Getting Engaged: The Best Questions To Ask Married Couples

Updated September 04, 2018

He popped the question and she said yes! Getting engaged and planning a wedding is an exciting and special time. It's also the time when couples begin to question what their futures together will hold. Pre-marriage counseling at Regain is a good way to explore some of those answers to the unknown. Read on to discover some of the best questions to ask married couples and why it's important to ask them now.


Five Of The Best Questions To Ask Married Couples

  1. How do we keep the lovelight burning when romance ends?

Passion and affection abound during the dating and engagement period, but how will you show love and affection once the daily pressures of life crowd in and there's less time for cuddling? Love, and the way you show love, will change over time. Everyone navigates this change a little differently, so ask lots of couple how they did it.

2. What do we do when we can't agree on something?

While you probably agree on most things, it can come as a big surprise when a spouse learns that their partner feels totally different than they do about a major issue. These are the times when one spouse or the other starts to feel that they are always the one who gives in. What if it's an issue that you can't compromise? Can you agree to disagree? Be willing to learn from married couples how they kept the peace without losing their sense of self.


3. How can we find a happy medium with our saving and spending habits?

Money becomes a point of contention for nearly all couples somewhere along the line. This topic can be even more contentious when one partner has different spending and saving habits than the other. Communicate clearly with each other about your philosophy about money. It's a great conversation starter if you go out for a date night with a married couple to see how they found the balance.

4. Where should we turn if we have problems we can't solve ourselves?

Your life together as a married couple is sure to be an adventure. Expect many ups and downs along the way. It's easy to navigate the joys in life, but it's tougher to handle unexpected issues that threaten your relationship and your happiness. What's your backup plan if you can't sort through troubles on your own? Get some ideas from married couples as you discover what worked for them.

5. How do we find some balance between work, managing household responsibilities and spending time together?

One of the biggest challenges for married couples is finding a healthy work-life balance. It's one thing to say that you'll have a date-night every so often, but how will you respond if there never seems to be time? Married couples find many ways to take advantage of smaller chunks of time to talk and just enjoy being together. Ask married couples for tips on date-nights and anytime togetherness ideas.


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