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Marriage has the potential to be one of the most challenging aspects of your life. But it can also be among the most rewarding experiences if you have a strong bond with your partner. 

Married life means being there for each other during the best and worst moments of your lives, through thick and thin. And while marriage statistics aren't always inspiring, those who work to strengthen their relationships can enjoy lifelong companionship and support. 

There are many ways to strengthen your marriage, and putting time and effort into this pursuit can be a good first step. For example, you might try couples therapy and schedule regular date nights. In addition, you can read relationship quotes and use them to spark meaningful conversations. 

We've highlighted a collection of powerful quotes about marriage and healthy relationships to get you started. 

Creating a healthy marriage

Would you like to strengthen your relationship?

Most marriages require sacrifice, commitment, and communication, which can be difficult for even the most committed partners. But research suggests healthy marriages are built on kindness and generosity. And those are qualities that you can cultivate. 

Each partner will likely need to devote time and effort to their relationship and be willing to step outside their comfort zone. In addition to reading quotes and setting aside time for each other, couples therapy and other maintenance is often beneficial.

Many think of couples therapy like getting a vaccination – it's usually most helpful if you get it before problems arise. Couples counseling sessions give each party a safe, neutral ground to discuss things with their partner and find new strategies to fulfill each other's (and their own) needs. And if you have busy schedules, online counseling provides a convenient alternative to in-person therapy and it’s equally effective

Just as check-ins can be beneficial for personal mental and physical health, reflecting on your marriage can help you keep your relationship strong. And reading things like husband and wife quotes might help you stay focused on the health of your union. 

Quotes about relationships to strengthen and improve your marriage

Reading quotes about other people's trials, failures, and struggles in their marriages might shed light on your own. And you'll likely find someone who has experienced the same things you and your spouse are facing, no matter how big or small they may be. 

Here are a few love quotes to help you through every stage of your relationship.

Relationship stages

"Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old." - John Ciardi

This quote suggests that love comes in many forms. Instead of experiencing love as a single, static feeling, experience, or choice, love usually varies depending on age and the stage of your relationship. 

At the beginning of a new relationship – and often when both partners are younger – the sexual aspect of a healthy relationship may be more important and intense. 

This isn't true for everyone, though, as different sexualities and identities experience varying levels of attraction, and all are valid. For example, an asexual couple may experience the early stages of love much differently than described above. 

Regardless, the relationship begins to change as time goes on. It may drift more toward compatibility, comfort, and companionship. Sexual excitement might not disappear, but partners are more likely to spend time together without a sexual component at the forefront. This stage represents the "middle age" aspect of the quote, regardless of the age of each party. 

Finally, as love grows into its most mature stages – and as people get older – it might become a comfortable, mutual dependence without as much emphasis on sex or constant companionship. 

Regardless of how they're experienced, there's nothing wrong with love changing and growing. On the contrary, it's usually a sign of a healthy relationship. 

Healthy love

"Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." - Albert Camus

Here's a healthy relationship quote with which those of all sexualities and identities are likely to identify. Many believe that love is self-sacrificing and means considering the needs of your partner above your own. Even if you do not agree with that level of elevating your partner’s needs, healthy relationships usually involve equal partners who connect as friends.

As Camus states, a healthy relationship is typically built on equal partners rather than placing a hierarchy within the relationship. Instead of one partner leading the other and becoming the "boss" of the relationship, each partner walks alongside the other as friends, equals, and individuals simultaneously. 

The importance of relationships

"Life doesn't make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all." - Erik Erikson

This quote reminds us to be humble. Some may view marriage as a source of containment and the culprit for a distinct lack of autonomy, but a healthy marriage isn't about anyone losing their freedom. 

A degree of interdependence, as Erikson states, is inevitable in many relationships. After all, humans rely upon others for everything, from the clothes on their backs to the food in their mouths. And almost no human lives, breathes, and thrives in complete independence. 

Marriage can be a continuation of this notion, asserting that partnership provides an enduring and empowering sense of support and strength. Seeing marriage as a source of freedom rather than imprisonment has the potential to create happier, healthier relationships. 

Strengthening your marriage


Communication is the bedrock of most healthy relationships, and a lack of communication is a usually quick ticket to dissatisfaction and frustration. And it's a helpful place to begin if you'd like to strengthen your marriage. 

This process can start as a small exercise in which you and your spouse commit to having at least one honest (if uncomfortable) conversation per week. 

As you grow closer through these conversations, you work towards changing unhealthy communication habits in favor of honesty, kindness, and humility. Remember, research suggests that kindness and generosity are beneficial for healthy relationships. 

If these weekly discussions feel uncomfortable, this might be a sign that you'd benefit from relationship counseling. By engaging in couples therapy, you're committing to these check-ins on a deeper level. And you'll have an unbiased party to ask questions, make sure each person has time to speak, and moderate if needed. 

Couples therapy can also help each party improve their emotional intelligence and availability. Emotions can sometimes change quickly. And being able to name, identify, harness, and communicate your emotional states, especially in a new relationship, will make most marriages smoother. 

More healthy relationship quotes

Here are a few more healthy relationship quotes that might apply to your marriage's everyday experiences:

"The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together." - Robert C. Dodds

"Don't just be a taker; healthy relationships require balance. Give with your words and be extra generous with your deeds." - Steve Maraboli

"To know when to go away and when to come closer is the key to any lasting relationship." - Domenico Cieri Estrada

"Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age." - Jeanne Moreau

Would you like to strengthen your relationship?

Strengthen your marriage in online therapy

If any of these quotes stood out to you, consider keeping them with you to remind yourself why you decided to get married in the first place.

For most people, marriage is a long-standing and intimate relationship, which opens up plenty of room for error. This might include hurting your partner, feeling hurt by your partner, or creating distance when there should be closeness. 

But remember, you'll likely find many people who have experienced a similar situation and succeeded in cultivating a strong, healthy, and fulfilling marriage. And by reading quotes, stories, and books, you might be able to learn from their successes and mistakes. 

Working with your partner via a couple's counselor might make other lessons easier to learn. For example, a marriage counselor can improve relationships by offering effective communication techniques. And this can help partners get to the root of issues and build the foundation for a strong and healthy relationship. 


If you or your partner are interested in working with a professional, the therapists at Regain may be able to assist you in building an inspiring, healthy relationship. There's no shame in seeking couples counseling, and it's not reserved for those facing turmoil.

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