Top 10 List Of Good Qualities Every Relationship Should Have

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If you've heard it once, you've heard it one hundred times over, and every relationship is different. Too often, people compare their relationships to that of others. This causes them to fail at having a relationship that fulfills their needs and their mate's needs. If you go into a relationship expecting positive things, positive things will come of it, but you must establish quality.

It's important to understand that as individuals, we are different. We have different goals, mindsets, morals, expectations, and characteristics. All these are essential aspects of who we are in life and relationships, but what makes a good relationship? Although all relationships are different, they are the same in that they should have positive qualities.

Wondering If You're In A Healthy Relationship?

There are people from all walks of life that choose to remain in unfulfilling relationships because of the fear of being alone or are independent of others to bring them happiness. You don't need a person to complete you. In fact, before you can contribute or benefit positively to or from a relationship, you must learn to function as an individual. You must become confident with yourself and know that you are worthy.

Before we discuss the qualities needed to succeed in relationship, let's discuss the qualities that you should possess as an individual before starting a relationship. You won't fully benefit from a relationship that has all the right attributes if you're not the type of person you should be individual.

Before starting a relationship, make sure that:

You Are Happy. Happiness is a word that describes your emotions and your mind. Do you feel happiness and joy with where you are right now in life? You must find happiness in yourself before you attempt to see it in anyone else. There are several ways a relationship can fail because one person seeks to find happiness in the other person. If you are already unhappy, you won't be an asset to the relationship at all.

You Are Confident. Confidence is crucial in life. Low self-esteem is something that can destroy an individual and damage a relationship. Don't look to another person to help you feel better about yourself. You must have the confidence you need to encourage yourself. A person that lacks confidence may also lack the ability to sustain a healthy relationship of any type. If you deal with confidence issues or low self-esteem, talk with a professional counselor immediately. Once you address and repair the internal damage, you can move forward in confidence that you are ready for a relationship.

You Are Independent. Independence is a significant factor in relationships and life. Don't start a relationship hoping that the other person can do certain things for you or meet needs that you should be meeting on your own. If you're looking to meet someone because you're struggling financially or need help with other life issues, you should stop and reassess your contribution to your well-being.

You Are Complete. Completion is one of the most significant factors of happiness in life. If you've achieved or are working towards your life's goals, you should feel a sense of completion. Not because you have it all together, but because you're doing what it takes to get it all together. Never look to another person to complete you or make you feel whole. That's your responsibility, and once you can do that for yourself, you can bring a lot to a relationship.

Top 10 Good Qualities Of A Relationship

If you are on the positive scale of all the above, you may be ready for a quality relationship. Now that you know you're ready, you don't want to start a relationship with anyone. You may go on a few bad dates and possibly have a few bad relationships before you find the one. But once they come along, the relationship can be extremely pleasurable.

Here is a list of qualities good relationships have.

1. Unconditional Acceptance

Anyone you date will present individualities, values, and behavior that you dislike, but that's what makes us all unique. However, for a relationship to work, you must accept these individual differences unconditionally. If a relationship is established on unconditional acceptance of a few basic flaws, it could last a long time.

2. Mutual Respect

Both people in the relationship need to respect each other. You respect their feelings, thoughts, and opinions. It's how you show them that they matter and you care about their feelings. Respect in a relationship must be both ways, or the relationship won't last.

3. Transparency

Relationships require transparency and vulnerability. Both people must be open and honest about their feelings and things going on in their lives. There is no room for secrecy, as it can lead to feelings of distrust. In a quality relationship, you feel comfortable talking to your mate about almost anything.

4. Trust

This one is obvious but good. Relationships need trust to thrive. If you are doubtful of your mate's intentions towards you or love you, the relationship won't prosper. You should believe what your partner tells you and trust that they always act in the best interest of the relationship and you.

5. Compassion

A relationship without empathy won't succeed. Both partners should be compassionate about the feelings and needs of each other. You are there for each other in good and challenging times. Both people strive to work together to create reliable solutions for problems they may face individually or as a couple. If you lack compassion for each other, you will also lack empathy for the relationship.

6. Commitment

The start of any relationship should begin by setting the standards of expectations. A quality relationship requires commitment from both parties. The commitment is to each other, as well as the relationship. It is your commitment to give of yourself and ensure that you always put the best interest of your mate and the relationship at the forefront of any decision.

7. Forgiveness

Things happen, and sometimes they are bad things. It's life. You can't always expect the relationship to be sunny, but you should always be willing to forgive. Even if you can't forget what happened, forgiveness is one of the great relationship traits you should practice - one of the good traits each person must possess. Holding on to a grudge is the easiest way to bring hurt or drama to the rest of your life. Talk things over and always be open to forgive your mate. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you must stay together, but it means you don't harbor anger.

8. Affection

A quality relationship will be loving, gentle, and affectionate. You want to be sure that your mate gets the quality of affection that shows them you love them, and you should receive the same in return. Affection can be an occasional peck on the cheek, holding hands while watching television, or giving a warm embrace each day. The idea is to allow the physical closeness to demonstrate your feelings and desire to make your mate feel loved.

9. Appreciation

Your relationship should overflow with gratefulness because you appreciate each other so much. It's not easy to find a person that makes you smile and brings your heart the joy it deserves. Once you find this person, show them how appreciative you are by doing little things. Both people in a relationship should initiate small acts of kindness to show that they appreciate their mate. It makes the person feel valued and worthy of being in the relationship.

10. Love

Wondering If You're In A Healthy Relationship?

Part of the traits to look for in a spouse is having that understanding that quality relationship is built on love. It's the love for each other that makes you want to ensure that all other qualities are present in the relationship. Love is an action verb, and it requires you to do little things each day to remind your partner that you love them. Telling a person you love them isn't always enough.

If you're in a relationship that doesn't have over half the qualities listed above, you may not be in a good quality relationship. Although all relationships are different, they should all make each person feel valued, honored, and loved. Don't allow social media and its depiction of what love and relationships should look like to determine what you want your relationship should be. At the end of the day, you're not in a relationship to appease others; you should be in it to bring joy to the person you're dating and to help you live your best life.

Never start or end a relationship based on impulse. Search your heart, mind, and soul to ensure that you're making the best decision for yourself. If you love yourself, it's easy to demand others to do the same. It's also easy for you to show love to others when you truly love yourself.

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