How Do You Define “Hopeless Romantic?” 12 Character Traits

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Definition Of Hopeless Romantic
The basic definition of a hopeless romantic is someone that maintains an idealistic view on love, despite his or her past experiences. What are the traits and behaviors that a hopeless romantic displays?
1. They Are Not Afraid To Show Emotion
It is not uncommon for a hopeless romantic to get teary-eyed at movies, songs, or books. If they feel moved by something, they will likely cry about it. They tend to be very comfortable with their emotions.
2. Hopeless Romantics Have Their Wedding Planned Out
From wedding colors to the season in which they want to get married, to specific flowers and decor, it is almost a standard for a hopeless romantic to have everything figured out.

3. He Or She Believes In "The One" And Soulmates

The idea of "The One" or soulmates is a belief that all hopeless romantics hold. He or she will likely look for a partner that feels like the one. However, psychologists recommend avoiding the expectation that a single person will meet every one of your needs. 

4. They Love Little Gestures

Flowers, love notes, small knickknacks, and other little gestures are hugely appreciated by a hopeless romantic. Small, thoughtful gestures mean more to this kind of person than grand gestures might.
5. He Or She Has A Love Of Romantic Songs And Poems
It is a common trait among hopeless romantics to listen to love songs repeatedly and enjoy sweet poems or novels. Many people considered hopeless romantics feel a connection to these mediums and can see or hear things in them that relate to their own lives and relationships.

6. Sex Is Often Less Important Than Being Close To Someone

For a truly hopeless romantic person, the best way to define romance is the feeling of emotional intimacy with someone. Sex is not the most important aspect of the relationship. In fact, when he or she is single, it is not the sex that they miss the most, but the feeling of being close to someone. Cuddling and kissing are far more important than sex are to a person with this kind of heart.

7. When In A Relationship, It Takes Priority

When a hopeless romantic is single, they might have hobbies that they do several times a week. However, many hopeless romantics tend to drop their hobbies or routine when in a relationship so that he or she can spend more time with their significant other.

8. They Celebrate Small Anniversaries

Many people tease and poke fun at the couple who celebrates their two-week anniversary or their 10-month anniversary. It might seem silly to those that do not have a romantic view like those who make a big deal of those seemingly insignificant anniversaries. Still, to a hopeless romantic, it is another step into the couple's future together.
Make The Most Of Being A Hopeless Romantic

9. He Or She Has High Standards In A Partner

Sometimes a hopeless romantic has unrealistic expectations and standards when it comes to their partner. They seek an individual that can check all his or her boxes with no exceptions. Other times, they find themselves looking for someone that is nearly perfect.
10. Breakups Are Especially Hard On Hopeless Romantics
After a breakup, a truly romantic feel as though they have lost a part of themselves. It can be difficult to remember how to be themselves without that extra person on their arm. Learning to be alone is a challenge that is hard to conquer.

11. They Are Not Shy About Expressing Their Love

Long posts describing how they feel about a person are often present on social media. They talk about their feelings to strangers. A hopeless romantic has no qualms about telling their partner how they feel, even if it is early in the relationship.

12. He Or She Feels Incredibly Lonely When Not In A Relationship

Being single is a very lonely time for hopeless romantics. These people get so used to being with another person that being alone is uncomfortable. At the same time, it can take time for them to get over the last relationship, so they don't often immediately go searching for someone new. Other hopeless romantics stumble upon a new relationship unexpectedly.
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Make The Most Of Being A Hopeless Romantic

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