How You Can Benefit From Online Marriage Counseling

Updated September 04, 2018


Many practicing therapists agree that online marriage counseling can be just as beneficial as seeing a therapist in person. In fact, licensed professionals provide some of the online counseling services that are currently available. The method through which you receive counseling is not necessarily as important as the skills and experience of the therapist you and your spouse are working with. How you receive that guidance is more a matter of convenience and personal preference. To back that up, here are some of the benefits of online marriage counseling.

Benefits Of Online Counseling

Getting couple's therapy online is different in some ways from seeing a therapist in person. As you'll see, some of those differences can be an advantage to you and your marriage.

Easier To Convince A Resistant Spouse

Often, one partner or the other does not want to attend marriage counseling sessions. When that's the case, being able to have the counseling session online can help convince them to participate. After all, they don't even have to leave the house. If your marriage needs a mediator, getting help in whichever way you can get your spouse to cooperate is better than no help at all.


Fits Into Your Schedule Better

Most of us have fairly full schedules. And fitting in anything extra, including marriage counseling, means we have to take time away from other priorities. Arguably, taking care of your marriage should be a pretty high priority. But if you really do need to find time in an overfilled schedule, online counseling takes away the time commuting to and from a counselor's office.

Can Be More Affordable

The truth is that price can be a factor for many couples considering marriage counseling. You may be weighing whether your marital problems are really concerning enough to warrant the cost. Online therapists don't have to pay for the upkeep of a clinic, which may allow them to reduce overhead costs. And those savings may translate into lower prices for you.

Provides Help When You Need It

Traditional in-person marriage counseling requires you and your spouse to get guidance once a week or less. But you may need mediation more often than that to help you through the rough periods of working on your marriage. Online counselors are often available for a brief chat or phone call outside of a regularly scheduled weekly appointment. And email allows you to send a message and get responses at yours and your counselor's convenience. This can take the burden off you and your partner of trying to get everything off your chest at one session, reducing some of the tension.


Better Access To Options

With online marriage counseling, you are not limited to counselors within reasonable driving distance. That means you can choose from a wider range of techniques and experience levels, to find the counselor that is right for you and your partner. Finding a therapist that both you and your partner work well with can be a challenge, so having more options can be a real advantage.

Both in-person and online marriage counseling can benefit your relationship with your spouse. Choose a counselor that can give your marriage its best chance.

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