh. Laughter doesn't only help you in times of stress; it can also help you when you're mad. When you're angry, it's challenging to think about anything being funny enough for it to make you laugh, but it can break the tension if you laugh while experiencing a heavy load of anger. Laughing generally breaks up the stress in our daily lives, so why wouldn't you want to help make the guy that you like laugh out loud? Even if he's having one of the worst days ever, laughing can make him feel much better.

Funny Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Laugh

Random Facts

Life can be boring sometimes. We get into a routine, and we're used to doing the same things every day. That's why we need to shake it up sometimes, and that's where random facts come along. Random bits of information can be entertaining. So, you could insert a silly scientific fact about an animal or whatever would be the most amusing to him. You know your guy best, so you'll know what will appeal to his sense of humor the most. The great thing about science is that it expands your knowledge of the world and is extremely broad, so there's something for everyone if you use this tip.

Cheesy Pickup Lines

There are some ridiculous pick-up lines out there. Sending a funny pick-up line to your man is a way to lighten the mood and show him some love at the same time. You can get flirty with it and say something like, "Are you on the shelf at the grocery store? Because I want to check you out." You can look up lists of funny pick up lines online if you don't know of any. Cute, silly compliments never hurt, either. When you compliment your guy, he will feel good about himself.

Use the Stressful Day as a Starting Place

If you know about the cast of characters that exist in the scenario that's making his day a challenge, use that to your advantage as you think about ways to cheer him up. For example, if he hates his job, and he's told you about his awful co-workers, you can make a joke that involves his workplace. Maybe he has a terrible boss that he likes to crack jokes about, or perhaps he works in retail, and customers are always getting on his nerves. If it's the case, you can pick an element of the situation to make light of and make him laugh.

Inside Jokes

If you hang out with your guy and form a bond, you likely have inside jokes. You can use this to your advantage and continue that humor over text. Sending a text is an intimate way to remind each other of the joke and bond when you're apart rather than sharing it amongst other people who don't know the joke in person.

Humor is a Universal Language

There are some jokes that almost everyone seems to know. You can reference popular TV shows, movies, or music in your text messages to him. Maybe you know of a funny song or music video that you could send to your guy. It could be a throwback, a current popular reference, or something that he's never heard of before. If he's into internet culture and memes, you can send him a meme that he'll find funny, or you can even step it up and make him a meme yourself to suit his situation. Memes can show how creative you are with humor, and putting in that effort shows that you care. People often assume that memes are generic. However, the meme that you choose to share says a lot about your personality and sense of humor.

Culture and Humor

Although people universally love to laugh and crack jokes, for the most part, certain cultures embrace humor in particular ways. Just because something is funny in your culture doesn't mean that it is in another person's heritage. If it's a new date or another person you're just getting to know, be wary of this fact. Instead of shying away from differences, use it as a learning opportunity. If you don't understand what's funny in a different culture, you can ask your partner to learn about their culture and the sense of humor in it.

Ask What Makes Him Laugh

Discover More Unique Ways To Make Him Laugh Through Text

Each person has particular things that make them crack up. When you find that sweet spot, it's an amazing feeling. Sometimes, you don't know what will make someone laugh, so don't be afraid to inquire. You can ask what will make him feel better or if there's anything you could do to help make his day less difficult. As a general rule, it's smart to ask if you can text him funny things or if that'd make him feel better before you do it. Something to note about text messages is that tone can't necessarily be picked up over text. Typing "hahaha" or adding in an emoji can only do so much, and if someone is at their breaking point, humor may not actually help at all.

Especially if this is a new relationship or friendship where you don't know each other too well yet, it's best to ask the question and get a sense of how he's feeling first. Take their lead. Maybe they're the type of person who doesn't like jokes when stressed out, or maybe they're the kind of person who copes through humor. Sometimes, those who enjoy dark humor need to joke about something awful happening in their lives. Others need to take the time to process the difficulties they're going through.

As you're getting to know someone, you can ask them, "What's your sense of humor like?"

Things to Avoid

Always avoid teasing unless the person is okay with it. Again, everyone has a different sense of humor, and similar to how some people don't enjoy joking when they're upset, some people aren't okay with being teased, and that's understandable. Even if it is playful or "just a joke," words can hurt. Another thing to note is that sarcasm has a time and place. Avoid using sarcasm in a patronizing or condescending way. An appropriate way to use sarcasm is to apply it to something that you've both already spoken about that you find equally as ridiculous. For example, you might joke about gas prices. Typically, it's safe because it isn't making fun of your partner or another person.

Online Counseling

We all have hard days sometimes, but if life gets too overwhelming to manage consistently, therapy is an option for you or your man to consider. You can see an individual counselor one on one, or you can see a couples counselor. If you want to learn how to support your partner when they have a hard day, an online counselor at ReGain can help. Search the network of mental health professionals and find the perfect fit for you.

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