Confidentiality: Should I Seek Marriage Counseling Near Me?

Updated September 04, 2018


One of the most significant factors affecting couples today is insufficient time to spend together as a couple, and when there are children involved, family time generally is a priority over couple time. When this is the case, it can take its toll on the most in-love couples, turning their loving relationship and harmonious home into one where snappy one-liners and comebacks become the modus operandi for communication. Work, commute times, after school activities and household chores all absorb time for individuals to spend some time decompressing, which is essential if individuals are going to have time or energy left over for couple time, or the ever-elusive married date night. All these issues can lead to marital burnout.

Living Life in the Fast Lane

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Jane and Paul were what most considered the perfect couple. They had met in law school, married after they both passed the bar, and worked for two different firms on opposite ends of town. When they eventually decided to have children, they left the city and moved to the suburbs for the good schools and the quiet life. Like most who make this move to live out of the city but still work in the city, they found that their daily commute took a great deal of time, energy, and pleasure out of their home life. This intensified once their children were born, because this meant an extra stop on the way each morning. Now that their children were older, Jane and Paul took turns leaving the office early in order to get the kids to and from school practices or games.

Not only was their busy schedules wreaking havoc on their home life and couple time, but also causing issues at work. The last thing they needed or wanted was for the word to get out in their personal and professional circles that there was conflict in their marriage due to work and time commitments. No matter what the EEOC laws are, people with children are often at an increased risk of losing their jobs due to the inability to bill as many hours of work. For most people, moving their careers to the suburbs is not as easy as moving their families there. Therefore, the commute becomes the straw that is often a factor in a very heavily weighed down camel's back.

Time Is Not on Your Side


With all these factors considered, finding the time to attend couple's therapy may take a far back burner on the must-do list. For those who commute, fighting traffic to a therapy session after surviving one more unpredictable commute home is the last thing a couple wants to do, and they may even find themselves taking out their repressed road rage on one another in the session. Finding a therapist near work is something that many professionals do not wish to risk due to fear of being seen and raising questions from their respective colleagues.

Professional reputations, busy schedules, and nightmarish commutes are realities many professional couples face, and they add to the normal day to day stresses of marriage and family life. However, these do not have to be reason to avoid finding the help needed to develop stress-reducing strategies and build more effective time-management and communication skills essential to a healthy and productive marriage.

Where to Turn: GPS Not Needed

Finding the right therapist who is also convenient to one's work or home location may not be the easiest task. Finding one where there is low risk of having one's marital and family woes become someone's next tweet is perhaps even more so. However, with so many therapists and counselors available in online platforms, the stress of searching and trying out different therapists and battling traffic to get there no longer has to be a factor. Many busy couples come to, that is Regain Us, to get the help they need from the privacy, comfort, and convenience of their own homes.

When you and your spouse can come home, breathe, get into your comfy clothes for a therapy session, that is so much better than fighting through traffic just to sit in an impersonal office just to find yourselves fighting throughout the session. Reach out to today and regain control of your time and marriage, all the while keeping your family matters where they belong: in the family.

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