Important Tips For Dating A Girl With Anxiety

By Robert Porter

Updated February 05, 2020

Reviewer Lauren Guilbeault

When you love your girlfriend more than anything in the world, it can be quite difficult to see her struggle. Women who have anxiety have difficulties that are going to make certain times in their lives very tough. Loving a woman with an anxiety disorder is not that different than loving anyone else. You just need to understand what anxiety is and try your best to be a good partner.


Read on to get some important tips for dating a girl with anxiety. It should help you to understand some of the pitfalls while also informing you of how to be the best possible boyfriend or girlfriend. You're going to be able to make this relationship work as long as you truly love her. Just be prepared to be supportive and understand that there might be times where she will struggle with anxiety.

Be Very Supportive

You should try your best to be supportive whenever you can be. Going through life with an anxiety disorder is not simple. It can make you feel very paranoid and nervous. The biggest problem is that it will appear like you're simply irrational to someone who doesn't understand what an anxiety disorder is.

Sometimes life is going to be a little chaotic when you're living with someone who has an anxiety problem. This doesn't mean that it can't be a beautiful experience. Your girlfriend is not going to be fragile just because she has to deal with anxiety. In fact, she's likely very strong due to having to get through these struggles just to go about her daily responsibilities.

If you can support her, then you'll be able to become an important part of her life. Just being there for her when she's having a tough time might make all the difference in the world. People who are going through mental health struggles need to have a support structure to rely on. As her romantic partner, you're going to be one of the most important pillars of support that she has.

For some people, this might be too tough. You have to make sure that you're willing to commit to a relationship like this. It might not always be easy, but you can love each other to get through even the most tumultuous times. Don't be afraid and do your best to support your girlfriend to the fullest.

Try To Listen As Much As Possible

Listening is very important when you're dating a girl with anxiety. She might have fears or concerns that she will need to open up about from time to time. This is going to be an important part of being a supportive boyfriend. Sometimes she might need advice, but she also might simply need you to listen. You don't need to have all of the answers. You just have to be willing to be there for her.

Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is going to be important in any relationship. When you're dating a girl with anxiety, it's going to matter even more than usual. Anxious people are naturally very nervous and suspicious. This means that if you're a bit sheepish and decide not to be open about everything, it's going to make your girlfriend even more anxious than usual.


If you can be open and honest with your girlfriend, then it's going to make a huge difference. She'll feel more comfortable with you, and it will help to quell her anxiety. Anxiety causes people to be afraid of what is going to happen. If you can plan a beautiful future together with your girlfriend, then it will help her to limit those anxious feelings while replacing them with love and excitement for the days to come.

Pay Attention To Her

Paying attention to her is also imperative. Of course, most people pay attention to the women that they're dating. You should try to be mindful of how your girlfriend is acting when you know she struggles with anxiety. There is a chance that you're going to notice that she's about to deal with an anxiety attack or an episode before she even knows it. As her partner, you'll be able to notice the subtle shifts in her behavior or actions.

It might be helpful to try to understand what triggers her to have these anxiety attacks. Some people get stressed out over very specific things. If you know what causes these anxious feelings to rise in your girlfriend, then you might be able to take some steps to safeguard her. This can be a useful technique, but it does have its limits. Just be mindful of what is going on and try to take note if it seems like an anxiety attack is coming up.

This can allow you to prepare, and you can do your best to limit her stress to get through the attack. You'll be able to get through things okay, and your girlfriend will appreciate your attentiveness. Just know that you can't prevent every anxiety attack. Knowing the triggers for an anxiety attack can be helpful, but you should expect to deal with this from time to time.

Understand Anxiety

Understanding anxiety is important when you're going to be dating or living with a girl that struggles with it. You see, the anxiety might wind up, causing her to act irrationally sometimes. This isn't always going to be the case, but sometimes people with anxiety disorders will get into certain moods due to the anxiety that they're experiencing inside. Your loving girlfriend might seem different than you're used to, and this can hurt your feelings if you aren't prepared for it.

You have to understand that this is her anxiety manifesting itself and that she isn't trying to hurt you. She might be a bit withdrawn sometimes, or she might become very temperamental. You're going to have to learn to live with problems like this and manage them effectively. With the right treatment, anxiety can be kept in check.

Patience Is Crucial

Patience is crucial when it comes to dating someone with an anxiety disorder. You might feel as if your girlfriend tests your nerves sometimes. Certain behaviors may not seem rationale, and this is going to make it tough to do things together when the anxiety symptoms are particularly bad. These moments will pass, though. Your patience might be the key to building a happy and lasting bond with your girlfriend.


Ensure She Is Being Treated

Your girlfriend shouldn't try to deal with an anxiety disorder alone. If she isn't getting treatment for her anxiety, then it's a good idea to try to suggest that she should see her doctor. Seeing a doctor can be helpful, and they can prescribe medication to help manage the symptoms. Anxiety will be much easier to cope with when someone is receiving proper medical care.

If your girlfriend is already receiving treatment, then there is nothing to worry about. Over time, your girlfriend's anxiety symptoms should lessen. Millions of people live with anxiety, and they do very well in managing the condition. Your girlfriend can do the same thing, and she will have you there to support her all the way.

Work Together With A Couples Counselor

You can also work together with a couples counselor to make things better. Therapy is very important for treating anxiety symptoms. Your girlfriend is going to improve when she is taking proper anti-anxiety medications. Therapy is going to help her to work through the issues that are causing anxiety.

Therapy is also useful when it comes to developing coping mechanisms. As mentioned earlier, one of the toughest things about having anxiety is dealing with an anxiety attack. When these episodes occur, it can be very dramatic. It can cause a person to feel as if they're going to die, and it might make them act very irrationally.

Therapists understand anxiety attacks very well, and they know how to help you cope with it. They can work with your girlfriend to develop the best coping mechanisms so that she can breathe a bit easier. At the same time, they'll also be able to help you to work on your relationship.

Online Couples Counseling

There are online couples counselors that will be able to assist you in many ways. You can work on learning to communicate with one another in the most effective ways possible. Sometimes it can feel like the anxiety problem is getting in the way of your love. Online couples counselors know how to work through anxiety issues to address the core issues that are impacting your relationship.


You can strengthen your bond while learning how to be the supportive partner that your girlfriend needs. If you love her, then she is going to be worth the effort. Online couples counseling is very convenient since you will be able to attend counseling sessions while at home. You can even reach out to these online counselors at any time, making it a perfect way to get help when you're having a bad day.

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