Where To Meet Men: Unique Places To Make A Connection

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Deciding that you’re ready to find a man and make a connection that potentially leads to a relationship is a crucial first step. Next, it's time to find a man who catches your interest, approach him to start a conversation, and determine whether there's mutual interest. Read on to learn about unique places to meet men and make the meaningful connection you've been seeking. 

Do You Have Trouble Meeting And Speaking To Men?

Evaluate The Type Of Connection You Want

Before you set out to meet a man, deciding what kind of connection you're hoping to make can be helpful. Are you looking for a casual, short-term fling or a lifelong love to grow old alongside? Studies show that many men appreciate women who don’t play hard to get and are upfront about what they want from a relationship. 

How To Talk To Men

Once you find a man you like, what comes next? Hopefully, a conversation. However, many women feel uncomfortable talking to men, especially if they haven’t dated for a while or have social anxiety issues. Try using some of these tips to capture his attention and keep the conversation going. 

  • Be bold and make the first move. He may appreciate your initiative. Many men like it when women approach them. 
  • Use a direct communication style so he doesn't have to guess your thoughts or feelings. Men generally appreciate a direct approach over subtlety. 
  • Keep it casual when getting to know him and avoid sensitive topics that may lead to tension so you can both relax. 
  • Try talking during an activity, such as over a game of pool at a bar, to offer a “conversational escape route” to cover lulls if you don't know what to say. 
  • Be conscious of your body language—and pay attention to his. 
  • Make eye contact and smile frequently. 
  • Look for common interests to help keep the conversation going. 

Expand Your Communication Skills

For some women, meeting men isn’t the problem; it’s communication. Multiple studies show that effective communication is a crucial element to successful relationships. There are numerous communication styles that you can use to express your thoughts, emotions, and needs to the men you meet. If your style doesn't work, consider trying a different approach to relate to men when you meet them for the first time. 


You don’t express what you think, feel, or want and often take a passive role to avoid conflict. 


You often share your ideas, feelings, and needs, even if it means ignoring his. You may be defensive or hostile during confrontations. 


You give the appearance of passivity but often act with anger in subtle ways. You may frequently use avoidance, sarcasm, or indirect communication in conflicts. 


You use honest and direct communication to express your thoughts, feelings, and desires while generally showing respect for and valuing those of others. 


Benefits of In-Person Meetings

  • You can see his body language and gauge his receptiveness to continuing the conversation. 
  • In-person conversations let you experience their tone and inflection, which are lost in online chats or text. 
  • Environmental experiences around you offer conversational opportunities and distractions during awkward silences. 
  • Meeting people face-to-face offers both of you a more vivid, memorable experience. 
  • In-person conversations can often tell you much more about someone than they say about themselves. You perceive far more than just words when meeting face-to-face.  

Unique Places To Meet Men And Make A Connection

While not a complete list by any means, if you’re looking to meet men and make a special connection, try some of these options to find guys who likely have similar interests. 

Change Your Perspective At The Places You Already Go

According to science, you may need to pay more attention to the places you visit regularly. Change your perspective about meeting men at the places you go in everyday life, such as the grocery store, bank, etc. Research shows that shared interests and habits can serve as a solid foundation for getting to know a potential partner. Proximity can also be a factor in forming attractions, so if you’ve noticed a cute guy at the coffee shop, try offering to buy his next latte. 

Take A Class You’re Interested In

While waiting to meet someone great, work on your personal development and expand your acquaintance pool by taking classes to learn skills you are interested in. Not only will you learn to do something new, but you may also meet a guy with similar interests, giving you a built-in conversation starter. 

Attend Social Events Like Parties

Many people don't like large social gatherings like parties, but if you enjoy them, stay open to the possibility of meeting the friend of a friend and making a connection. If nothing else, you can bond over how you know the mutual friend that brought you both to the same place. If you see a guy that catches your eye, smile at him and strike up a conversation to see if there’s a spark. 

Start A DIY Project And Visit The Hardware Store

If you’d like to meet a guy who’s good at working with his hands, try taking on a do-it-yourself project and heading down to the local hardware store for supplies. You may come across someone who draws your interest. Try asking for his opinion on your project to start a conversation. 

Take Your Dog To The Dog Park

If you have a furry, four-legged friend, you already need to take them for walks. Whether on the sidewalk, park paths, or roaming leash-free at the dog park, your canine companion can serve as an excellent conversation starter and demonstrate that you give time and nurturing attention to the living creature in your care. 

Volunteer In Your Community

You may meet a generous and thoughtful guy while volunteering in your community, though acts of service should typically be to help those in need rather than just a way to meet men. Studies show that a higher level of altruism is linked to increased happiness, life satisfaction, and physical health. Volunteering can benefit you in many ways, and if you connect with a man you like, that's a nice bonus. Start a conversation about why you chose to volunteer for that organization or discuss the type of impact you hope to make with your service. 

Ask For His Recommendation At The Local Bookstore Or Library

If you’re looking for a man who reads, there’s hardly a better place to find him than your local library or bookstore. Asking for his recommendation on whatever genre you see him in can be a great way to start a conversation, and most readers can keep it going from there with book talk. 

More Places To Connect

  • The gym
  • Local trivia nights
  • The carwash
  • Walking in the park
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Traveling the world
  • Waiting in line
  • Tailgating events
  • Local farmer’s market
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Do You Have Trouble Meeting And Speaking To Men?

What Do Men Want?

There is no single answer to what men want because their desires are unique to them, and they’re all different. However, years of psychological studies have identified some physical and personality characteristics that the majority of men find attractive in women. 

Tips For Attracting Male Attention

  • Studies show that the color red is associated with heat, passion, and sex, so it is an eye-catching color when you're looking to meet a man. 
  • Be confident and remember what you have to offer. 
  • Display a healthy sense of humor.
  • Find a perfume that compliments your natural scent or try a pheromone perfume, though more research is necessary to prove its effectiveness. 
  • Practice self-care and personal grooming
  • Dress to showcase your curves. Studies show many men prefer a 7:10 waist-to-hip ratio over a slender frame
  • Avoid wearing excessive or overly dramatic makeup, as studies show it can be off-putting to men. 

How Therapy Can Help You Learn Communication And Build Confidence

Sometimes, meeting men isn’t the only challenge. You still have to be able to engage them in conversation and make a meaningful connection. If you often experience difficulties maintaining dialogue with the men you meet or low self-confidence holds you back from trying, consider working with a licensed therapist through a relationship-focused online therapy platform like Regain. Speak with a qualified mental health professional who understands your problems and can help you build confidence, learn practical ways to manage stress, and develop communication skills so you can converse with ease. 

Researchers at the American Psychological Association report that online therapy and in-person treatments offer similar results. Teletherapy is frequently less expensive than face-to-face sessions and often involves much shorter wait times. According to many patients in the study, physical separation from the therapist during online therapy makes sharing personal details easier, and attending from home allows more regular participation, both of which can increase how well and how long you experience therapy results. 

"I don't know what I would have done without Harry. I was in a super low place, and I was not sure what my problems were or how to solve them, but he was able to help me get to the bottom of my problems and work through them. Today I am happy and feeling like myself again. He was so easy to talk to and worked with me whenever I needed him. Even on vacation, he took the time to call me and talk through whatever I was going through. I would highly recommend him."


While there is no single “perfect” place to meet men, the suggestions included in this article may offer some insight into locations where you may encounter the next man in your life. Therapy can help you build your confidence and communication skills so that meeting local guys becomes easier each time.

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