Top 10 List Of Good Qualities Every Relationship Should Have

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Every relationship is different, and the qualities of one relationship may not completely match up with those of another. While this is normal, too often, people compare their relationships to that of others. This may sabotage an otherwise healthy partnership, particularly when people compare what they see on social media to their real life. It can be important to understand that as individuals, we are all different. We have unique goals, mindsets, morals, expectations, and characteristics. All these can be essential aspects of who we are in life and in our relationships, but what makes a good relationship? Although all relationships are different, they are the same in that they should have positive qualities. 

Wondering If You’re In A Healthy Relationship?

Wondering If You're In A Healthy Relationship?

Ask A Licensed Relationship Therapist Online. 

Top 10 Good Qualities Of A Relationship

Whether you’re already in a relationship or not, it can be important to assess which qualities matter to you. If you’re looking for a significant other, you might want them to have certain traits. If you’re currently in a relationship, you may wonder whether your relationship is healthy or if you’d like something to change. Who you’re in a relationship with can have a powerful impact on your life, so it can be crucial to choose a partner wisely. While all relationships look different, here are 10 qualities healthy relationships often have. 

1. Unconditional Acceptance

Anyone you date can present individualities, values, or behavior that you dislike, but this is what makes us all unique. For a relationship to work, it can be important to accept these individual differences unconditionally. If a relationship is established on unconditional acceptance of a few basic flaws, it could last a long time. Of course, unhealthy or otherwise harmful behaviors or traits don’t need to be accepted but try to keep in mind that all humans have flaws. Finding someone who accepts us as we are while encouraging us to grow can make for a healthy relationship. 

2. Mutual Respect

A healthy relationship revolves around a foundation of respect. This means that even when there’s conflict or disagreements, neither person stops treating their partner with the care and concern they deserve. Respect can extend to your partner’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, perspectives, and more. To show respect, partners can maintain open lines of communication, speak kindly about one another when the other isn’t present, actively listen to each other, and compromise when necessary. Respect can also mean abiding by one another’s boundaries instead of trying to cross them.   

3. Transparency

Healthy relationships often require transparency and vulnerability. Both people can work toward being open and honest about their feelings and things going on in their lives. Secrecy can lead to feelings of distrust, which healthy relationships don’t make room for. In a quality relationship, you feel comfortable talking to your partner about almost anything. 

4. Trust

Relationships need trust to thrive. If you are doubtful of your mate's intentions toward you or wonder if they truly love you, it may set the relationship back. Ideally, you can believe what your partner tells you without questioning if they’re being genuine or truthful or not. Trust can also look like assuming the best of one another and acting in ways that help the relationship grow. When trust is broken, each partner does what they can to restore it. 

5. Compassion

A relationship without empathy may have trouble succeeding. It can be important for both partners to be compassionate about the feelings and needs of the other. When problems arise, a healthy couple works together to come up with reliable solutions—whether the issue is individual or concerns the relationship. Lacking compassion for one another may mean lacking empathy within the relationship. 

6. Commitment

A quality relationship requires commitment from both parties, regardless of what that commitment entails. There are many different types of relationships, but as long as each person is on the same page, it can keep the relationship healthy. You can start your relationship off on the right foot by setting standards, boundaries, and expectations. This can help ensure that no one’s needs go unmet and that resentment doesn’t start to build. 

7. Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be an important aspect of any healthy relationship. While there are some things you may not be able to forgive and move past, everyday mistakes that your partner has expressed remorse about can often be overlooked. Holding onto grudges or resentment can have detrimental effects on your mental well-being, so it can be crucial to learn the art of letting go. Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation; regardless of if you stay with your partner or not, it can still be vital to know how to practice forgiveness—for your own sake. 

8. Affection

A quality relationship is loving, gentle, and affectionate in some way. Everyone shows affection in different ways, and it can be helpful to discuss with your partner how you each choose to show your love. Affection can be an occasional peck on the cheek, holding hands while watching television, or giving a warm embrace each day. The idea is to allow the physical closeness to demonstrate your feelings and desire to make your mate feel loved. Just as you give out quality affection, you deserve to get the same in return. 

9. Appreciation

Healthy relationships often overflow with gratefulness because each partner shows their appreciation of the other regularly. There are many ways to show your gratitude, like doing small acts of kindness for them, giving them compliments, writing them a letter, or offering to help them with something. Appreciation can go a long way. Research shows that gratitude can not only make an individual happier, but it can also improve their relationship by helping their partner feel valued and worthy of being in the relationship. If your relationship needs a boost, consider incorporating more gratitude into it.  

10. Love

Quality relationships tend to be built primarily on love. The love you have for one another often pushes you to ensure that other positive qualities are present in the relationship. Love is more than a word; it’s also an action. Telling someone you love them might not always be enough. In many cases, doing little things each day to remind your partner that you love them can help keep the spark in the relationship alive. Quality relationships make each person feel valued, honored, and loved. If you love your partner, you can work toward improving the areas in your relationship that may need some growth. 

Wondering If You’re In A Healthy Relationship?

Wondering If You're In A Healthy Relationship?

Ask A Licensed Relationship Therapist Online. 

Online Counseling With Regain

Healthy relationships can be built with time, effort, and a willingness to make improvements as an individual and as a couple. If you’re experiencing problems in your relationship, it might be helpful to speak with someone who could help. Regain is an online counseling platform that provides guidance to individuals and couples. So, whether you’d prefer to get support on your own or alongside your partner, there is an option for you. Regain lets you connect through phone calls, video chats, or in-app messaging at a time that fits into your schedule. It can make getting care easier, more convenient, and even more affordable. When you, your partner, or both of you are ready to improve yourselves or your relationship, reach out to take the next step. 

The Efficacy Of Online Counseling 

Couples who would like to make improvements in their relationship could benefit from online counseling. Researchers have found that therapy delivered via videoconferencing can enhance the therapeutic process. In this study, participants reported a “positive shift in expectations,” toward their partner, which can increase relationship satisfaction. Most of the couples reported that their experience was beneficial and positive, with many of them connecting well with the therapist. Couples found that participating in therapy via videoconferencing allowed them to feel a sense of distance from the therapist, causing them to be more comfortable and feel more in control of the experience. 

The Takeaway

Many qualities could be used to describe a high-quality relationship. Since every couple is comprised of two unique individuals, every relationship is bound to be different. Still, there are some qualities, like love and respect, that can be essential to any successful and healthy partnership. While there may be conflict or differences of opinion, these can often be worked through with open and honest communication in a healthy relationship. Maintaining a long-term relationship can depend on each partner’s ability to be more self-aware and grow as individuals. When each person brings their best to the relationship, it can allow it to thrive. If your relationship has run into a roadblock, consider reaching out to a counselor for support. Regain can provide support during challenging times for individuals and couples alike. 

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