Can Taking An “Am I Depressed Quiz” Online Help Me Figure Out What’s Wrong?

By Robert Porter

Updated November 21, 2019

Reviewer Audrey Kelly, LMFT

Feeling down about life is going to make it difficult to get through your daily responsibilities. So many people deal with depression issues every single day. You might be wondering whether you're dealing with depression right now or if you're just having a bad week. It might not always be easy to tell when you might be depressed, so taking an "am I depressed quiz" online might sound like a good idea. This is a convenient way for you to determine whether you might be depressed.


Am I Depressed?

It's important to note that you should talk to your doctor if you're starting to feel depressed. You might not be sure whether you're depressed, but it's still probably going to be best to speak to your family physician. They will be able to help you determine what is going on and no test that you take online will be able to tell you whether you're dealing with depression definitively.

That being said, an "am I depressed quiz" can still be useful in some ways. People use these quizzes to figure out how likely it is that they're dealing with depression. Sometimes it can be an eye-opening experience, and you might realize that you're likely going through a bout of depression. Once you've had this moment, you should make an appointment with your doctor so that you can move forward with treatment.

Depression Quiz Example

Here is an example of what a depression quiz might look like. Generally, these quizzes are going to present you with a series of different questions. Depending on how you answer these questions, the results will be different. Most of these quizzes offer simple yes or no questions, and a certain number of answers will make it more likely that someone is depressed.

However, depression quiz isn't a foolproof method for determining what someone is going through. It can still be quite useful, and you can take the information to heart. If you'd like to use one of these quizzes as a sort of guide to help you determine when to call the doctor, then you can do so. You could also go ahead and make an appointment since your physician should know about changes with your mental health to provide you with the best care.

Take a look at some example questions for a depression quiz below. It should give you a better idea of how these quizzes are structured.

Are you often bother by feeling down or hopeless?

Do you feel little or no pleasure when doing things that you used to love?

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

Has your appetite changed recently?

Do you often feel like you're tired or lacking energy?

Do you feel like you're a failure?

Do you have difficulties concentrating?

Have you felt restless lately?

Do you have any suicidal thoughts?

Answering yes to several of these questions could indicate that you're dealing with depression. If you're experiencing some of the more severe signs of depression, then you should see your doctor right away. Anyone who is having suicidal thoughts should seek out help immediately. Know that you aren't alone and that there are people who care about you. You can get help by reaching out to a hotline, and your depression can become more manageable after you start receiving treatment.


Get Diagnosed

Of course, getting diagnosed with depression is important. If you feel like you're depressed, then, likely, you have at least a mild form of depression. Some types of depression are not too serious, and it might go away after a certain amount of time. Other times, people will develop severe forms of depression that can complicate their lives. Getting diagnosed does matter because your doctor needs to try to figure out how severe your depression is so you can be treated in the right way.

Making an appointment with your doctor is important. It shouldn't take long to get an appointment, and you'll be able to speak with your doctor about what you have been experiencing. They will figure out what you have been going through, and they can start thinking about treatment options. Getting diagnosed by a medical professional is the first big step toward recovery, so don't hesitate to make a doctor's appointment if you suspect that you might be depressed.

Treatments For Depression

There are many different treatments for depression that can help you to feel better. Your doctor will likely prescribe you some antidepressant medication. There are many different types of antidepressant, and your doctor will work to find the best option for your situation. These antidepressants can help you to feel better, and it should lessen the depression symptoms that you're experiencing significantly.

It can take time to find the right mix of antidepressants that will work for you. Even so, this is an important part of the process. Treating depression symptoms will take time, but your doctor will be there for you every step of the way. Medications are only one half of the treatment, though. Your doctor is also likely to recommend that you attend some type of therapy.

Therapy can make a big difference when you're battling depression. A licensed therapist will be able to work with you to help you cope with the depression symptoms that you're experiencing. They can teach you many different coping mechanisms to make a living with depression easier. It should help you to get through bad days more effectively so that you can return to your routine.

Therapists can also address the root causes of your depression. Sometimes there are specific issues that are causing you to become depressed. Figuring out why you're depressed is often just as important as treating the depression. The reasons for depression won't always seem obvious. Working with a dedicated therapist can help you to discover many things, and you'll be able to overcome any issues by working on them with your therapist.


Other Things That Can Help

Many other things can help you to cope with depression as well. For example, spending more time focusing on self-care is going to be very beneficial. Exercising can improve your mental health, and it has been known to release positive endorphins in the body. This can act as a type of natural antidepressant that will make you feel better over time.

It can also be good to consider changing up your diet. Getting into better shape and focusing on your physical well-being can lead to improved mental health. You'll be able to see the progress that you're making over time, and it will make you feel better. This can be combined with the treatments mentioned above to help you turn things around.

Learning to think positively can also help you to deal with depression symptoms better. It isn't always easy to avoid negative thoughts when you're depressed, but focusing on the things that you love will help. Do your best to avoid stressful situations when you can and try to let yourself be happy again. After a certain amount of time, you should start to feel better. It might take a while for the treatments to start working properly, but you will be able to feel better over time.

It's also very important to have a good support system in place. Going through issues with depression is not going to be easy, and you should never have to face things alone. If you have a dedicated support system that includes friends and family, then it'll be easier to cope with your depression. Many people love you, and they want you to feel better. It might take some time, but you can get there.

Take Depression Seriously

Always remember to take depression seriously. This is a condition that can be debilitating for some people. It isn't always something that will go away on its own. Seeing your doctor and working on finding the right treatment plan is going to be the best course of action.

Once you have been treated for depression, you should be able to start feeling better. If your depression is severe, then it could take more time to be able to manage your condition effectively. Whatever the case may be, you will never be facing depression by yourself. There are experts that you can rely on who will help you to get your mental health back on track. Depression can be very frustrating for some people, but it is a condition that is treatable.

Online Therapy Can Help With Depression Issues

Going through a bout of depression is not easy, but you don't have to face this problem alone. Consider signing up for online therapy to get assistance conveniently and cost-effectively. Online therapy allows you to treat the cause of your depression while also learning how to cope with the symptoms. The dedicated online therapists at Regain will be thrilled to assist you.


Reach out whenever you're ready to get started. You can also pursue online couples counseling if you need help with certain relationship issues. These therapists are experienced in helping people with many different problems. They'll prove to be valuable allies in your fight against depression, and you'll be able to contact them whenever you're in need.

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