Gift Ideas For Married Couples From The Unmarried Friend

By Kristina Speciale|Updated July 12, 2022

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to gift a married couple?

Have no fear, the following list is sure to have the perfect gift for your married friends. Married couples tend to have a wish list that is a bit different from that of your average, single adult.

Where you might prefer the newest video game, a couple would do better to turn the console off for some quality time. A single individual would love to have an evening of speed dating, and a married couple may prefer a movie night at home. With all of the differences between single and married people and their habits, it makes sense that gift buying is harder than it was when they were single. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your married friends, help has arrived.

Have you considered any of the below gift ideas?

Subscription Boxes Are Amazing!

In today’s world of convenience, subscription boxes are available for just about everyone. There are subscriptions for meat, wine, coffee, date nights, clothes, and more. A great plus is if you’re on a budget, many subscription services offer a first-time sample box at a fraction of the cost of their regular box. Think about what your married friends love and consider these popular subscription boxes:

  1. Butcher Box

Finding It Difficult To Relate To Your Married Friends?

Married couples that regularly cook with meat would love Butcher Box. This box is hugely popular among barbeque fans, meat fans, and food fans in general. It’s hard for meat eaters not to love a quality box like this one!

  1. Cellars Wine Club

For a lot of married couples, wine is a staple. Cellars Wine Club offers a subscription service that starts at just $29 a month, which provides a variety of options. Whether your friends would appreciate a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly wine subscription, this box is a great choice!

  1. Atlas Coffee Club

Most coffee fans would agree that Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription box that provides quality coffees monthly. A married couple that loves coffee would be incredibly grateful for a gift like this one. The coffee comes bagged and is joined by an instruction card that explains how best to prepare it. This coffee is the real deal with real beans- no k cups here!

  1. Crated with Love

This subscription box is a bit different from the ones you may have heard of before. Crated with Love is a box that creates a date night for a couple looking for something new. Instead of dinner and a movie, a couple can enjoy a variety of games, crafts, projects, and other activities that inspire fun and laughter. If your married friends could use some creativity in the date area, this box is a great choice.

Date Night

If you’re low on cash, a great gift for a married couple with kids is to offer them a night off. When children come into the picture, a married couple has far less one on one time than they had previously. Although most wouldn’t trade time with their kids for anything, having a date night once in a while can do great things for the health of the marriage. Babysit for an evening and give the couple time to enjoy unhurried time with one another.

It could be extra special if you were to arrange the date night for the couple ahead of time. In addition to watching the kids, you could offer tickets to a ball game, a restaurant gift card, or set up a fun evening with other married friends. If you know your friends well enough to create the perfect evening for them, this is a gesture that will be highly appreciated.

Personalized Decor Items

A large number of couples are still happy to see their names together on home decor. Whether the couple has been married for 2 minutes or 20 years, there is something about seeing your joint names together in union. From signage to cutting boards and calendars to tumblers, personalization in a married couples’ home is always a hit. Some of the more popular and enjoyable options are these:

  1. Personalized Wine Glasses

Shutterfly has a variety of personalized gift options, but wine glasses are always a popular choice. Stemless wine glasses are becoming more and more present in this day in age, so gifting a pair to your favorite married couple will be a thoughtful gift for any wine lovers.

  1. Monogrammed Cheese Board

As a single person, it can be hard to imagine why you would need a cheese board at all, let alone one that is monogrammed. When you get married, you suddenly have goals of hosting dinner parties where wine and cheese are served before the meal. Having your cheese board monogrammed is just a personal (and loved) touch to a great gift. Whether it gets used or not is irrelevant. It looks nice!

  1. Engraved Coasters

Having a set of coasters is rarely an occurrence before marriage. Being married seems to introduce to you several items that you never knew you needed. A coaster set is one of those items for most people. By getting coasters engraved with personalized information, such as the couple’s name or wedding date, they will have a sweet gift that is sure to get some unexpected use.

  1. Personalized Socks

Sometimes the best gift for a married couple is one that is humorous but still functional. Buying someone socks is usually a gift for a single person when you don’t know what else to get them. Personalized socks, however, can be printed with the face of their loved one. Depending on the sense of humor involved, the gifter could either provide each person in the relationship with socks depicting the face of their spouse or give both individuals a pair of socks with the face of the person gifting them.

His and Hers Spa Day

When adult life hits and you have less and less time with your special someone, it can be hard to relax when date night comes around. Gifting a married couple a spa day is like wrapping up relaxation and quality time all in one. Find a local spa with great reviews and look into their gift certificate options – your friends will not be disappointed!


As a young adult, there is nothing more boring than receiving a skillet for Christmas. As a married person, there is little more exciting than imagining all of the delicious food that you might consume after being cooked in that very skillet. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a skillet. A waffle maker, griddle, cookie sheets, or stand mixer attachments are wonderful gifts as well. The perfect kitchenware depends on the couple’s relationship with the kitchen.

Pay for A Service

Married people are typically a busy bunch. In addition to working, keeping up a home, spending time together, visiting with extended family, and (most couples) parenting, getting a break is a dream come true. Gifting your married friends a maid for a few hours, a personal chef for an evening, or even hiring someone to mow the lawn are all ideas that are hard to beat. While you can put a monetary value on these services, the couple that gets to enjoy a week off from mowing the lawn or gets to skip laundry for a day can be near priceless.

Map of Travels

Finding It Difficult To Relate To Your Married Friends?

For the couple that travels a lot, a map might be the way to go. There are a wide variety of styles to be chosen from. Some couples use a cork board map and stick pins in the locations they have been to. Another more modern option with potential is a scratch-off map. This style allows the couple to scratch off a foil for each travel location. It is a useful gift that can be used in the present and provide memories of past travels.

Framed Photos

Married couples have thousands of pictures but never have the time to get them framed. Aside from wedding photos, very few married people have any everyday photographic representation of themselves in their homes. By gifting your married friends a collage of framed pictures or a printed classic photo on wood, you have provided an everlasting memory. It is a meaningful gift that is hard to be forgotten.

Which Gift Will You Choose?

All of the gift mentioned above ideas are great for just about any married couple. By ensuring that the gift option you choose is specifically tailored to the couple in question, you are sure to have a gift that will be loved and cherished. Being an unmarried friend does not mean that you have to be a bad gift-giver. In fact, by putting in a bit of thought and personality, your gift has the potential to be a favorite.

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