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There is a lot of parenting advice floating around the internet, but let's face it, we need all the help we can get when raising children. While some experts point to the latest in psychology or technology to providing parenting tips, some tried and true pieces of advice do work. If parenting is becoming overwhelming, try using these parenting tips to keep you successful and sane.

Establish A Routine

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Predictability is good for kids of all ages. Although we want our children to handle unexpected changes well, a consistent routine will help them thrive and feel in their environment. Not every moment of the day should be set in stone, but fundamental points like morning, after school, and bedtime benefit from a structured plan. If your home lacks a set schedule, do not worry, establishing a new routine is easy when done with some patience. Here are some ideas to try:


Set your child's alarm at the same time every day. Encourage them to prepare for the day as early as possible by making their bed, getting dressed, and brushing their teeth right away. Set aside enough time for a healthy breakfast each morning and have a designated place for backpacks, purses, keys, and jackets to streamline the process of leaving the house.

After School

Establish a set time for homework assignments or after-school activities. This will prevent you and your child from being overloaded with extracurricular commitments. After school hours are optimal for having children help with daily chores around the home. One load of laundry, 15 minutes of light cleaning, or quick dust and sweep each day, will lessen the amount of time spent catching up on house duties come the weekend.

Although limited, time spent with family during the week is important for children too. Most experts recommend sitting down to dinner as a family each evening if possible, but cooking dinner together is also a great way spend extra time together.


Keep bedtime the same each night. Many kids enjoy a wind-down routine before heading off to bed which may include activities like bath time, reading, or laying out clothing for the following day. Limiting exposure to artificial light or technology during this time is important as studies show spending time with technology right before bed leads to less restorative sleep. The time leading up to bed should be quiet, calming, and predictable.

As you can see, most of these routines include things your child already does each day. Making it so that each activity happens at the same time, or in the same order daily, will eventually teach your child to initiate these important tasks on their own and promotes a sense of responsibility.

Follow Through On The Rules

Kids need a clear understanding of rules and their consequences. Consistent follow through with consequences will help a child define the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to their behavior. If possible, clearly write the rules of the home somewhere they are easily seen and discuss with your child what will happen when they break the rules. If a rule is broken, do not add additional punishments or put off the consequence as a "warning." Simply stick to the original consequence with no changes.

Make Time For Fun

Kids today are under a lot of pressure. Between their education, jobs, extracurricular activities, and friendships, sometimes the stress of juggling multiple demands gets the better of them. Always dedicate time each week for your child to do something they enjoy. Going out of your way to understand and acknowledge your child's interests will show them that you value their individuality.

Remember Quality Over Quantity

In today's world, we do not always get to spend all the time we want with our children, but do not let that make you feel guilty. The quality of time you spend with your child is far more important than the quantity of time you have together. Try to find common interests with your child and prioritize bonding experiences with them.

Sometimes, something as simple as a family game night is enough to make memories. Not only will these little moments let you hold onto your children a little longer, but they will also show your child that their relationship with you matters to you too.

Learn When To Step Away

Parenting comes with a lot of obligations. Remember, for you to care for someone else, you must first take care of yourself. Do not feel bad when you need a break. Self-care is incredibly important when it comes to parenting.

Each parent should meet their needs in their way. For some parents, this includes a few minutes of quiet time or exercise each day. Other parents may need to indulge in spa trips or frequent vacations to recharge. Time to take care of yourself physically and mentally will lower your stress and keep your mind and body in top-notch shape.

Take Time To Listen

Being able to communicate properly with your children is one of the parenting skills to have. Whether your child is two years old, 12 years old, or 22 years old, you will never go wrong by actively listening to what is going on in their minds. You might not always like what you hear, but when you foster open communication between you and your child, they will be more likely to reach out to you when they need help rather than someone they should not trust.

Remember, there is a difference between simply hearing your child and listening to them. Talk to them without distractions, ask probing questions about the issues they bring to you, and let them know it is okay to feel their feelings.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because you are listening to them, you will be able to influence or shape their opinion. Listening is a learning tool, not a means of control. Keeping the lines open and honest between you and your child will strengthen the bond between you in the long-term.

Teach The Importance Of Thinking Ahead

Your child should understand why tomorrow matters. You can help them learn this by teaching them to save money, take care of their bodies, or encouraging hard work to achieve a certain goal. When you inspire the idea that your child is in control of their future and can make choices that impact them each day you, are instilling in them a sense of accountability and pride for what they can do.

Remember, you are not just raising children who need to do well in your home, you are shaping a future adult that will be responsible for participating in a larger society.

Shut Off Social Media

Social media is shaping the way we parent our kids. "Friends" who constantly brag about their children's success may make us feel like we are not doing enough as parents. Think of social media as a highlight reel of the lives of the people around you. Your friends have challenging moments that happen to them too; they are just not likely to talk about them publicly.

Keep in mind, that in many cases people can speak out on the internet with . When someone you do not know criticizes your parenting beliefs or actions, learning to walk away from their opinion will foster confidence in your skills and abilities.

Ask for Help

Get Effective Parenting Tips From Licensed Professionals

Not long ago, the prevailing belief was that it took a village to raise a child. Reaching out to others for help is important no matter your child's age. Perhaps you are a first-time mother having difficulty navigating all the milestones of infancy, or maybe you are emotionally trying to work on sending your child off to college.

While we all raise our children differently, there is no denying that most parents go through many similar challenges. You do not have to take every piece of advice that comes your way, but when you know that there are people who are there for you, that can make all the difference when the going gets tough.

Accept Bad Days Will Happen

It is a fact that some days will be more challenging than others when you're a parent. Maybe your child is struggling behaviorally, is having trouble in school, or has made a decision you do not feel proud of. Perhaps today is the day you do not feel capable as a parent, the day you believe you are making the wrong decisions for your family, or the day you missed out on a chance to be with your child.

Remember that it is okay for some days to go wrong when it comes to parenting. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes the times you doubt yourself as a parent. When you can bounce back from a low, you are showing your child that it is okay to make mistakes. You also teach them that bad days do not last forever and that you are there for them unconditionally.

Raising children is hard. Even with all the parenting tips out there, there will always be some level of trial and error to discover on your own. You do not need to have the most money, the best job, or biggest house to be a good parent. You do not need the latest books on psychology either. Often, it is the little things that you do each day that make all the difference in how successful you are as a parent.

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