A List Of Positive Affirmations To Get You Through Your Day

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You may have heard that positive affirmations are a great way to start the day—or to approach any event in your life that may be challenging. But what, you may ask, is a positive affirmation?

The simplest way to describe a positive affirmation is that it's a simple, positive phrase that's intended to, over time, result in a positive change in oneself. This phrase is repeated over the course of days, weeks, or even months to instill a higher degree of positivity and confidence in oneself. 

Positive affirmations can be super short and sweet, or they can be a bit longer and more complex. The most important thing is that the phrase is memorable and to the point, and of course, you must remember it throughout the day. These should be phrases that are based on what you believe in and what you wish to happen.

Positive affirmations can make a huge difference in keeping a positive attitude in your day-to-day life.

You deserve to look forward to the day ahead

Scientific basis for positive affirmations

The science behind why positive affirmations work so well has to do with the concept of self-affirmation. Self-affirmation is "a process of thinking about or writing about one's core values," meaning that the person who practices self-affirmation frequently considers what is important to them. A large part of the self-affirmation process involves considering morals and beliefs about oneself and the surrounding world. After these considerations have been observed, it's possible to start creating or adopting positive affirmations to incite positive change.

One study analyzed the effects of self-affirmation on health and how this practice can alter behavior and actions. The study focused on a group of sedentary individuals and how their behavior changed through self-affirmations. With the regular, dedicated practice of self-affirmation, the results showed that the normally sedentary adults in the study demonstrated more and more active behavior gradually. This shows how practicing positive affirmations and considering your core values can make a dramatic change in more than one area of your life.

List of positive affirmations

The options included on this list of positive affirmations are solid, practical, and general phrases that may help you get through the day feeling happier and healthier. (Not all the options on this list will be right for everyone, so consider trying out those that meet your specific needs.)

1) Every experience i have is perfect for my growth.

This affirmation will give you just what you need to get through a potentially rough day. Going to a job interview? Repeat this affirmation to yourself, beginning first thing in the morning, to put a positive spin on anything negative that might happen throughout the day. Viewing negative experiences as an opportunity for growth is a great concept to cultivate, and this positive affirmation can help start that process.

2) Happiness is a choice.

This short and sweet affirmation reminds you throughout the day that you have a choice to be happy. If you've been struggling to feel happy and uplifted during the day, even despite the blessings that surround you, this may be the affirmation for you. Choosing to be happy is often more complicated than it seems on the surface, but it's well worth the effort to make that choice.

3) I have confidence in my skills and knowledge.

If you regularly notice yourself feeling insecure about your skill set or about what you know, it may be good to repeat this affirmation to yourself. The purpose of a positive affirmation is to help the person using it achieve what they desire, so if you're aware that you lack confidence in your skills, but you want to have confidence, start repeating this to yourself and watch what happens.

4) There is no wrong decision.

It's common for people to get caught up in mistakes or the idea of making an incorrect choice, but in reality, there are very few truly wrong decisions. Of course, people make mistakes! It's how people choose to handle those mistakes that matters. This phrase embodies the idea of going with the flow and embracing the process wholeheartedly, along with whatever successes and possible failures may come later.


5) I am loved, and I am wanted.

This is a beautiful affirmation because it's so straightforward and yet also so multifaceted. The phrase can be adapted and used for struggling with self-love and for people who are working on accepting love from the outside world and close family and friends. This can be a powerful phrase no matter what your situation may be.

6) I have faith in myself and my future.

Fears of what will come and how it will come to be are by no means an uncommon fear. Most people have some fear of the future. Even though those fears may still exist after using this affirmation, having faith in yourself and that everything will work out for the good of all parties involved is extremely important. Working towards accepting that the future and your future self can work out in a positive way is a great thing to practice.

7) I am grateful for the things I have.

So many people forget to take stock of the things they're grateful for. A daily practice of gratitude can be a liberating experience, and it can help you realize what you need, what you want, and what you already have. Having gratitude can help you feel more at peace with yourself and the world (and people) around you, so this affirmation has many benefits. Many religions and spiritual doctrines talk about the benefits of gratitude because it's such a powerful concept.

8) I enjoy being surrounded by others.

People with social anxiety or grieving and who have gone into "hiding" for a while may benefit from using this affirmation. Even when it feels like being around other people is a chore and may make things worse, the truth is that being around other people (even just by going to a coffee shop for a quick cup with a friend) can be calming when approached with the right mentality. This phrase can help cultivate that frame of mind.

9) I face the day with calm and patience.

Do you have a habit of easily getting nervous or irked at work or when you're with family? Perhaps you feel like you need a bit more peace in your life. Taking a deep breath and saying this affirmation to yourself whenever you start to feel impatient or "crazy" can help you reorient yourself and bring in some peace so that you can make the best decisions. Calmness and patience are good traits to cultivate, and it's much easier said than done, but this positive affirmation is well worth the effort.

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You deserve to look forward to the day ahead

10) I accept myself unconditionally.

Self-love is essential for personal wellbeing as well as for the stability and wellbeing of all relationships. With self-acceptance comes greater self-love. Giving yourself the love and acceptance that you deserve, without any conditions, will help you lead a happier, healthier life filled with more positive and more fulfilling relationships with everyone around you.

How to make your affirmation work for you

One of the most important things about making a positive affirmation work is that you believe what you're saying and you agree with the statement. The positive affirmations you use must line up with your value system and with what you want in your life. Even if you have trouble with self-love or being calm in the face of stress, if you believe that these things are possible for you and wish to cultivate these emotions and mentalities, choosing and using the appropriate affirmation is more likely to be successful.

If you ever come across an affirmation that doesn't seem "right" or that feels off, there's no need to force yourself to use it. Make sure that the positive affirmations you choose to use feel good to you! The underlying goal with positive affirmations is to help yourself become more of the person you want to be. If a particular affirmation doesn't resonate, see if you can find a different one that suits you better (or even create your own!).

Learn positive affirmations in online therapy

There are thousands of positive affirmations that you can use to improve your life and well-being; these are just a few of them. Positive affirmation is a powerful and dramatic tool that can help you work toward growth and self-improvement. With the strength of positive affirmations, you can remake your life and the way you see the world around you. The power of positive affirmation is huge; you may start seeing the results almost immediately, if you're using the affirmations consistently.

To make sure you're choosing positive affirmations that will honestly benefit your mind and overall health, it can be helpful to speak to a licensed therapist to get their opinion. If you're going through depression or anxiety issues or having problems in your life, talking to a counselor and developing solid positive affirmations is the first step. Regain is a convenient, affordable online platform that can offer help in this area. 

Online cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is an effective way to manage negative thoughts and behavior brought on by anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders. This type of talk therapy involves processing all the negatives you have going on in your brain and converting them to more positive thoughts and behaviors. Daily affirmations may be part of this therapy.

Once you've added positive affirmations to your day, you may find your outlook to be brighter than it has ever been before.

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